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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. The shiny rate MUST be broken here right because I have just found a shiny Marill too
  2. I meant to say, I've also fully leant into buying all the Power Braces, Anklets etc for my team, so I've invested as much as possible into Attack for Tinkaton, with a bit of buffing across both Defence stats.

    I've inadvertently turned my entire team into glass cannons but I'm just rolling with it.
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  3. Now is it just my broke ass or does it kind of suck that some of the online features are locked behind having a Nintendo online account?
  4. The way they added the +10 base stat to the most useless stats for some of them, though…
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  5. Does anyone else plan their teams before release, or just me? Here was my planned team.

    I ended up boxing Skeledirge and Tinkatonk, and I haven’t yet reached Area Zero so haven’t caught Scream Tail or Flutter Mane.

    Talonflame replaced Skeledirge, and I’ve added in Heracross, Mudsdale and Toxapex.

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  6. I wish Oricorio had a preevo that evolved with the nectars. Its movepool is really boring for such a cunty design, each form deserves its own unique level up move pool with more stab options and niche moves.
  7. XXX


    Not Tinkatonk the honky tonk country singer with a blonde weave and a sledgehammer. Dolly Parton who?
  8. Oh I just thought this will line up with that one leak I saw recently that said DLC content will bring a kind of Poke-gen mechanic forward!
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  9. Not y’all already discussing the end of the game! How do y’all have the time! T-T
    The only time I’ve ever had a strategy that wasn’t just OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE.

    I remember reading them removing Scald and GAGGED! That was cruel. But I was saying imagine if the next patch (and all subsequent ones) also included nerfs? A living breathing meta like all fighting games.
  10. My Blissey is serving c*nt, but I admit I have no idea how to use her. Anyone got suggestions, because she needs to be on my team even if just for aesthetics.
  11. Girls, it just hit me that the pink pompadour Squawkabilly I saw on Friday wasn’t due to a different body color (green) but because it was a shiny. And I passed it by because I wanted to get to the Poison Tera Den in the distance. Pendeja!
  12. I wonder if people will still do nuzlockes now that random encounters are gone?

    Gotta say i really like battling workers
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  13. In-game? I say this as someone whose fave is Blissey… there really is no way to use it, especially since it doesn’t even get Toxic anymore. Get a Wigglytuff with Competitive for your trouble instead ddd

    It still has some use in PVP but it doesn’t apply to the way battles happen in the main campaign.
  14. I battled one in the rain last night and almost revived the Wholesome Animation thread in response.
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  15. Y’all are thirsting over the male trainers but I genuinely can’t get over the buff females in this game. I’m not even heterosexual but I am shook every time.
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  16. Upsetting. I wanted to make her my Wall Queen!
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  17. I kind of played way too much of the game over the weekend and... well I’m one Pokémon away from completing my Pokédex. Now I just need to wait to gather the stakes with my friend for the last legendary. I promised to do that with him over the PokePortal sometime this week.
  18. The number of Nymbles, Pawmis, and Capsakids I’ve run over with my Miraidon’s tires - why are they so TINY?! Imagine shiny hunting these??
  19. They either just close their eyes until they run into something (not a good method IMO) or use a randomizer to pick one Pokémon from the ones available in that area then go try to catch it (much better).
  20. So far i did
    Bug gym
    Rock Titan
    Grass gym
    Flying titan
    Dark base
    Electric gym
    Fire base
    And now im in the Steel titan area exploring around. The areas are huge in this game but i wish they had a little more points of interest? Still its great and huge improvement over SWSH. I will say that Legends Arceus feels more realized though. I feel like SV could use side missions like LA had.
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