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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Why do you say this? Are there too many? Or can we just more easily see that they're shiny instead of walking in circles waiting for random attacks?
  2. kal


    It’s probably down to the fact that dozens of Pokemon have to spawn at a time, which kind of increases the odds one will be shiny. I said it because this is my third shiny in the past 48 hours.
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  3. Spent a full 30 seconds unable to act in a raid…. Just waiting…
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  4. I have yet to see a single shiny ff
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  5. Ayeeee shiny spidops!

    edit: lol I did not mean to rub salt in the wound there
  6. Same, like... Maybe I'm just not paying attention but how are they so common for everyone?
  7. I haven't seen any either, while on Arceus during my playthrough I found two random ones.
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  8. The lack of the jingle and animation can make you miss them. Especially when some Pokémon are tiny and/or have barely any color difference.
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  9. I guess there are a lot already but I’d like to see a few new Pokeballs. Updates to the effects of the Apriballs and more type-specific balls would be neat.

    Like, the Moon Ball has always been weirdly niche. Why not make it have a higher catch rate on Dark, Ghost, Fairy, and Psychic types as well? We could have a Sun Ball for Grass and Fire types, the Jet Ball from PLA for Flying types and/or winged creatures etc.
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  10. kal


  11. @kal whose dick are you sucking for all these shinies.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    You guys....they're listening.

  13. I saw a shiny spider thing my first day but I killed it on accident.
  14. The patch fixes the over abundance of shinies~
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  15. Scream at the patch notes being:
    1. We fixed the Elite Four music.
    2. Other stuff lol.
  16. This sounds like "We heard you: the game's performance sucks. But.. this patch is not going to do shit to fix it. But 'we will continue to work on it'".
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  17. I’m gonna scream if the “select issues” are things like the item clone glitch and not, you know, the memory leak.
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  18. Oh my Miss Tulip is fierce and she is SERVING
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  19. kal


    Well then, you better get some lozenges.
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  20. Doing some vocal warmups as we speak xxx

    In other news, I caught the fire P-Tauros (in a pokéball, this thread’s impact!) before bed last night so I will most likely be breeding a few so if anyone wants just let me know (a water P-Tauros would be nice).

    Speaking of, I feel like when HOME opens up, the regular Tauros will produce the regular Fighting P-Tauros. ShadyFreak!
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