Last night I did an intentional shiny hunt for the first time & used a sparkling power sandwich. The result - 2 shiny Charcadet in the span of 30 minutes.

And then while I was EV training one of them I randomly found a Magnemite (my 2nd one) and a Murkrow. (my 3rd one!)
I was playing Legends Arceus again. I have the shiny charm after completing the 'dex and it really helps as I found a shiny Geodude and Abra yesterday. But nobody really cares about them because I also found a shiny Psyduck. I had no idea shiny Psyduck was this cute! Might be the first shiny I won't evolve.

Now I have 6 shinies in Arceus (not counting the free blue Ponyta):
So I’m thinking about selling my Pokémon games, I have pretty much everyone from Diamond up. I have Emerald and Emerald Japanese version without box. So I don’t know if anyone here is interested but I thought I’d check before I put them on eBay.
So glad there’s like virtually no barrier of entry to competitive and high end raiding in Gen 9

I got my belly drum Azumarill and like 3 supportmons for 6 and 7 star raids ready to go all in like 3.5 hours last night, and could even slim that down if I used poke dollars
So I'm gonna build a team with Ampharos. Any tips?

Yeah, don't.

So I'm gonna build a dumb ass Trick Room team with Ampharos and Faggotoggof. Any tips?

If it’s doubles you’re playing a Garganacl and a Indeedee female would be good additions. Also Kingambit, Torkoal is great to add some weather options in there. Redirect with Indeedee's Follow Me to make sure you get Trick Room up and then slay with your slow ass attackers. Good luck with Ampharos…
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Skeledirge on a Trick Room team can also be fucking lethal. It’s bulky enough even without it, but firing off Torch Songs first can become incredibly scary, very quickly.
I'm low-key going to try and emulate a similar strategy with Ampharos but with Charge Beam and then just start firing off spread moves like Discharge and Dazzling Gleam! So we'll see how that goes! I have no delusions about reaching Master or even Ultra but I should surely be able to clear some of these girls out.
Does anyone have any recommendations to handle a 6-Star Raid that is a Flying type or Electric type prior to Tera (so basically their moveset is based on their OG types)? They absolutely destroy my Annihilape and Azumarill.
For flying I use Miraidon, who is a proper tank. For electric, it really depends on the Pokémon I’m battling. I usually go with Iron Hands, because even though Drain Punch isn’t super effective, it’s good enough to win.
It's actually wild how we got BD/SP, Legends Arceus and Scarlet/Violet all within the space of a year.

How would people rank the Switch Pokémon games?

I think

#1 Legend Arceus
Scarlet/Violet - #1 and #2 two could swap places depending on the day, both excellent games.
#3 Sword/Shield - Not quite on the level of the two above but I enjoyed it a lot too. Story was pretty bad and raids got old fast but otherwise great. Definitely improved by the DLC.
#4 Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee - I hated the idea of Go mechanics being implemented into a Pokémon game, so it took me ages to even play this one, but I have to admit this was actually pretty great.
#5 Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl - I enjoyed playing this a lot but that's 95% down to how good the original games were, but as a remake it's pretty underwhelming. Meh visuals, no Platinum content, Contests being butchered...

Not counting spin-offs here but Snap, Pokkén and Mystery Dungeon were all great too.