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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Wait isn’t this literally just Gurdurr or was that the joke?
  2. I can help with this if you need… I just want/need the water starter.
  3. My slow ass has only done 2 of each gym/titan/base. By the time I made it out east I was overleveled enough to easily wreck the Klawf (Donphan OHKO’d dddd) and Brassius (great character design though!). Was on par with the Schedar base so that Revaroom was actually a challenge.

    I’ve been living my N fantasy and cycling a lot of the wild Pokémon from the current area into my team and seeing what sticks. Has helped slow down my team levels somewhat.

    My current six

    On rotation:
    Clodsire, Donphan, Maschiff, Tinkatuff, Larvesta (snatched one in the desert before retreating! slay), Flaaffy, Slowpoke, Mankey.

    The lack of new mons ddd oops! There was some Psychic fish that looks like Barraskewda somewhere along this beach but it won’t respawn.
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  4. Finally returning Kubo's wallet almost a week later after trekking through half of Paldea with it in my bag

  5. I’m finally back on this and renewed my Membership, are we joining in for the Eevees or we gonna wait until Charizard?
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  6. I’m basically just hunting all the Tara Reid things since they have the most interesting terraforms.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been calling it this ddddddd.
  8. I just realized that my Pawmi's ability changed from Static to... Volt Absorb when it evolved.

    *looks at camera*
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  9. I caught a shiny Orthworm!!
  10. I've been doing some Eevee raids with randoms just fine, I'm definitely up for teaming up for Charizard later on though, I imagine that one will probably be much more doable with a team of people who actually know what they're doing.

    Mine has Natural Cure and I did think if it wouldn't have been better to get a Static one instead... looks like not nn

    Speaking of abilities changing on evolution, I've been training a Frisk Flittle since its other ability is Anticipation, which is completely useless, but it turns out that while Frisk stays the same, Anticipation turns into a different ability miles better than Frisk when it evolves...
  11. Any tips on breeding in this game? I want to have a shiny evee so badly lol.
  12. Gimmighoul’s evo, basically:


    I have about 530 coins, I won’t be evolving it anytime soon
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  13. You’re halfway there, sis!
  14. true! But I’ve reached the end game now so I guess the coin collection might slow down. Does the chest-form Ghimmighoul respawn?

    Also the four legendaries, seperate from the box legendaries, are pretty cool! Very mythical creature like, a few of them look like something you might find in a Tolkien book. Pretty awesome.
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  15. Gooped when I got to my first Team Star base and Clive turned up.

  16. It's a bit of a scream how they couldn't be any less related to the game's setting though, it's like if Alola had Scandinavian-themed legendaries ff
  17. lol yes, that caught me too. I suppose their lore suggests that they came from a far away land, which explains the names, at least.

    On that note, surely Baxcalibur (Excalibur) should have been introduced in Galar?? Though Dragapault is cooler lol.
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  18. A sandwiches in a Mediterranean set game tea

    Unless I’m uneducated and this is a thing dd
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  19. Spain and [legendaries’ country] have long history, though. It’s not that random!

    @soratami I’m curious if there are any Portugal references in the game besides… Smoliv? I think the auction market town is based on a Portuguese location, right?
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  20. Imagine if this game looked good. And ran...normally.
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