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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Z-moves and Lillie cutscenes
  2. I just sent it to the PC to make room for Phantump.
  3. RJF


    Also: yas at this collective dragging of the worst Pokémon games ever.

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  4. Literally all the pointless NPC character models and animations filled that space.
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  5. I don't agree with the old games feeling obsolete and slow with newer installments. There's nothing about Platinum, HGSS or even BW2 that are 'slow', save maybe GSC and below, the GBA and DS titles have been stellar.

    In fact, due to their withholding beloved features from previous games in newer gens , that sole reason in itself is why some of the older games still hold up and have huge followings. If anything, the newer games are slow, poorly optimized and lacking in depth and riddled with time consuming cutscenes that gamefreak just hasn't managed to find the right balance of/learned that skipping cutscenes in a game like pokemon which people play multiple times is a godsend. I love SuMo but I feel very apprehensive about the direction and design choices in this 20 year old franchise. They made some good to almost great steps, the graphics are gorgeous, Wifi meta is better then ever, Mons are more alive and thoughtful, but older installments just have much more meat to them, and I appreciate that, even if they aren't as user friendly.
  6. Not when Black & Whit exist, Satan.
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    I actually used to despise Gen 5, but the 3D models of all the Pokémon in Gen 6 really helped bring them to life in a way their horrific pixelated forms didn't, and despite the game being hideous, content-wise it was probably the most packed generation ever. They also got the story telling pretty bang on both times, with it being interesting yet still appropriate for the two year olds they're constantly, aggressively marketing the games towards.

    I don't know what changed in the switch to 3DS, because despite the fact I love XY, it was far from perfect, and the cracks present in it have become full on fissures in Gen 7.
  8. Just got my first shiny in SM: shiny Eevee. It took me about 90 minutes of SOS chaining on route 4. I was also just about to give up and then bang. Its quirky so i can evolve it into anything, catched it in Luxury Ball
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  9. Does anyone know where I can find a noob-friendly guide for breeding/ev training?
  10. Where is Nebby?

    a) Not in the bag
    b) Not in the bag
    c) Not in the bag
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  11. Nebby is that really drunk friend on a night out when you're trying to keep a low profile and get to the taxi rank home, but they keep starting fights and trying to get into other bars on the way there.
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    My favourite bit of Nebby-related fuckery is

    Lillie: "Don't tell anyone you saw Nebby!"
    Lillie about every character you come across: "It's okay! They know about Nebby!"

  13. Nebby desperately trying to run away from Lillie all the time is so relatable.
  14. I want a Cosmog plush.
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  15. It feels so awkward that they decided to just separate Lillie and Nebby in the end when it has a nickname and all the time they were together. Its even more awkward when the next thing that happens is Lillie wanting to become a trainer and
    that we're getting a spare Cosmog anyway!
    Bad planning.
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  16. Heh I haven't got that far but I feel like every time I bump into her she's mentioning how opposed she is to Pokémon battles, but she'll stick around to watch anyway.
  17. @RJF was right wasn't he? This really is the worst game of the series...
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    Yas get it.
  19. Nah i wouldnt call it the worst but its far from being the best. It has some good ideas and spends more time on fleshing out the region and the characters.

    It has also many new amazing mons (Incineroar, Vikavolt, Araquanid, Mudsdale, Pallosand, Golisopod, Ribombee, Bewear, Passimian, Dhelmise and Tapu Koko are among my favs)

    But for some reason after gen 5 GF stopped giving their all which is sad. They still have some great ideas (Fairies, Megas, Amie, Customization, DexNav, Soaring for gen 6, Pelago, PokeRide, Totems and SOS battles - in some cases - for Gen 7)
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