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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Rita Ora and Ludicolo SLAYED me. Iconic queens. I loved the entire experience of the film.
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  2. I am very glad the film does not involve battles. Or team rocket. Both have been handled terribly in terms of making a decent plot involving them, so it's great that they found a way around it. I'll be very worried if future movies start to follow the anime/main games premise. I just don't trust them.

    Anyway, I will have to be patient until next weekend to go see this, I'm sad.
  3. There was something genuinely...refreshing about a 90 minute film based on a fandom heavy property that went for simplicity and charm.

    I think it makes a wonderful palette cleanser post Endgame
  4. RJF


    I don’t really know how you get round the violence aspect of Pokémon battles if they’re live action. Particularly as Pokémon get bigger and uglier.
  5. What do you mean?
    Wouldn't they just be exactly the same as they are in the anime? Except 3D instead of 2D. I don't see how having realistic fur and scales would make the battles any more violent.
  6. Gengar and Gyarados were legitimately terrifying in the film.
  7. The plot was terrible and the writing/acting was awful (apart from Ryan R) and
    I didn't understand the part with the giant pokemon and why didn't the guy recognise his dad's voice
    , but that being said I bloody loved it. I was laughing my arse off for the entire film (esp. at the Mr Mime scene was hilarious).
    Before this film, I was so tired of Pikachu but this made me a Pikachu stan once again. Ryan could say anything as Pikachu and I'd find it hilarious. They executed Pikachu so well and he was the highlight of the film. Also, having to search every scene for new pokemon was a lot of fun and the design of the city was done excellently.
  8. For some reason the ubiquitousness of Pikachu never made me resent it. If it weren't the mascot it would probably be one of my faves still. It's such a cute, iconic design, Atsuko Nishida snapped.
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  9. Torterra remains BOOKED

    I had such fun with the whole thing. I actually got teary eyed when the bulbasaurs came on screen i loved them so much. I hope we get a sequel with a bit more of a battling/pokemon trainer narrative
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  10. RJF


    Meh, maybe you're right, but I would imagine it would be a little more difficult to keep the light tone while having the Pokémon physically fight and blast fire/ice/water at one another when they're being rendered realistically. I guess there are ways around it like just not having, say, Venusaur completely go up in flames after one Flamethrower because it's literally just sentient kindling like they do in the anime and there are certain setups that would be fine, but still.

    I was actually surprised when the first battle you saw at the Roundhouse wasn't Gengar VS Nidorino rather than Gengar VS Blastoise, but they were actually fairly light on the game references. I also thought Pikachu's triumphant electrical attack being Volt Tackle instead of Thunderbolt was a bit meh.
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  11. Jam


    Saw the film tonight, loved it. I was very sceptical when it was announced but I think it was generally done well, and I was left impressed and basically like a little joyful kid throughout. It is a lot of fun. It has its flaws (and not only Rita Ora's 'acting') but overall I enjoyed it.
  12. Idk I feel like this in 3D would be harder to watch than it already is.

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  13. I just watched the film. I liked it. I think the plot and the acting was ok. The nostalgia truly hit hard in the credits with the Gameboy Color images and melody. That truly brought back some beautiful memories.
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  14. ffffffff christ.
  15. I think the violence of battles was implied though because Pikachu had actually left the Charizard with scars from their last encounter.

    BTW the film had the highest opening of any video game based film in America. Sorry Lara.
  16. [​IMG]

    Fuck this shit
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  17. Ddd this thread was too positive at the moment so of course something like this had to appear.
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  18. The queen remains unbothered
  19. Wow. Great. Armoured Mewtwo. We definitely didn’t have enough with a Mega X and Y Evolution. Please GF, keep adding more forms instead of working on what you already have.
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