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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

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    This is begging for a Regirock, Regice, Registeel inspired trio of Pokemon I feel.
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  3. Those last five seem so obvious, surprised we haven't got there yet.

    Ice/Poison could be based on ancient bacteria being preserved in ice (maybe a new take on the fossil mon).

    Ghost/Rock has had some many chances to happen and always goes Ghost/Ground instead lol. Dragon/Bug.... Flygon and Yanmega were robbed.

    Our first Grass/Fire mon was a FLOP though, so that's a shame.
  4. I was so excited for our first Grass/Fire mon, but it really sucks doesn’t it? So sad. I kinda like the design of the final evolution though
  5. I'm surprised to read this Scovillain slander, I think it's great? Mine hasn't learned the latter yet, but Chlorophyll Scovillain with Sunny Day, Flamethrower and Solar Beam seems like a bit of a beast. It's a really cool design too.
  6. Construction worker humanoid that hits you with a steel girder.
  7. Why do all the evolutions this Gen feel very.. Gen 1 in their execution? It’s all very Magnemite and Muk in the sense that the only thing that changes is the number of them or the color.
  8. Runerigus not being Rock/Ghost is so bizarre. It’s literally reanimated rocks? I guess you could argue the tablets are clay and other clay based Pokémon (Claydol, Golurk) are Ground types.

    Normal/Rock and Normal/Ice are awful combos nn rip to whatever gets them.

    I’d like to see some legendary and mega exclusive type combos again too. Dragon/Fairy and Fire/Steel (cmon Magcargo evolution!) come to mind.
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  9. There are some Pokémon whose evolutions don't change that much, but there's also a lot that become pretty wildly different? Tarountula, Nymble, Tadbulb, Flittle and Shroodle for example.
  10. I think the evolutions are hilarious and inspired. The Dunsparce evolution cracked me UP
  11. Some of the concepts this gen are very gen 1, very Man - Woman - Wowoman.
  12. There hasn't been a Pokemon I've seen and KNEW would be a forever part of my team since Mimikyu but

    Iron Valiant is one of them
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  13. Has there been a patch yet?
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  14. I'm still surprised Ninetales wasn't retconned as Fire/Fairy when Fairy was introduced, and them giving Fairy to Alolan Ninetales makes it make even less sense. The Fairy part of their design/inspiration applies to both equally.
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  15. People who liked Dunsparce all these years were very into it as it was, there was truly no better option for an evolution than to just make it more Dunsparce. Why risk ruin its appeal? People wishing for a grandiose dragon/phoenix/fairy thing were totally missing the point… it’s a joke Pokémon based on a joke yokai. It’s not supposed to be cool.
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  16. I was very surprised H-Sneasel/Sneasler weren’t Ice/Poison. Their design just made sense for it.

    Them not adding a Fire/Fairy Tapu still upsets me.

    Ninetails always read more part Ghost (or Psychic) to me especially with access to many Ghost moves and being based on a Kitsune.

    I don’t know, I saw a lot of people who claimed to be Dunsparce fans pissed off when they saw the leak showing it’s evolution. I honestly hate it but only because I think the rarer three-segmented version is the better of the two versions.

    So just a variant of the Timburr line?
  17. Galarian Corsola and Cursola were right there too.
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  18. There are Pokémon that could fit almost all those type combinations really. Aside from the ones everyone has mentioned, Rockruff, Cubchoo and Kricketot could have easily been /Normal for example. The only ones I don't think any current Pokémon would fit are Normal/Steel and Fairy/Ground.
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  19. I always thought Fire/Ghost before Fairy came in, but with Fairy being used for mythical creatures it makes more sense. I know kitsune are often described as spirits, but they aren't ghosts/spirits of the dead. But Ghost does make sense with its move pool to date, would feel more Gen 1 authentic, and would create contrast with its Alolan form, so I wouldn't object to it.
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  20. If the second set of wings on Dudunsparce were just a little bigger, and it was given a normal/dragon type then I would have considered it a perfect evo tbh!

    its cute either way.
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