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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah but they still make people pay for the bank. Even if they change how the bank works on the Switch they cant make people delete their old mons. In that case a total reboot just wouldnt work because old mons would be avaible in new games even if only via bank
  2. Oh yes they can.
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  3. No they cant unless they want people to give up on Pokemon. They literally just corrected their old mistake where there was no connection between gen 1-2 and 3. They've finally connected old gens with the bank and for what? To show people a middle finger in their very next game? How would that make any sense at all?
  4. They can and ....probably will at one point have to make the tough decision to make every pokemon fan start completely fresh if they ever want to redesign the games. The base programing of the game and Pokemon need a desperate rework.

    I welcome all of this, I'm pretty sick of the Pokemon fandom being unable to accept any deviation or change as if it can't absolutely happen and should.
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  5. Pokémon in an open world, non-random-encounters setting could be so iconic. Imagine walking out of your wee house at the start, seeing a flock of Pidgey flying above you and actually being able to catch them. Looking under rocks for bugs? Chasing a Sawsbuck through a forest? Going out on a boat and waiting for a school of Feebas to pass by before casting your rod?

    There's so much potential there.
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  6. Tying every new game to the generations before it is inherently limiting. Burn it to the ground and start fresh! Everyone will still have their old gen Pokémon to play with in the dozens of older games. There is literally no reason to hobble every new game just because people want to bring in their Pokémon from four generations back.
  7. Then all of their recent activity doesnt make sense at all. Both gen 6 and 7 are full on nostalgia games. GF finally did Bank and even went as far as connecting original games with it. If they wanted a full reboot or even deleting some mons they wouldnt do all this stuff. They even said openly they will do more remakes.
  8. Do people actually keep all their Pokemon and transfer from game to game? I always just start fresh, isn’t that what makes it fun....?
    That said, I was never one for this ev/iv bullshit: competitive battling doesn’t even make sense when you literally have 4 moves to choose from and can’t dodge or move around.
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  9. Hahah, you really think that if they completely dropped all of what we know about Pokemon and did something completely new and different, a la what Breath of the Wild was to Zelda, utilizing the existing IP and characters, that people wouldn't be lined up for DAYS to try out and purchase such a game...? After BOTWs success? Nintendo's highest selling and top 3 most recognizable franchises?

    ...The most recent games were nostalgic perhaps for a reason, as a book end to many generations of games perhaps?
    You'll always be able to play and keep all 7 gens of games over and over as many times as you want, hell they could make bank free at any point in the next few years, I don't understand why Pokemon fans think they can't do this. I mean going with your logic, perhaps the fact the 3ds can literally play every generation of Pokemon on one system is intended very specifically...we don't NEED any of this on the Switch.
  10. The problem with this reasoning is that GF already semi-tried it with Ruby and Sapphire and Black and White. What happened next? RS were immediately followed by FRLG and BW is often described as the umpopular games and BW2 included old mons. There's also GF saying they will do remakes. How would that work? No old mons just for one game and then Sinnoh remakes like nothing happened?
  11. Those games did literally nothing to actually reinvent or reboot, they are just new skins on the same formula and same code with the same limiting programming restraints. They've never actually tried to reboot the franchise.

    As for remakes, they can make them in any new engine.
    I never said having old pokemon wasn't in the cards, just not when they attempt to reboot. Maybe down the line, and especially with a remake they have an excuse to revisit old mons and bring them to the ecosystem.
  12. An open-world, Breath of the Wild-like Pokémon game is asking for too much, in my opinion.
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  13. I have no doubt that it will be a remake! It’s how they go about this remake. A remake could simply means it retains the basic story of say Gen 1 and Gen 2. With a completely recreated world, new battle system, Pokemon roaming about like they actually would in the anime. Maybe some new towns and villages dotted around the place, in between all of the cities we already have. Maybe the cities could be huge and the routes be big open spaces with tonnes of places to explore, items to find. Maybe you could even choose at the beginning if you wanted to be a trainer or compete in contests or even just be a breeder. There could be different mechanics and altering stories for each one.
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  14. The problem with the bank is that I transfer my pokemon to them, but I rarely actively use them again. They just sit there. It is hard to say goodbye to those winners though.
  15. RJF


    I don't see how Bank is some kind of problem that prevents change. I'm sure they could figure out a way to have Bank on the Switch, and then for old Pokémon to fit into the new game.
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  16. I’m imagining it being huge open plains and cute villages/huge cities, any linearity now well and truly gone.

    At its core, for some sadly, I think the battle system will have to remain turn based (in one form or another) for them to keep a competitive scene. They pour thousands into it, I doubt they are in a hurry to tear that down.

    I was thinking about ATB systems and they don’t seem like they’d be that great 1 vs 1. They’re fun in other RPGs because you have three or four party members all running about at once. Who wants Lillie following them constantly? And would you get to decide their Pokémon?
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  17. Yeah, Bank is absolutely not a problem. Look how it takes the basic ass data of G/S/C and fills in all the gaps as it’s traded to S/M. It would just need an update that’s all.
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  18. Reboots are cute but one thing I’m desperate for in a Switch game is weather. Give me rain anytime, anywhere. Give me fog, give me wind, give me snow, give me lightning, give me blazing sunshine, give me seasons, give me weather-dependent Pokémon encounters yas immerse me

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  19. RJF


    Seasons were actually a great mechanic that they should have kept.
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