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Pop Idol - The 2023 Return

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by unidan82, Mar 22, 2022.

  1. It has been reported by various news sources that Pop Idol may get a 20th Anniversary season.


    I think we do need something, with no X Factor or anything like this, the only singing outlet is The Voice, which never creates anyone ever heard of again. Otherwise it's BGT, but that seems to be singers with more of a gimmick.

    What do you think?

    (apologies if there is another thread for this, I did search and couldn't find one)
  2. Quite a sensible idea of ITV really. The format still works around the world after all, and now The X Factor is seen as a toxic brand, why not give it a go. Don't try to manipulate things too much, just see how it plays out and let the public decide.

    It would need to be a decent panel though. It doesn't have to be all big names - actually, I'd quite like them to find another Simon or Louis from the industry. And they'd have to give genuine feedback. That Walk The Line show they did was terrible because the judges had no chemistry and were OTT in their praise for everyone.

    Obviously, keep anyone vulnerable off the show though.
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  3. I’m not against the idea and would be kind of good for the nostalgia of it.
    It would be interesting to see if they stick with the same old Idol format or take this opportunity to launch a new modern style show using the Idol brand as a launchpad.
    Room auditions and karaoke style performances have been done to death across many shows now and looking at today’s modern pop stars would seem so out of date.
    I think I’ve said this before but a show that incorporates some sort of challenges (Drag Race / Apprentic style) as well as a performance to showcase talent could maybe work to stand out from the likes of The Voice and Walk The Line.
    However, I assume ITV are looking for something simple to fill a big chunk of Saturday night screen time so we’ll probably end up with the same old singing contest and an underperforming winner due to the whole model of the show being out of date
  4. I think this is what Fame Academy was? As I remember them doing song writing things and maybe performance skills.

    With the added element of them living together and being filmed doing that.
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  5. I do kinda think they should change the name, but British Idol does sound bit crap... UK Idol? Or how about just 'Idol'.
  6. Fame Academy initially seemed to try and position itself as a cross between Pop Idol and Big Brother, which didn't seem to work in the way the BBC expected. I'm sure most of the 'reality' elements disappeared by the second series with the live shows also being reduced in scale.

    It will be interesting to see how well a Pop Idol remake would do. I certainly agree with the posts that they need to just go back to basics with it and keep Cowell and the usual judging panel regulars away.
  7. I would love Pop Idol to come back. Definitely needs to stick with the original format. Top 50 etc
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  8. Poor Becky Hill.
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  9. They should do a documentary, like Pop Idol: Where Are They Now ... they could catch up with former contestants who look back at pictures of their 2004 pantomime appearances and then show the cameramen around their cubicles
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  10. Pop Idol was great. The final 50 format was good although the public naturally got most of the decisions in the heats wrong and some amazing people got cut.

    I liked the series they ran through the week on ITV2 where they followed that weeks 10 contestants through rehearsals and stuff.
  11. Would this include Popstars?
  12. I doubt it, which is sad. Both seasons of popstars were successful - Hear'say may not have lasted long, but they broke records. I recently watched the Australian Popstars 2nd series (as I loved Scandal'us) and loved the format.
  13. Popstars was an Aussie format that ITV (LWT as was the ITV franchise back then) bought - and then massively tweaked for series 2 to be more like Pop Idol (which is owned by Fremantle Media) which had been huge earlier that year.
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  14. I quite like the idea of Pop Idol returning but it would have to be a completely new judging panel. Though I don’t think Simon is the type of guy to know when to step away from a show.
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  15. I'd be surprised if Simon went back to Idol. He would be livid to see that do better than his own formats.
  16. The German version of Pop Idol is still going in Germany. It gets just enough viewers to warrant another season.

    It's only produced two 'stars' in the past ten years (Beatrice Egli and Roman Roselly). Interestingly, they are both schlager stars - appealing to an age group and type of person who still watches TV.

    This podcast with Michelle McManus is worth listening to. Michelle tells all about how she was really treated by the record company and management etc. I wonder how a new season of Pop Idol would deal with this.

    Michelle comes across as a very nice, pragmatic and professional woman.

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  17. Brit Idol sounds better but I guess the Brit Awards would have something to say about that. Unless they did some sort of tie-in.
  18. It does feel that these formats are obsolete in 2022. I pray Simon Cowell doesn't go anywhere near this- he's an extremely dated stereotype these days.
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