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Pop Masterclass

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by stuaw, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I liked his earlier songs especially Crush (1980 Me) and Popular which is probably an unpopular opinion he is truly underrated as a solo artist anyway.
  2. The first album is what made me a fan and it was a chance birthday present from a friend! Before then I had liked a few Savage Garden singles but his solo stuff made me a megafan. "Crush" is glorious!
  3. The biggest problem with people who are skeptical of pop is the stigma around it.

    People either fall in with the belief that 'manufactured pop is baaad' or they see something camp and hide the fact that they secretly love a song. This is WRONG. Good Music is good music regardless of how it came about.

    So my introductory playlist would be all about breaking down these barriers. Making them uncomfortable. I'd start with something bubblegummy like Willa Ford - Bad or Paula DeAnda - Easy before I moved on to more 'cool' pop. Heart - Alone would make an appearance as would Fallulah - Bridges.
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  5. How did I miss this? Just no. It is, however, a masterclass in having a video which makes people believe they were listening to something thoughtful and multi-dimensional all along, which they really were not.
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    Well I tried to find an example of a critically acclaimed and popular pop song of the 2010s and it seemed like a good way to end the playlist. Also the video didn't change my view about the song as great as it was. One could suggest Call Me Maybe but it's most likely that Carly Rae is a one-hit wonder and therefore, the song will be forgotted in few years or just played at weddings and bar-mitzvahs.

    Also as a fellow uni student, I'm sure you hear the squeals and the mass invasion to the floor when the opening riff starts. We Found Love deserves it's place.
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    The only thing remotely masterful about "We Found Love" was its ubiquity and sales despite being the epitome of a 6/10.
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    Alright GaGa stans you've had your say! CHANGE THE PLAYLIST THEN.
  10. RJF


    A 10/10 solid pop masterclass from the 2010s? Alright then.

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    It's already in.
  12. Your hate for everything related to Talk That Talk is reminiscent of all the hate Lana received in 2012.
  13. Spot on, on both counts.

    And Keifer, with the taste of the public these days a strong widespread reaction to a song in a mainstream club is more of a deterrent from the song's quality. See: 'Part Rock Anthem', 'Gangnam Style' etc - should they be added?
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    We Found Love is in a completely different league to those two in terms of critical acclaim and quality (for me). I think it does have the makings of a 2010s pop classic. I think it should be given much more credit than just being another dance pop track.
  15. It was the video that took the song to another level (I didn't think much of the song till the video came out) and what was going on with Rihanna personally if anything it's a masterclass on well executed and good timed lead single. If that song wasn't sung by Rihanna it wouldn't have possibly been the mega smash it was if anything she is incredibly lucky to have another huge mega smash under her belt cause not many artists can do that and that's all down to her team. Personally for me Umbrella will remain her magnus opus in years to come because it's more timeless and classic.
  16. Totally.

    If I had to narrow it down to the one, best pop song ever recorded it would be Tears of a Clown - catchy as hell, witty, literate, original, amazing vocal, pretty much every instrument in the background, sublime backing vocals.

    Same Old Song by the Four Tops would run it a close second.
  17. Life would have been so much greyer for the last 20 years without Rhythm Nation 1814. They should have released every song as a single (except "Someday Is Tonight" and "Lonely").
  18. It was a phenomenal listen. Of the albums I listened to of hers, it was the best.
  19. I hope Love Machine is on these lists! It is a shining example of everything that is great about pop.
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