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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. When I breed in the game, I just remove everyone from my party except for the Pokémon I want and a Ditto. I also call back the legendary riding Pokémon and then it’s usually pretty quick if you have an Egg Power sandwich eaten.
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  2. Shops not being indicated on the mini map is so annoying.
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  3. Removing set mode AND not allowing us to turn off battle animations…gamefreak does not respect my time.
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  4. I've been playing a few other turn based games this year and I didnt realise how behind Pokemon is in regards to to how it displays information and battle tempo.

    Like I'll always want mainline Pokemon games to be turned based, but they could be so much faster. Stat buffs/debuffs, for example, should just be represented as an icon over the health bar or something. Mutliple stat changes should just be described in one go, as opposed to 'x raised their y' several times over.

    Which other ways would you guys streamline the battle system?
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  5. “[Blank] is asleep” ad nauseum makes me gouge my eyes out.
  6. I have no idea what this means.

    But now that it’s affected the meta, I assume the patch will come sooner than later.
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  7. Re buffs/debuffs it's funny how most abilities just have the animation happen once, or twice when it's an increase and a decrease, even if it's five stats like Ancient Power, but Klawf's ability Anger Shell which boosts Atk/SpA/Speed and decreases Def/SpD goes through the animation five times... It takes so damn long I just ended up boxing Klawf because of it ff, I hope they fix that in the future.

    That said, I feel like battles are quite fast in this game? The text goes by pretty quickly and stuff like weather doesn't take any time. They definitely feel faster than in older games. I think keeping the battle screen uncluttered while having info about everything in the status menu is a good approach. I was actually surprised how detailed it is, I didn't know Gravity had like four different effects before reading about it in this game.
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  8. Klawf is literally unusable in the game because of its ability and the amount of dialogue boxes it entails.

    I just picked Legends Arceus back up to get some shinies and… ugh the battles are so snappy and the UI is so responsive and clean! And no freeze/sleep is still the way to go for me. I really hope these changes get brought back in the next game.
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  9. Oh yeah I saw a funny interaction with Klawf and Espathra's abilities going back and forth, seemed like hell.

    I especially dislike how slow it feels when multi-hit moves like Bullet Seed do their thing... it should just do as many hits as it was going to do then carry on. It doesn't even need to tell you how many times it hit lol!

    I think if you can avoid those interactions, the battles feel... normal? But I couldn't help but feel like it could all be streamlined a little.
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  10. Just hit the unskippable Ed Sheeran credits… was about to compliment the game’s final chapter… not anymore.

  11. Considering renting a copy of Scarlet so I can get the shiny version of Slither Wing omg...

  12. I need it
  13. What’s up with the sandwich/food fetish?
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  14. Also, why are they orgasming over almost every dish in the descriptions except Churros? They’re like “nothing special but tasty”, okay fuck you.
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  15. Some drawings out there confirm this.
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  16. So I thought I was playing the game logically working my way around the map anti-clockwise. Well jokes on me, the ice gym wiped the floor with me! Now I’ve worked my way round further and done a couple more gyms that were manageable, I’m in a desert and everything is half my level!

    I’m having a blast though and being able to reasonably go anywhere is really fun. I’ve had a phew surprises with new Pokémon and being under or over levelled.
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  17. Don't know if this is common knowledge but you can tell if a Pokémon is actually Ditto in disguise by using the aim function


    Definitely a big time saver when trying to find one.

    I finally got one (and Adamant no less) so I'll be breeding a bunch of Sprigatitos soon. If anyone wants one, feel free to ask. I'm looking for the other two starters, but I don't mind just giving them away either.
  18. I read that you couldn’t get into North Paldea until you’d clearer a bunch of gyms first. Is this not the case? Asking because I need an Avalugg for my team.
  19. There are no hard locks but you might have to get creative with the way to get there depending on how many Koraidon abilities you unlocked.
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