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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Wait that screenshot is real or are we just panicking because it could potentially be real?
  2. It's "likely" to be real, mostly because it is in Kanto and because of the Eeevee.

    The only thing that bothers me in that screenshot is the fact that everything is square again. There's no reason they couldn't adapt the Kanto routes to look more organic.
  3. I’d say seeing as it’s god awful it must be true.
  4. What are the chances of a new Eeveelution though? And maybe a new Pikachu-related thing (Mega Raichu probably?).

  5. I've actually mostly hated the look of the games since they went 3D. The charm has been sucked out of the imagery, I feel.
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  6. I still can't wrap my head around how the biggest franchise in the world can't achieve to make a game that looks HALF this good in 2018.


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  7. I would love that allthough i do think that either 1) Pikachu and Eevee will be blocked from evolution because Eevee has 8 evolution methods while Pikachu has one (technically two but doubt alola form will be avaible pre post game), also if you'd just walk around a lot you could raise Eevee's hapiness so technically you could have level 6 Espeon and Umbreon right off the bat. I dont think they will allow it. Or 2) just like in FRLG GF will have ony 151 pre-post game so that Pikachu and Eevee are more even
  8. OK the more I think about this, the more I'm coming around. If that screenshot is real, then the look of the game sucks unfortunately. And the GO tie-in needs to be completely extraneous from the experience.

    However, I never played Fire Red and Leaf Green. An updated Kanto could be quite fun (for me). A few things need to happen.
    1. Only the original 151 'mon available until you actually beat the game. I don't need to see Alola forms or Ultra Beasts or Sinnoh species or whatever. UBs still confuse the hell out of me by the way. Old species with updated types are fine.
    2. If one element of GO absolutely must be inserted into the main game, I hope it's simply the Pokéball mechanic. Some more active throwing would be fine and not terribly distracting.
    3. It would be kind of rad to see the Orange Islands make an appearance.
    Red, Blue and Yellow hold a lot of nostalgic memories for many, of course, but playing them as games today reveals just how flawed they are. An actually playable Kanto could be a nice diversion until Gen 8. Why they're blowing their Switch load on a revamp, I don't know. But I'm trying to stay positive.
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  9. Eurogamer posted this article:


    Last year, I heard from sources familiar with the project that the game would indeed be set in Kanto and be a sort-of remake of Pokémon Yellow. The visuals would be familiar and reflect the project's origins as a higher-resolution version of 3DS games Sun and Moon, I was told, before development took a different turn.

    I don't really get what he's trying to say with that last sentence.
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  10. He's implying that Pokemon Stars was supposes to be SM HD on Switch but they changed it into Kanto game
  11. I read it as "they were originally meant to make a Yellow remake that looked like an HD version of Sun and Moon, but plans changed and it turned into a Go tie-in (different play style, mechanics etc)."
    The "different turn" being the game we are eventually getting now which won't be like the traditional main games that we are used to.
  12. Am I basic if I'm low-key stoked for this release? This thread is making me feel guilty.
  13. I’m really looking forward to it, I’m just curious to the changes.
  14. We need more information before I'm jumping on the hype boat.
  15. The is so weird. I would understand if this happened in the summer 2016 but if the change was made last year the Pokemon GO was already dead dying for GP so it doesn’t make sense for me to more or less acommodate new games to GO players.
  16. What I think would be a great chance for them to see what the consumers really respond to, would be to put out a couple of different games soon after each other. These Go hybrids, a more classical main game that looks like an improved gen 7 game, something more open world like Breath of the Wild meets Ni No Kuni 2, could all be released close to each other, perhaps even for different platforms (considering not everyone has Switch yet and 3DS is not quite dead yet), and show what sells better. For example, I'd like to think that provided these new games turn out to be shit, another gen 7 game (so, for 3ds) released at the same time could potentially sell more even if it is for a dated platform, and thus show that people are not here for any of this Go mess (unless they are, of course).
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  17. The thing is, I think anything Pokemon will sell like crazy, anyway. Especially with Detective Pikachu coming next summer, I think the franchise is about to have another moment with the GP, for better or for worse.
  18. Just release Pokémon Z!!
  19. Its pretty obvious that this time around they're just about the money, Because if they really wanted Kanto game with 3ds tier graphics then 2016 was the perfect year for it with all the annivesary going on it would be right in place. Then in 2017 they could've even release a Switch port for it and start with (possibly) better Alola games in 2018 on the Switch.

    Instead after 2 years of shoving Kanto down our throats GF says lets make it 3 (or 4 if next year is a break).

    Its pretty clear that they didnt plan Kanto games untill they saw Pokemon GO numbers and they thought people who downloaded a free app will buy an expensive console and a 60 bucks game.
  20. Its really very simple, and hasn’t changed at all over the years. GameFreak values safety, that’s why they’ve always stuck with older systems until the base grew on the newer systems. This allows them to be safe on the Switch, whilst tapping into the casual Go market to bolster it.
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