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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by stuaw, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. K94


    Only 'Biology' made the playlist I made. Love Machine isn't anything spectacular in GA's discography. (/unpopular)
  2. Well, back to the fiery depths of Hell for you then.
  3. While your callous reception to "Untouchable" is like getting stabbed in the head with an ice pick, I do agree about "Love Machine".
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    Boy, don't let me go off about Untouchable! - it's sooooooooo inoffensive.
  6. K94


    That's the bit that wakes me up~
  7. Here is Mushroom's '21st Century Pop Masterclass' list:

    1. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance / Heavy Metal Lover

    The former is, perhaps, the last time the world embraced a truly incredible piece of pop and any masterclass needs to showcase a time when the critics, the general public and pop afficianados have collectively masturbated over something so brilliant. The latter is an example of something nobody would expect from one of the major pop girls and is so effortless (and yet quintessentially "GaGa") in its execution that it defies any "generic" or "faceless" predispositions people may have towards pop. Nobody makes pop music like this.

    2. Britney Spears - Break The Ice

    Forget 'Toxic', '...Baby' or even 'Gimme More' because if there is one Britney song that the public need their eyes opening to, it's this. The general public's opinion of Brit is probably of that "jumped-up druggie who sings uninspired bangers" and whether or not that relates to our current Brit or not, this is everything her music should be. It's seductive, multi-layered, can deviate between restraint and menace at the flip of a coin and ultimately defies expectation. Her magnum opus.

    3. Girls Aloud - Sexy! No No No... / Untouchable

    It probably seems like I'm cheating but, in all honesty, I cannot decide. One is their most brash, unforgiving and, subsequently, electrifying offering ever, managing to fuse their most brilliantly haunting/disjointed intro with an absolute behemoth of a main body. The other is only describable by the idea of it literally soaring above every other pop song, with an ethereal quality and effortless grace and beauty a world away (yet equally as essential to pop) from the atmosphere of 'Sexy!'. They're representative, wholly, of the two opposing ends to the Girls Aloud spectrum that showcase how crucial they, and Xenomania, are to the pop world.

    4. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

    Whilst it's an incredible song in its own right, its place in the masterclass is almost as essential for obliterating any idea that the "Big producers" are merely soul destroying monsters shitting generic fodder all over the pop landscape. Every once in a while, whether it be Timabaland, Guetta, Calvin or whoever, they strike gold and 'Say It Right' is a perfect example of this. Almost ghostly and unearthly in its execution, it manages to capture an inexplicable feeling like no other Timbaland production has ever managed, with its poignant lyrical content and a constant sense of sonical moderation. It really should stir a feeling in any music listener that is truly hard to put into words.

    5. Robyn - Dancing on my Own / Be Mine!

    Any ideas that pop is "soulless" are blown to pieces by Robyn's music, when she is at her most heartfelt. Any artist, whether they be Alternative, Soul, Blues whatever would struggle to sell the emotional resonance of their story quite like Robyn on either of these tracks. There really isn't much more to say outside of the fact that not responding to these songs, emotionally, renders you a robot.

    6. Beyonce - Countdown

    The world and his wife have made up their minds about 'Crazy in Love' and 'Single Ladies' and yet 'Countdown' slays both effortlessly. For an artist rather predictable with her entire shtick of "female empowerment" and "Mid-tempo R&B singles", 'Countdown' destroys this vision of Beyonce, replacing it with an erratic, bombastic and effervescent one. No pop song in her discography has ever been so infectiously joyous and yet managed to showcase such an inventive and unpredictable slant from Bey. It's incredible and the public need to move on from their 'Crazy...'s because 'Countdown' is where it's at.

    7. Rachel Stevens - Some Girls

    Melodically stunning with near-perfect production. However, what is truly incredible about the song is the way in which its filthy undertones highlight just how passive and inattentive we can be towards pop music that is far cleverer than its childlike tones suggest. Its surface appears to be a childish tantrum about Rachel not getting her way paves the way for a deeper tale of debauchery and *whispers* a cheeky blowie. Just wonderful and completely representative of the intelligence pop is capable of.

    8. Taylor Swift - Enchanted

    A world away from every other song here, I feel it needs to be featured to flush out the memory of just how banal her music has become. In all seriousness, however, its a truly stunning track, showcasing such wonderful storytelling and managing to capture feelings of youth in a more genuine and effective way than the contrived efforts of most "indie" bands these days. 5 minutes and 52 seconds of melancholic bliss, with a middle-eight that will break even the coldest of hearts.

    9. Florrie - I Took a Little Something

    Capturing a feeling of euphoria should never be achieve through sledghammering beats and dubstep breakdowns, as this song proves. An absolute earworm of a riff creates the basis for, arguably, the most euphoric and exuberant instrumental to grace my ears ever. Throw in Florrie's warm vocals, a delightfully bonkers structure and the fact that the song never lets up in its continual elevation of your senses and you have a perfect undiscovered gem for any "masterclass student"

    10. Lana del Rey - Video Games

    Finishing the masterclass with our most demure, elegant and effective track is Lana. An absolute paradox of a track, managing to evoke an unrelenting melancholy in Lana's voice with eternal hopeful lyrics, it's undeniably stunning. Perhaps the most gorgeous track the 21st century has to offer.

    There were so many other tracks I felt would have demonstrated this point well: 'Freak Like Me', 'Wait Your Turn', 'What Goes Around', 'Hung Up', 'What You Waiting For', 'Untouched', 'Sober', 'On Melancholy Hill', 'Dirrty', 'King of Hearts' and 'Esta Noche' (amongst a dozen others) springing to mind instantly as well as countless offerings from the artists already showcased ('Biology', 'The Show', 'The Edge of Glory' etc.)... but "Hey Ho!":

    So, there we have it:

    1. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance/Heavy Metal Lover
    2. Britney Spears - Break The Ice
    3. Girls Aloud - Sexy! No No No.../Untouchable
    4. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
    5. Robyn - Dancing on my Own/Be Mine!
    6. Beyonce - Countdown
    7. Rachel Stevens - Some Girls
    8. Taylor Swift - Enchanted
    9. Florrie - I Took a Little Something
    10. Lana del Rey - Video Games

    10 artists, nine of whom are widely recognisable and ultimately seen as throwaway and probably embody all "pop predispositions" in the public's mind. 14 tracks that should, if the listener has any sort of brain destroy every last one of them. Thank You and Good night.
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  9. Mushroom is a phenomenal presence.
  10. Because only women (and Girls) make records !!
  11. I realised that this would arise but in trying to compile a 'Masterclass' of 21st century pop, I honestly don't believe any male to have delivered anything worthy of truly representing an entire genre. Frank Ocean's 'Pyramids', a selection of Kanye tracks and even a couple of Bon Iver tracks are amongst my favourite songs this century has thus to offer and none of these feel quintessentially pop in the way that the artists above do. Justin, despite a long, long absence and a fairly underwhelming return, has pretty much been the face of male pop thus far and whilst his material can be truly spectacular, at its best, it doesn't define a genre or showcase what makes it truly exceptional- for me personally - in the way that those tracks do.
  12. RJF


    Good pop records in the 21st Century? Yes, almost exclusively.
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