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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I suppose we will get some big reveal in the next few.... weeks? I cant imagine GF waiting with revealing new gen till May-June. Guess they'll at least drop the titles many months before the release date
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  2. I have another Make a new friend quest, anyone can help me on here? 2495 6078 0901

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  3. I still don't have a Feebas, but at least I'm already 3/4 down that wretched river.
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  4. I've been playing Platinum for the first time this past week and I'm so impressed...it's so fun. I love how it gives you all these little events and things to stray you off the main quest so early in the game. And no way am I going to let Nintendo stop me from being the very best - I am going to fill out every single line in my Pokédex and I will pull another DS + another copy of Platinum out of the blue and trade with myself if I have to. Nintendo will NOT win.
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  5. RJF


    Yes, stan the best Pokémon game.
  6. You wont be able to complete the dex with just 2 Platinums im afraid. I think you need both Diamond and Pearl to get mons like Murkrow, Misdreavus, Glameow, Stunky.
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  7. So a friend of friend can get me the Eevee tamagotchi but it'll be 35€ and still gotta pay for shipping too.
  8. I said Nintendo will NOT win I will do what I have to do even if that means getting dusty Diamond and Pearl copies from eBay

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  9. Seems like a Nintendo direct is coming the 13th, but I doubt they'll announce it there.
  10. It’ll get it’s own direct surely.
  11. I still need to finish Let's Go, I never made it past Erika nn
  12. ddddd Scratch that! I checked a bit downstream and apparently I’m still at the halfway point.
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  13. I made a thing.
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  14. This is how the Detective Pikachu Pokémon should've looked like. Seems like the 3D animations and models in this film are going to be pretty great.

  15. I think the rendering here for Mew/Mewtwo is good but I prefer the fuzzy Pikachu look in Detective Pikachu over something that looks so smooth.

    Eevee from Detective Pikachu... I believe.
  16. Oh my God Eevee is amazing in Detective Pikachu!
  17. Masuda posted this and people believe is a hint since he did this in May for the Let's Go announcement. 226 candles = 2.26 announcement. (Both "hints" tweeted 10 days before the supposed reveal).

    Here's what he did in May (5.29, Eevee as his partner)

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  18. kal


    I’m so shook for Pokémon Let’s Go Caterpie and Pokémon Let’s Go Weedle.
  19. As a bug fan even I am not that invested for a prolific Weedle and or Caterpee role in the box art. If they go for bugs their final evolutions are better and more recognisable. Also Scyther and Pinsir are right there. This can't be true.
  20. Do you think will know anything about gen 8 this year?
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