My Nintendo Online subscription is about to run out and I'm not sure if it's worth resubbing right now (at least until Stadium and TCG are released) so I thought I'd finally get around to beating the original Snap and, well, it only took me four hours to beat the game and snap all Pokémon. It's kind of funny how short games used to be. The game's still enjoyable though, even if it obviously pales in comparison to the new one.

Also, this shot sent me

So I just finished the Decidueye Tera raid and what a fucking mess it was. Once it puts up its shield, it immediately starts spamming you with 2-3 attacks after every turn.

GameFreak really said it’s not buggy, those are features.
Giving Renegade Platinum a rest and starting another run of Unbound, which is one of the best hacks and maybe one of the best Pokemon games full stop. Trying to use team members I either never use or rarely use so running with:
Gabite, Vikavolt, Ludicolo, Elgyem, Toucannon and Salazzle.
I lent out my copy of Pokemon Violet to the kids of my colleague to play... No need to ask it back soon. Maybe I'll get into it later.
I'm about halfway through the elite 4 in Pokémon Unbound (difficult level) and I have a few comments to share with the group:
Clefairy is scary good, how have I never used one before now?
Toucannon is slow AF but hits like a truck and it makes me love toucans more than I already did.
Vikavolt might be super strong but the fact it will never outspeed anything makes that redundant. Rotom (freezer mode) might not hit as hard but it is bulkier and faster.
This game is just the right side of challenging and I wish main games were like this. Not quite "you need to IV/EV train to win" hard but enough to make you have to strategize.