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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. The games look infinitely better from a graphic design perspective without a restricting outline that instantly dates said models.
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  2. Poor swellow who stands in place with the animation of sweeping rapidly through the air though.
  3. Crobat looks iconic

  4. RJF


    A queen tbh. The other starter route berds wish to have their own wind machine. Miss Pidgeot can barely keep herself up with all that holiday weight.
  5. Can anyone trade me a Pokémon from Silver/Gold? You can get extra apricorn balls in USUM with one, but I really have no intention to get the games.
  6. So true. They have decent models, decent animations, and a system with shitty resolution. I'm so ready for the Switch game.

  7. RJF


    No outlines is cool but if that's the extent of the graphics glo up on the Switch I will lose my damn mind.
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  8. The games going full cel shaded sounds way better than having no outlines.
  9. I've hated the graphics style since the series switch to 3D with X/Y so I'm hoping there's some kind of aesthetic upgrade with the Switch.
  10. I say get the team from Dragonball Fighter and make them teach Pokémon how to make such beautiful cel shaded graphics. Cause they look straight out of the anime while still being 3D.
  11. For me the outline feels somehow essential to keep it having the original pokemon-vibe.
    the 3dmodels without a distinct outline remind me of those fugly digimon 3d animations they had in the anime and pokemon colosseum... but who knows... cannot wait for a future generation
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  12. Ditch the outlines and give us t e x t u r e!

    It’s all a bit flat.
  13. As exciting as a created-from-the-ground-up-for-Switch Pokémon game is going to be, I do still kind of wish they'd given us a version of USUM on the console purely because I think it's a great looking game that would shine at a higher resolution and with improved lighting and textures.
  14. Hallelujah, all the legendaries they already stuffed into both ORAS and USUM with no discernible unique traits that we can't get in-game.

    Edit: Oh there's a shiny Zygarde in June. Guess that's it.
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  15. Speaking of shinies, I randomly got a shiny Dugtrio yesterday. That's my second in USUM, and I haven't even got the Shiny Charm yet (haven't even got to the last island yet).


    It's so ugly though

  16. That’s such a bizzare give away, ‘year of the legendary’ we have access to them all. They should all be shiny or hidden ability or have crazy move sets.

    I get the anniversary give always of Mythical Pokémon last year was it? Not so much this.

    Never the less I’ll get them all because Cherish Ball.
  17. Catching Kyogre in Pokémon Go is horrendous. I've made 7-8 attempts and caught one, yet have four Groudons after as many attempts.

    I've just remembered I forgot to carry on with Ultra Moon. Is the different stuff worth it?
  18. It's nothing major, but the new elements here and there are quite fun I think. My favourite thing is all the new Pokémon you can find in the wild though.
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