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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I’ve just reserved tickets for the Detective Pikachu premiere and nearly no sests were left there. Hardcore fans only I guess but still nice to see. I’m excited!
  2. I was taught that Ancient Mew was the rarest Pokemon card with only 10 copies ever made and my best friend happened to have one.

    Was kind of shook to find out it's only worth like 10 bucks and everything was a lie.
  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Mesprit and ha vacant stare now peering at me as a raid boss everywhere I look in Pokemon Go. The apathy jumped out!
  4. Well, the ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie was trash because I didn’t spot any Lapras :-((

    I really enjoyed it. The movie has its flaws but I like how they worked with the mythology of the franchise.
    Of couse we got to see hundreds of Kanto starters but they included a respectable number of different Pokemon too.
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  5. Guy


    I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a wildly imaginative plot or anything, which is fine, but it felt like there were only like 20 different pokémon used in the film.
    Obviously I wasn’t expecting all 800 whatever, but like, how many Sneasel did they really need in the backgrounds of different scenes?
    And there weren’t any battles besides that 2 minute subplot, which was even more disappointing for me.
    Overall it just felt like any other generic PG rated action film, and pokémon just happened to be there. Hopefully this opens doors for a more classically “Pokémon” sequel, though.
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  6. This film was based on a specific game which has no battles or catching in it. You'll get your classic Pokemon film in a few years as Legendary is working on a Red/Blue adaptation.
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  7. Just seen the movie and it was brilliant. The worldbuilding was so exciting so I’m praying it does well for more sequels!
  8. Adored the movie I loved so many moments. Loved the Ditto fight, loved the bits with Psyduck, the underground battle and the Loudred playing the music. RE the battles there weren’t many because the whole point of Ryme city is they’re banned.

    I was relieved that it was so soooo much more exciting than the game.
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  9. I...thought it was magical. I think it managed to have enough jokes and charisma for adults and all the fan service for kids and Pokémon fans
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  10. Guy


    Dddd expose my ignorance.

    I’m glad everyone else so far seems to have enjoyed it!
  11. RJF


    Yeah, I thought it was a complete scream. So well done. Each shot of the city was a feast; I was always looking for more Pokémon I hadn’t recognised yet (spotted King Venusaur in the end!) and I thought it was brought to life wonderfully.

    The plot... had holes, but meh, I thought it balanced expectations well. Ryan Reynolds was inspired casting.

    I had to laugh at there maybe bring about five people under eighteen in my theatre. When will Pokémon take its foot off millennials’ necks?
  12. As a side note, I was impressed because I forced my boyfriend to come and he moaned and groaned because ‘pokemon’ and that it would just be kids in the cinema. Well he left raving about it and loved it too. He kept leaning in and whispering ‘what’s that one called, what’s the dog one called’ etc. which was cute. Plus the cinema was sold out for it but had barely any kids there.
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  13. The world building was truly magical, but the plot was utter, utter trash. I know the target market was mainly kids, but I was disappointed to guess the whole damn thing in the first 20 minutes.
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  14. I loved it. Obviously it had huge flaws, but it was great fun and was the most captivating Pokemon instalment on any media form in a very, very long time.

    I hope it’s very successful and encourages lots more growth for the Pokemon world.
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  15. I loved Psyduck and the scene with Mr Mime was so funny. I think I laughed more than the kids there.
  16. I absolutely loved it. I had a massive smile on my face the entire time and some of the Pokemon in-jokes had me in hysterics (especially the Magikarp one). I especially liked that it didn’t feel like a film aimed at children, it was wholesome enough but still had a bit of an edge to it.

    This. I went to an early morning screening today and any children that were there had clearly been dragged along by nostalgic parents.
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  17. RJF


    Also, the flourishes of 8-bit Game Boy noises in the original score were magical. I listened to the soundtrack on Spotify today and “Epiphany” is icanheararceus.gif.
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  18. No Team Rocket though. Sacrilege!!!
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  19. I think they are saving a lot for a sequel. Hence they do not went overboard with different pokémon.
  20. This movie made me a very happy faguette yesterday. I was smiling basically the whole time!

    None of my faves showed up, but the Pokemon that did appear were so well done. The Bulbasaur looked even CUTER than the cartoon design, somehow.

    I called the plot "twist" since the trailer but honestly, who cares? Them approaching this as a fun blockbuster was absolutely the right approach (instead of focusing too much on battles). The film has very wide appeal and me and my non-Pokefag friends laughed out loud more than a couple times at the more adult jokes.
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