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Pop Music's BEST Line-Up Changes?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Whether the line-up change resulted in greater success or just better musical output, which line-up changes do you consider the best?

    Michelle joining Destiny's Child? Jenny joining Atomic Kitten? Heidi joining Sugababes? Perhaps maybe Jade joining the Sugababes?? (hey, for some that might be the case....)
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  2. Mariama joining Honeyz. Such a shame it never really worked and they didn't manage a full album campaign with that line-up.

    As iconic as Heavenli is, the 2.0 line-up doing Won't Take It Lying Down was just perfect 99/00 girlbanding.
  3. Phil Oakey finding Susan and Joanne in Crazy Daisy Disco and becoming the new and improved Human League
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  4. As much of a 1.0 Sugababes stan I am, Heidi brought them more commercial success and massive bangers without losing the "street cred" and Siobhan gave us two of the best alternative pop albums of all time. So I'd say that musically that was a success. Until around 2009.
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  5. I quite like these definitive line-ups:

    • Blondie 1978-1982 (Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri, Nigel Harrison, Frank Infante)
    • Pulp 1995-1997 (Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey, Nick Banks, Mark Webber)
    • Fleetwood Mac 1975-1987 (Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham)
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  6. Hard to top Stevie and Lindsey joining Fleetwood Mac.

    And as mentioned, Susan and Joanne being added to ver League.
  7. Oh and the best thing that ever happened to Depeche Mode was Vince leaving and Alan "Wild"-er replacing him.
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  8. Another one that springs to mind is Thompson Twins

    Originally a seven piece band, Tom brought in synths towards the end of the 2nd album and the intention was to have a side project called Bermuda Triangle with Tom, Alannah and Joe with the new synth sound, then they realised they could do it themselves finally becoming a trio
  9. For me Heidi feels like an original Sugababe because the One Touch era went largely unnoticed to me, maybe because in 2000 there was so much going on. Freak Like Me in 2002 came at a time when pop needed something fresh and boy did it deliver. I thought Sugababes were excellent through the Mutya > Amelle switch aswell. Jade was one line up change too many though.

    I thought Atomic Kitten had a really smooth transition aswell, I didnt miss Kerry at all really. Ditto Bananarama I thought Jacquie fitted in brilliantly.

    Destinys Child I definitely preferred with Latvia and Letoya but mainly because I'm not a huge fan of Michelle's voice. They released some fantastic stuff with her though however The Writings on the Wall was their definitive moment for me.
  10. I didn't mind the move from Sugababes 1 to Sugababes 2, although I felt Siobhan gave them something which was lost when she left. Heidi's visual appeal and the strength of the Mk.II material made up for that...a bit.

    But for the 'Rams, it's always been Mk.I for me. That's the real Bananarama.If you take Shuv out of the equation, they are a bit bland. The chemistry was just perfect between her, Keren and Sarah.
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  11. Yeah I like Jacqui but the original rams were THE line up.
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  12. This, they really blended well together.
  13. A bit of a stretch I know but.....Sarah Cracknell joining St. Etienne.
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  14. Gillian Gilbert rejoining New Order for Music Complete was definitely for the better.
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  15. Phil Collins joining Genesis led them out of the proggy phase which in general is a good thing.
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  16. Wasn't he always a member who just took over when Peter Gabriel left?
  17. He wasn't in the original line-up from 1969, he joined as a drummer sometime in 1971 I think. So his non-prog influence was probably starting to filter through even before Gabriel left.
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  18. Squeeze - the 1985 reformation / new line up which recorded Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti and Babylon and On -Chris Difford / Glenn Tilbrook / Jools Holland / Keith Wilkinson / Gilson Lavis / Andy Metcalfe.

    However nailing any Squeeze line up as best is tricky!
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  19. Green Gartside bringing in Fred Maher and David Gamson to create the most iconic era of Scritti Politti between 1984 and 1988.
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  20. On the pop side: Heidi replacing Siobhan was history in the making. Michelle was also a great replacement in Destiny’s Child.

    Alan Wilder in Depeche Mode was a massive improvement.

    As great as Twiggy Ramirez was (strictly as a musician), Tim Sköld’s work with Marilyn Manson was absolutely delicious. The elements of industrial/electronica worked so well with Marilyn Manson’s pop-inspired rock tunes and evolved it. After he left the music was kinda just... ehhh.
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