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Popjustice 104 Singles of 2008

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ADolla, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Why the fuck is Madonna at 56?

    Agreed with everything else though. I laugh out loud at this because it is so goddamn diddly scrumptious. Especially Can't Speak French, glad to see it was the highest charting GA song.
  2. I know 4 Minutes wasn't Hung Up 2 (even though it IS bloody brilliant) but that did strike me as a bit unfair, especially considering the abomination that is the Iglu & Hartly song got way higher.

  3. Ray


    Yeah! I am shocked too! With so many good songs released 4 Midgets occupying space at #56 is a true abomination!
  4. What I'm more annoyed about is why "Wow" by Kylie is only at 61!!!!!!! It deserves to be Top 20! Bah!
  5. I was quite disturbed to see Take A Bow in the top 50...and why is P!nk so low? You called that song a '10/10'.

  6. Wow got old very quickly!
  7. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    For some reason I remembered 'Single Ladies' being A LOT higher than #95.

    'Black And Gold' should have been way higher. As in, number one.
  8. Ray


    Where's Feedback?
  9. I think Mr. PJ doesn't like Jan too much. Besides that, I think the list is very good. I have almost 3 quarters of the songs in that list. I even made a playlist (how sad!).
  10. Miley breaking the Top 20 is the oddest aspect of the list to me, but perhaps I'm just too old 'to understand'.
  11. Yeah, true... I don't understand how people older than 15 can listen to Miley and take her seriously. I don't care if Little Boots says is ok to like Miley, she's just...
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    You don't have to take a popstar serious to enjoy one of their songs though.
  13. Don't you wish that you could be a FLY ON THE WALL?!?!

    ...is all that really needs saying on the subject of Miley.
  14. I know, i don't take Britney seriously, but I enjoy her music. But when I hear Miley I hear stuff for kids.
  15. Yes, but it wasn't Fly on the Wall that made the list, and even that wouldn't qualify for the Top 20, even though it's a fun song.
  16. I know, but I was trying to make the point that even the most "Disney" of popstars have moments of brilliance. Sadly for Popjustice this moment was not See You Again.
  17. i was shocked at how highly disturbia ended up placing. that being said, was shocked it was released as a single to begin with....sell me candy, rehab, good girl gone bad all terrific - i seem to be well out of the loop.
  18. I actually find 4 Minutes to be pretty terrible.

    The beat is a overbearing, loud mess and totally drowns out both Madonna and Timberlake who, by the way, are nearly impossible to tell apart in that song.

    Hard Candy was largely throw-away, but the other songs on it didn't hurt my ears as much.

  19. I can't believe Jordin Sparks being in the top ten! That song is a complete crock of shit.

    And yeah Madonna "4 Minutes" shoulda been way higher, it was def one of my Top 10 last year!
  20. Where is this list posted?
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