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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Apparently this is a gif of the Pikachu model in the games. The male and female models are overlapped that's why the tail looks like that.

  2. Are you excited for the new Pokemon game?

  3. This is so gorgeous though.

  4. Nn I can see this gif becoming a meme.
  5. Well..
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  6. Isnt this the 3DS model with some extra shade in HD?
  7. Yes, the models are future proof, they've using the same models since 2011 (most of the times downgraded to adjust to the 3DS capabilities/GO)
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  8. Look at his little ears wagging.
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  9. Some cool unused Pokémon from Red and Green just surfaced.

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  10. Tag yourself I’m 62
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  11. 62 is me after reading the Pokemon rumours.
  12. Deer and Shark didnt make it, Diglett, Tangela and Voltorb did
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  13. 62 is everything.
  14. 62 is Charmeleon, right?
  15. I can’t wait for the third version:

  16. Thanks, I hate this.

    I hate this thread, I hate the internet, I want go get off Pikachu's wild ride.

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  17. I also hate myself....for kind of being here for them 'recreating' kanto from the minds of the original creators with all the proposed content that didn't make it in 1998 due to restrictions in technology? Like give me meta exposes on the creation process and ACTUALLY dig into the archives. Give us a big 20th anniversary artbook like Hyrule Historia with background on these editions, use the games to reboot the timelines officially so future games can stick with it...and I'll get it. Those leaks of Gorachu and that sheet of unused pokemon are...interesting.
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  18. I am waiting for the Lillie version.
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  19. Gen 2 Lets Go Marill and Togepi
    Gen 3 Lets Go Ralts and Skitty
    Gen 4 Lets Go Buneary and Riolu
    Gen 5 Lets Go Zorua and Minccino
    Gen 6 Lets Go Espurr and Pancham
    Gen 7 Lets Go Rockruff and Vulpix
  20. RJF


    They're gonna serve, "Same graphics. BUT OMG NO LINES!!!!" for these games aren't they.
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