Poker Face

I found it to be an enjoyable show that got a bit repetitive. It’s certainly not a show that plays well in a binge.

I thought the last two episodes were great and raised the stakes in a way most the others didn’t come close to. She’s been such a Typhoid Mary, it was interesting to see it reversed.
Well, it’s a show. Found it a bit bland tbh, didn’t finish episode 2
I hated the first episode but fell in love starting with episode two. I think the fact that it’s self contained and in a different location each week kept it fresh. It reminded me of an old school show called Route 66 which did something similar.
I think a certain suspension of disbelief is required to watch this, but if you can get past some of the logistics and the reasons (or lack thereof) for Charlie’s “ability” it’s a lot of fun, with some great performances along the way. I’ve only two episodes left after starting this weekend and I don’t want it to end, so that’s a sign of something I’ve really enjoyed. I didn’t think the standalone nature of the episodes hindered a binge watch, either.
Just started this and really enjoying - only two eps in. I find it a bit predictable but I guess with it starting off with the murder and then going back to have the timelines meet, everything is there waiting for charlie to pick up the pieces. Lyonne is delightful and the cast so far have been great - loved Hong Chau’s character in the second ep.

Getting very strong Black Mirror vibes but less existential dread - perhaps because each ep could be stand alone if it wanted.
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With Charlie being able to suss guilty parties right away, the traditional whodunnit style wouldn't really work, but hopefully they can find a way to make it refreshing if there's a season 2.
Considering Natasha and Rian are a pair of brilliant minds, I have faith they could do.