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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. A Pokemon reboot
    What I hope it is:
    Fully realized open world with open, appropriately populated, buildings and dungeons to explore.
    A new focus on giving us a lot of pokemon of every type combination possible, enough so that each gym leader/elite four member has a unique team that no other person in their field across all regions has.
    Side quests about retrieving items, finding missing people, solving mysteries etc
    Completely different story for each version of the game (if they keep making two versions) or for each protagonist (if they keep making both male and female available).
    Non-linear script.
    What it will be:
    Kanto with Gen 7 design and several new forms for every single one of all 151 pokemon residing there!!!
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  2. Given how no-one really likes what they did with gen 5 and how GF has been all about Kanto recently I'd say it being Kanto again is more likely, but I really hope I'm wrong.
  3. There was a rumor floating around that Gen 8 might take place in a China inspired region... really hope it's true.

  4. This would be great! A proper Pokemon JRPG!
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  5. China is huge so........it could hint towards a more open world but I seriously doubt they wanna give the gays all they want.
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  6. Yeah, something as simple as it being ‘open world’ would work. I wonder if they’d ask Monolith soft to help.
  7. I've thought hard about if they really go all out and fully reboot the franchise...Battles, mons, many/all mechanics ect. I'm here for it. After 20+ years of the same thing, bringing the games to the switch and living rooms everywhere, now is the time to do it. I'm sure something like this would obviously have the skeleton of how Pokemon has always worked anyway.

    At first I thought, no they can't do that, people would scream and whine about the changes and even thought to myself....I might not like it either if they manage to do it wrong, but you know what? Those Pokemon fans who keep buying the same shit (me lol) over and over are precisely the problem that gave us a lukewarm gen 7 so... honestly go for it. They can always go back to the formula, but I really truly think people will appreciate vast sweeping changes and courage to do so, even if it ends up not working or being as magical in the end.
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  8. RJF


    Yeah, I'm here for some massive changes that fuck us up.
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  9. Is there any indication when it could be released?
    I’m not really in a rush, I still haven’t finished Moon....
  10. I guess some changes after 22 years can be expected. But there are certain things that i think don't need to be changed. The competitive format is one of the thing that keeps the franchise going strong thanks to the internet era. Changing the way battles unfold, i don't think they want to risk that.
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  11. I think real time battling in the style of Xenoblade could really work for Pokémon. Give us a WORLD, Game Freak.
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  12. A reboot is exactly what the series needs.
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  13. How does this work? I cannot think of a real time system that would work for pokemon... Or at least not as well. Especially in competitive where the restrictions of it being turn based are the ones that actually make it demanding and the choices meaningful.
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  14. Whatever. The leakers are so fucking annoying because they rarely provide the actual info and more often its just lots of bullshit all around.

    The best leak we ever had was Pokebeach around XY because it had real info with no riddles bullshit

    Reboot can mean so many things that its hard to even start thinking WHAT could it be. I'd rather wait for actual news or some solid leak instead of speculating over nothing
  15. ... Well no one is forcing you to speculate.
  16. I can post my opinion about the leak, thank you very much
  17. Come on girlies, even with a reboot Game Freak are never giving the gays everything they want. Like someone on the previous page said, it'll probably be a return to Kanto or some messy shit like that.
  18. A total reboot just CANT happen because it woudnt make any sense. They have Pokebank for a reason, they just connected RBY and GSC with new games for a reason.

    So we either talk about
    1. BW style "reboot" or
    2. More alternative dimensions stuff where its Kanto again but with all new mons or new forms etc
  19. I don't think it really matters at this point, bank or not, there's no confirmed info so anything could happen. There's no confirmation bank will even exist like it does today on the Switch so your point doesn't really make sense. The can do whatever they want.

    I could see them trying to modernize Pokemon storage on the Switch, and offer a 'tool' to transfer your bank mons, like poketransporter down the line.
  20. RJF


    dddddd imagine if they introduced an ATB gauge and made evasion/accuracy official EV/IV stats...
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