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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Like, we were warned this was coming months ago. Be prepared for Mew, Charizard, Greninja, Pikachu etc to digivolve.
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  2. I... don't know why they'd add Armored Mewtwo to the games. The whole point of Mewtwo is that it's genetically engineered to be the strongest Pokemon out there so to add a form that suppresses its power makes no sense especially in a meta that has seen ridiculous power creeps in the past 6 years. Making it a buff would be contradictory though.

    But whatever. They'll add it as the tie in promo for the Evolution movie and we'll deal.
  3. Saw Detective Pikachu last night. There were predictable elements but it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.
  4. I really hate the stuff like Mega Pokemon, Z moves etc. so having armored Pokemon in the games would just be too much.
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  5. Yeah, I don't think the armored Mewtwo thing has any relation to the games. It was in the first movie too.

    Also, this new design looks like absolute garbage.
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  6. Megas and Z moves were able to help some Pokemon to avoid falling into limbo. So i don't see these things as something as bad.
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  7. I suppose you have a point there. I've never used either of them in battle, though.
  8. I saw the movie. The references here and there were great to spot and the plot wasn’t too good, ah well. Still enjoyed it a lot! A great start for more I think.

    At first I thaught oh Rita had only one line, minimalist queen but later she does more...
    Also this reference; literally iconic
    What does CoroCoro say about the Mew card?
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  9. I really hope the sequel to Detective Pikachu is a deep dive onto the illegal practices of Dr. Ann Laurent.

    Truly the Elizabeth Holmes of the Pokemon Universe.
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  10. A Pokémon Rumble game was announced for mobile. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed it's not coming to either the 3DS or the Switch. The last Rumble game was actually pretty fun, especially for a free to play game.

  11. Trash teebs but whatever.
  12. I wish they'd keep the good spinoffs on life support like they do with Rumble.
  13. In terms of spinoffs what I'd really like to see is a new Mystery Dungeon on the Switch. The last one was quite great and I'm sure the series could become even better on the Switch.
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  14. PMD is the big one of course but I want to see Ranger return too. I don't know how popular or well received that series was but I personally enjoyed it a lot.
  15. I never played any of those, they do look cute though. I guess they'd have to rework the gameplay though since they seemed to be very reliant on the stylus.
  16. I just saw Detective Pikachu and it was an enjoyable film. They really nailed the Pokemon models.
  17. @Lapras liking this and me remembering that post...
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  18. So Detective Pikachu was better than it had any right to be. 90 minutes of pure enjoyment, and I've always pretty much despised Pikachu. But that was great. I loved how there were a few references to past films for those in the know without alienating anyone who wouldn't be familiar with it.

    I hated the idea when it was first announced, but it truly seemed like it was made by people who love the Pokemon franchise and wanted to make something respectful of it. I would definitely be here for a sequel.
  19. kal


    I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. The premise was even more absurd than I thought it would be but I was mainly there for the Pokémon in 3D anyways.
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  20. RJF


    The callback to Mewtwo escaping the Kanto region twenty years ago was cute.
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