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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Okay I'm pretty sure my Indeedee and Sirfetch'd could net me the Champion title on their own. They are just scarily good.
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  2. Normal/Steel: Mega Regional Tauros for the bits on its forehead and the shape of its horns. It's not much less steel-type-looking than Lucario.
    Fairy/Ground: Miltank Furret Deadmau5 No idea but maybe some regional variant?

    Honorary mention to Minccino for a potential normal/ice retcon.
  3. Yeah, basically the issue is that people wanted it grow in a way that actually looks like it improves its mobility/makes it look more...functional and that evokes (and grants it) a more interesting typing. If they wanted it to look "the same" then it would be better if they kept it identical a-la finizen but with better stats and a better typing, because they just made it uglier now.

    What they did was the most boring thing they could do with it imo. It's literally one step further than stretching its sprite, and probably equally easy/lazy to accomplish in whatever they design their models in.
  4. kal


    They just sliced the layer in half in Photoshop, spread the two halves apart & used content-aware fill in the middle. Iconic designer hacks.
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  5. Yeah, either or would work. Bottom line is, GameFreak done goofed not giving Ninetails an additional typing.

    Gligar is the closest Ground type that could have possibly been part-Fairy compared to every other ground type (it’s got the most fantastical design in my honest opinion).
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  6. I'd love it because I'm ready for a vampire-esque fairy type since the Fairy type was introduced. (I don't think recall having any now?)
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  7. I'd never thought about before but it actually makes total sense! Cinccino is one of those Normal types I really like but wish had a better typing. Still, it's great how Tera types can make Normal Pokémon a whole lot more interesting now, I'm definitely curious to try a few combinations.
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  8. Sirfetch'd is S tier pokemon design. The anime just endeared me to him SO much too.
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  9. I’d actually use this.

    Also, why do so many of the “students” you battle look elderly?
  10. Some people go back to school thank you.
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  11. The Dunsparce evolution is funny, but the Tandemaus one is a scream. The way it "evolves" with no warning or notice, so you just open the menu and are like "wait a minute..."
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  12. The Academy has students of all ages, if you go there at night it's practically only adult students. It's a cool detail, but that said, like half the trainers you find in the wild being students is a bit boring.
  13. This was the perfect game for them to let us chose different ages/body types like in Battle Revolution then... Especially since they don’t have actual clothes for us to pick from, so they could get away with just some variations of the uniform.
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  14. This absolute bop? Whew.

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  15. When are getting underwater exploration again? I want to see it in glorious open world 3D ":("
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  16. Emotional Spectrum Practice

  17. The weird thing is, I got an evolution screen/moment for Tandemaus… I don’t know what everyone else is doing.
  18. It has an evolution screen if it was battling when it evolves, if you use an item or it was in the team it just shows up.
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