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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. These titles are obviously fake, not to mention the "logos" look so poor almost like some parody
  2. If you like the option, then that's fine. The problem is it's a marketing tactic to get more money from consumers that people refuse to call them out on.

    There are plenty of ways to reshape how trading works then barring you from having a small percentage available generational pokemon behind another 40 dollar game. Make some pokemon much harder to acquire within the game, encouraging players who don't want to do the work themselves to trade for it? Raise the percentages of shiny chance so that shiny trading becomes a real staple of the series? Bring back the national dex to promote trading between generations for mons unavailable in the base game? There are 800+ pokemon, with many more on the way. Trading has a place. There are lots of ways you can promote a healthy online presence in the game without two paywalls with minimal differences.

    And here's the tea, I don't think people realize that there is a very solid chance the price of a pokemon game will be moving from 40$ 3ds game to a 60$ USD on the Switch.
  3. Yeah not to mention i would be cool if they finally got rid of trade evos. I get why they wanted them back in the day so that people would communicate and build friendships but nowadays its pointless because people will use online for many different reasons anyway. In return, whenever they shut down online for old systems we're stuck with unevolved mons (unless we have second console of course)
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  4. It is a marketing tactic yes but it's not a harmful one. If there weren't two versions we'd probably get pre-order/deluxe/DLC exclusive Pokémon instead, which would be way worse.

    You're acting like Nintendo are ripping people off by forcing them to buy two versions, which is definitely not the case. You can get everything from the other version easily with a bit of trading, so there's not much reason to buy more than one.
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  5. I do hope they do that though, especially trade-with-items evos, those are such a damn pain.
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  6. It's just that, a kid may actually have trouble socializing, even in the minimum, near non'existent ways that these games require. I would be fine with these slightly different versions if, for example, your pokedex was also considered complete even without the mons that you can only get a hold of through trading. Make the game feel just as conplete when the user chooses to disregard the connectivity aspects. This was a major issue for me back when the only way to trade etc required actual human contact or enough pocket money to buy all the stuff required to do it yourself.
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  7. You can literally put a Caterpie online for anything not mythical and you’ll get it traded to you eventually. Not to mention the marvels of Wonder Trade.

    I don’t mind the dual versions per se but I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they just went for one complete version.

    An amazing way of doing it is like the superb Oracle Zelda games - Ages/Seasons. Totally different games set in the same time that connect and open up different story lines and items.

    That would work well with different regions or something. I doubt Gamefreak could though.
  8. I'm currently going through a Colosseum/XD: Gale Of darkness nostalgia wave.

    BOPS aplenty.

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  9. I hope everybody following this thread is putting together their scores for the gen 7 rate!
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  10. Randomly got a shiny Skarmory in Ultra Moon today! Skarmory is one of my favourite Pokémon and the shiny looks excellent too so happy days.

    Also, I can't believe it took me 2 games to realise the Malie Garden pond is shaped like a Primarina.
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  11. The Under is probably the best town in the entire series.
  12. They really thought outside the box as far as Colisseum and XD are concerned. Certainly at the time anyway. I’d welcome a game in that vein (no gym leaders, properly realised storyline, snag ‘em mechanic etc.) just with some of those classic tropes (fully explorable map, ability to catch all Pokémon and in the wild, not just stuck with double battles etc...).

    I suppose thinking about it that’s almost what we have now, and yet the newest games feel nowhere near as edgy or different as the Gamecube ones.

    Miror B is a legend too.
  13. What I wouldn’t give for the USUM RotomDex to stop offering unsolicited advice every five seconds. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the same three sentences repeated ad nauseam.
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  14. Ddddd I completely shut down playing USUM. I just ... don’t have much time and interest in playing the same story over again.
  15. Same. It's particularly annoying when you're trying to click on the map and it's just talking away. Though at least the Roto powers are useful.
  16. I hope they'll maintain the cartoonish style intact next gen. The Pokken models with the "realistic" textures look a bit terrible at times. Suicune and Lucario are a mess for example.
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  17. Yeah, I agree... I love that they kept a black outline for the 3dmodels because it still feels very connected to earlier generations/anime
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  18. Dd, I cannot at this essentially looking more ominous than actual Giovanni.

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  19. I think they look so much more polished without though, I kinda prefer it.


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  20. Mhm...nah. Actually I hate that look.
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