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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Just got another shiny Hoppip, dd.
  2. GF putting the Dratini, Bagon, Axew, Gible, Deino and Goomy lines in every single game... Like, I know they're popular, but can you come up with something else? If you add Dreepy and Frigibax there are eight three stage Dragon lines in the game. Talk about overkill, I would have happily swapped half of them for more Pokémon of other types.
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  3. This is just how it’s gonna be. There was like a solid chunk still not available on the Switch but GF said “fuck them”.
  4. Okay the credits are rolling and… SV has the best Pokémon story among the games by far. One of the best among the brand in general, really.

    I have to say it basically makes up for a lot of the technical faults, along with other things. Once you finally get a fully mobile Miraidon, the game really switches on and the problems that are painfully apparent at the beginning of the game take a back seat.
  5. XXX


    Anyone got any ideas to raise a Pokémon's speed? Clodsire is annoyingly slow which makes him vulnerable. I've never tried to raise a stat before so I'm a noob at this except for using the simple items you can find.
  6. You can buy vitamins in the Chansey supply which boost the EVs (and a stat by up to 60~ points) but his slow speed is part of who he is so it's more about making a strategy to accommodate it. You'd be better placed putting vitamins into his defense, HP and SP Defense so he tanks than trying to outspeed anything.

    They can have up to 26 vitamins, about 255 EVs per stat, with a total or around 530 so you can fully boost two stats.

    Clodsire has wild HP so I'd give him every HP Up you could find until it says it won't have any effect.
  7. Like @swim said, no amount of maximum IVs or EV training or beneficial nature will help it outspeed anything: Clodsire has a base speed of 20, which puts it in the Bottom 10 when it comes to speed among all fully evolved Pokémon. For reference, a good base stat on a fully evolved Pokémon would be something closer to 90~110.

    That doesn't mean it's a bad Pokémon, it's just a bulky tank with good HP and Special Defense (even better if it has Water Absorb to nullify its main weakness). Admittedly, this kind of Pokémon can seem less useful during a playthrough since most battles are so short anyway, but it's an important role in actual PVP battles.

    All that said, equipping a Quick Claw on it can help it move first sometimes. Alternatively, a Rocky Helmet is also a great option to cause extra damage every time an opponent makes contact with it.
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  8. Anyone else addicted to hunting down roaming Gimmighouls, or just me?
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  9. If any of the Scarlet girls can trade exclusives, let me know!

    Or let me join your world
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  10. I take this back it should be an elephant in a hardhat called Scaffolephant.

    It can still hit you with a steel girder.
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  11. So many Pokemon I'd love to see Paradox versions of. I might draw some inspiration

    I wanna see

    Seviper / Zangoose

    They could be so cool
  12. Any specific ones you're looking for? DM me x
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  13. I’m so close to evolving Gimmighoul. On 875 coins!

    Can’t believe I’ve sunk nearly 30 hours into this game and I’m still not at Elite Four nor have I completed even half of the Pokédex.. Enjoying it immensely.
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  14. XXX


    Thank you @swim and @Glitterizer for the tips. I ended up replacing Clodsire nn because I caught a climmet which is a similar typing.

    My team has gone through major changes. Most of my Pokémon were starting to get ridiculously overleveled anyway.

    Glimmora (rock/poison)
    Scovillain (fire/grass)
    Arctibax (ice/dragon)
    Houndstone (ghost)
    Farigiraf (normal/psychic)
    Tinkaton (fairy/steel)

    I hated Greavard so much but when I saw its evolution I had to have it.

    Exit Flamigo, Bellibolt, Grafaiai, Tutsigiri, Clodsire and Kilowattrel. There's only room for talent.

    I'm on 5 badges, 3 titans and 3 team Star. I've been playing for about 20 hours.
  15. I totally missed you could get Pokémon with hidden abilities in raids? Me after catching a Riolu in one just now and seeing its ability was Prankster

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  16. This reminds me that I couldn’t help but have a dry giggle when I saw the ‘debug team’ listed in the end credits.

    I hope no one is disturbing their peace right now lol
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  17. kal


    Not me looking for a male Kirlia, running into a Kirlia, and it turning out to be a transformed Ditto. Zoroark who??
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  18. Just beat Tulip (diva) and done the False Dragon Titan and my team is currently


    I’m hoping I run into whatever the new pseudo legendary is this gen soon because I’m needing a dragon on the team.
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  19. I was planning a team of all new mons but I got a Tera-Fighting Huge Power Azurill earlier and she's wrecking house. If Slam had an accuracy of more than 2 she'd be dangerous.
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