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Pop Idol - The 2023 Return

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by unidan82, Mar 22, 2022.

  1. Agreed, especially with this new face he has now. I kinda miss the old style when things weren't so engineered and tainted. Everything these days feels so scripted and forced. The old Popstars and Pop Idol shows felt more real and organic.
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  2. I would much prefer Popstars to come back! Especially now there’s such a gap in the marker, there’s literally no big boy/girl/mixed pop groups around just now.
  3. I’d love Popstars to come back but the Hear’Say format rather than The Rivals. Give us an insight into the creation of a band, forming those relationships and how to get them off the ground rather than another weekly voting show.
  4. I am interested to see what 'Real Like You' have been working on - although I still hate the name. Their acapella's have been really good. Ideally I'd love popstars, Pop Idol and Fame Academy back
  5. I would like them to alternate between Pop Idol and Popstars each year with each show having a completely different panel. That way the fatigue won’t set in too soon.

    2023 Popstars Mixed group.
    2024 Pop Idol solo winner.
    2025 Popstars Girl group.
    2026 Pop Idol solo winner.
    2027 Popstars Boy band.
    2028 Pop Idol solo winner.
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  6. This is 100% what should happen
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  7. I think there’s such a fine line with these shows between keeping everything exactly the same for years upon years, like they have with Britain’s Got Talent which now seems so stale and changing absolutely everything each run like they did with The X Factor which just made it seem like they had zero faith in the format.
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