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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I think I got like 3 hours into Ultra Moon and never played it again.

    X was brilliant until the post-game exposes how utterly shallow it is.
  2. Solenciennes

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    I’m gonna wait until the end of summer before I consider preordering. Too many question marks over whether these will address the more annoying gameplay aspects of previous games for me - Let’s Go Pikachu just reminded me of how slow battles are and how joyless it becomes instead of being a great adventure game.
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  3. I still think the game looks great! As far as the game looks and behaves, well, GF have only developed for much less demanding handhelds. I’m sure the learning curve was high and although Let’s Go looked pretty it didn’t have much going on. Sw/Sh has a lot more ambition compared to anything they’ve done before and in the time frame they’ve had.

    I just wish they’d taken longer to get it right. We could have waited knowing from the start. Then who knows, we might not be missing out on Pokémon.
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  4. I have a lot of issues with gen 7 but still i did enjoy both SM and USUM. I did like how they listened to people complaining that gen 6 was too easy and we were given a little more challenge. Also no HMs was good, new Pokemon were pretty great (except their speed...) and i liked how they gave so much personality to the region, characters and Pokemon. Sure many features were shit, story was boring, cutscenes were unbearable at times and some characters were super annoying (hi Lillie and Hau) but still i do enjoyed it (more than some, less than some). Either way i always enjoy Pokemon games, even a little
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  5. kal


    I can’t at how dramatic this is.

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  6. Maybe You Need To Calm Down is actually about Pokémon fans.
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  7. I do feel like people are overeacting...just a bit. Obviously this is a move to make people buy Stiff Sword and Hard Shield next year with all Pokemon in it (or Dusk Diamond and Dawn Pearl).
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  8. I've seen tons of people argue that "it's just us western babies acting entitled and complaining about everything as usual" in defense of Sword/Shield but this shuts all that nonsense down. Not like I'm surprised, the #Dexit outcry was trending in Japan as well.
  9. It's posts like this that make me actively hope that Gamefreak don't change anything.
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  10. I really get the impression that it's less people 'overreacting' about this one change, and more a straw that broke the camel's back situation. It's years worth of frustration finally all pouring out.

    A lot of fans have been straining under the load of poor decisions that have been piling up over the last few generations, always giving GameFreak the benefit of the doubt because 'It's Pokémon' or 'they're working with handheld limitations'. The idea of a full on home console Pokémon game was always the end goal - if we just wait, they'll be able to do everything with that.

    Instead of everything, we're getting less in a major area. And nobody can adequately explain why that's the case? If it's a time issue, take another year. Do it right. It's certainly not a hardware problem, because we've seen what other Switch games can do. It's all about money and churning out the associated products. And I get it, it's a business, these aren't people making a game solely for the love of it. But that's a double edged sword of an excuse - if they make decisions based on cutting costs, we get to decide what will sell.

    I just...really don't feel any inclination to buy this any more. It makes me sad, but I honestly don't know what I'd get out of it at this stage. Before, it always felt like I'd have a fun time and, maybe, someday, they'd make the truly great Pokémon game. E3 made crystal clear (for even the most casual fans to see) that GameFreak just aren't interested in ever doing that.
  11. Did any of you actually play the console games? XD Gale, Colosseum, heck even the Stadium games were rough as hell. Still had their charms but they never felt like perfectly polished pieces of work.

    The whole “They don’t love Pokemon anymore they’re just about the money” is way too much.
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  12. They were never really seen as 'mainline' Pokémon games though. GameFreak knew the expectation of what the shift to the Switch would entail, and choices were made not to take this into account in a particularly meaningful way.

    This isn't a change in their stance or in how much they 'love' Pokémon - it was probably an unrealistic expectation for them to do anything else. But, regardless, the expectation was tangible, and in choosing not to spend the time and money to meet it, GameFreak/Nintendo made a choice to disappoint. It's not at all surprising that goodwill based on future expectation dries up when that expectation is not met.
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  13. I don’t think GameFreak had anything to do with those games. They were made by Genius Sonority.
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  14. I honestly think this is just... where it's been leading to for some time. With over 1000 Pokemon, at some point they were bound to start restricting - but they've tried to make excuses when they should just be honest.

    I don't even have a problem with it necessarily, my issue is when Pokemon can't be transferred into the game.

  15. Pokémon:

    Coming November 2020 with a slightly expanded Pokédex.
  16. Ok but @ me when Sword/Shield has locations as unique, atmospheric and well designed as Pyrite Town and The Under.
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    My power.

    I don't necessarily have a problem with the idea of restricting the amount of Pokémon but it's more in the spirit they're doing it in where we don't seem to be getting much else out of the deal in return. Looking at the graphics, it has nothing on the Switch's best. We've all already listed the games that are handling bigger amounts of data on the console with ease. So we have a game where the franchise's core premise is being ruined in favour of... giving Pikachu an animation for when he eats a berry he doesn't like? Giant Pokémon who are only a challenge because they'll randomly attack twice, remove abilities, remove items, and basically rob you of strategy in the process?

    The lack of futureproofing is alarming as well. We should have started to get under one hundred new Pokémon per generation years ago to try and stave this apparently inevitable action off for as long as possible. What was the point in Pokémon Bank if it didn't factor in this also inevitable move to the home console? The lack of forethought. No one is thinking beyond how the next games are going to sell.
  18. If they wanted to stop at +-1000 I don't mind. But then they should have given us an 800% wider range of references and typing combinations. You can not release a dozen electric mice (and another dozen of actual pikachus) and cry that it's too much already. No, it's fucking not. If I'm not mistaken, most type combinations are not represented at all in the games. Would anyone bet against the main bird this era being another fucking normal/flying mon? And yet they will use it against us if we ask for more.
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