Poker Face

In this Columbo-esque, case-of-the-week mystery/comedy/drama series, queen of everything, Natasha Lyonne plays Charlie Cale, a sharp casino worker with a gift for spotting when someone is lying. After going on the run, every stop provides a new cast of characters and crimes that she just can't help but solve.

The first four episodes are out, with six more to come this season. Anybody watching??

Does anyone know if any distributor has picked this up for regions where Peacock isn't available? I'm dying to watch it but I haven't heard anything.
Watched the first three episodes; I really loved the first two.

The third one frustrated me a bit with how she gathered her clues but I still found it highly enjoyable.

Re: Episode 3 - There’s no way she would be able to still smell floss or the empty beer bottle after the entire trailer had been filled with smoke from the fire - I just wish there was a better planned out story there.
Kinda hate how she just keeps stumbling upon a new murder to solve on every trip, ala Murder She Wrote. It’s such a hackey, old-fashioned tired take on serialized television.

The show wants to be smart, but that plot device is anything but.

It’s entertaining enough tho, and Natasha is a gem as always. It was nice to see Dascha and Chloe in a good show again as well.
I’m going to need an entire prequel series on Joyce and Irene, stat! And while we’re at it, they also should go ahead and crossover to The White Lotus.
I’m unique in that the first episode didn’t sell me at all. It wasn’t until I was bored weeks late and watched episode two that I became hooked. I feel like each episode is as good as or better than the last. This show is such a blast!
The finale was fun; Clea DuVall was a highlight. I hope there is a possibility for them to explore their relationship some more. I'm glad it's getting a Season 2 - not enough people are watching this!