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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. It Was!

    Everything that was planned for bell cat was shoved onto Umbreon instead, hence the cat getting scraped.
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  2. Living for the Erykah Badu Lickitung.
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  3. That bell cat was kinda repurposed into Skitty/Delcatty though. The moon on the forehead gives it away. Skitty has a moon shaped face and evolves into Delcatty via Moon Stone, while Delcatty originally had a moon on its forehead in early sprites:

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  4. I still can’t get over beta Porygon2
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  5. Same, I don’t know if I love it or hate it. It’s so strange how one Pokemon can be so utterly transformed between Beta and release.
  6. I'd like that beta Porygon 2 as a new pokemon, unrelated to Porygon, except it can of course be another man-made mon. (As long as they give it limbs, poor thing.)
  7. the design seems to be slightly recycled in Castform... especially its sun-form
  8. The werewolf line is one of my most favorite ones ever. It's adorable!
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  9. The electric tiger mouse <3. Come through Gen 8 Pikaclone.
  10. Oh dear. . . I don't see how Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company won't stop it from being made though.
  11. This looks like a MESS.

    I feel like people are always looking for the one thing that’s finally going to take Pokemon’s crown, but they underestimate the franchise’s pure charm. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never found a game that can compete with the feeling Pokemon gives you with your own little team. Digimon would, obviously, be the closest.

    Like... the amount of games that now try that ‘collect your own monsters/pets to fight for you!’ and you’d think that would be an instant, winning formula... but it never feels like Pokemon does, even at the franchises worst.
  12. A FLYING PIG. *sells everything to fund this*
    edit: Ddd, I love that they even have tall grass patches. No shame.
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  13. That Kickstarter looks better than Let's Go, though.
  14. I mean...

    Kickstarter isn't exactly known for games funded living up to expectations +by the time its out we'll be well into Pokemon's Switch game series' so?
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  15. Yes @ Head Ram being the bootleg Headbutt. Head Ram me a bit.
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  16. When are we getting beta versions, and scrapped designs from other generations? I am waiting.
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  17. Gah I wanted to use pkhex but I don't have custom firmware/homebrew.
  18. OK but can Nintendo/Game Freak shut these guys down then hire them to develop new titles because that already looks like more thought and care went into that than Let's Go.
  19. That game actually looks kind of rad? If any franchise needs a really great MMORPG, it's Pokémon.
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  20. The TRAGEDY of the decision to copy everything about Pokemon though. I mean...have some dignity.
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