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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I'll be getting Eevee too because for every Pokemon RPG I play, I always start with an Eevee on my team and evolve it to a different eeveelution each game.

    So far I've had:
    X - Flareon
    Moon - Slyveon
    Alpha Sapphire - Leafeon (my baby ♥)

    I also have a rule where I'm not allowed to have the same pokemon in my main team again. E.g. If I've had Pikachu on my main playthrough team on 1 game, I can't have Pikachu in the next game.
    It's a great way to add variety to the games and make me play with new pokemon each time.
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  2. Wait.

    If you buy Eevee you cannot evolve the Eevee?! I thought when you bought pikachu you couldnot evolve pokemon go Eevees?
  3. The mascot starter cannot evolve in either case. Wild ones of either species can be caught and evolved normally.
    But let's go back to the really important stuff:

  4. Fucking hell.
  5. Are people really surprised by this? We knew that Pikachu would work like this, so why would Eevee be any different?
  6. I would choose the Pikachu version. Eevee is so boring if you can't evolve it, but I actually like Pikachu, in spite of its ubiquitousness, it's a super cute creature. A design icon. I stan.

    Fuck my DP remakes, right?
  7. Has the press conference been posted before?



    (I guess that's not really a joke because the babies were truly meant to be shaped like eggs, but it's a sad truth nonetheless.)
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  9. I thought they would have learned from Yellow. Well I could have seen this coming obviously.
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  10. The fact they were considering to make more grass/poison mons though...
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  11. I’m definitely going with the Pikachu version. I’ll always love that little electric mouse.
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  12. Pikachu was more interesting when he was one thicc bih. #MakePikachuThiccAgain

  13. I don't get the affinity for fat Pikachu. He's much better trimmed down.
  14. I’m getting Pikachu version because Eevee does... nothing. Tackle, Quick Attack and Swift ain’t going to cut it.
  15. Doesn't it learn last resort?

    Obviously it would mean surviving three attacks.
  16. I can't wait to see how weak the Elite 4 are in this game to compensate for the fact most players will have Eevee/Pikacu on their team.
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  17. Im positive both Pikachu and Eevee will get a huge boost just for these games. It could be via some special items, new mechanic like Z-moves, crazy movepools (or new powerful attacks). There could be amie-like feature in the game that makes them extra strong (we know we can customize them so that may be a part of it)
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  18. Youre right but this design for the pre-evo is just so precious!
  19. Farfetch'd ha Princess Diaries glo-up fantasy being scrapped though. The gay agenda lost.
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