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Popjustice 12 Points: Eurovision 2016 (WINNER REVEALED!!)

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by stevo_1988, Apr 28, 2016.

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    It's that time of year again! Who will the Popjustice massive crown as their Eurovision winner for 2016?

    Last year, our champion was eventual 4th placed Loic Nottet from Belgium, while real 2015 winner Mans Zelmerlow from Sweden picked up the silver in our poll. So here we go:

    Voting for Semi-Finals closes on Friday 6th May at 11:59pm UK time with results hopefully published on Saturday 7th May.

    Voting for the Grand Final closes on Friday 13th May 11:59pm UK time with results hopefully published on Saturday 14th May before the actual final on TV.

    As ever voting is done through Private Message to me and you vote in the usual Eurovision way awarding your favourite song 12 Points, second favourite 10 points, and so on with 8 points down to 1 point. Remember: send me 2 sets of votes for each semi-final. If you so wish, you are allowed to vote for your own country.

    Semi-Final 1

    Eligible: Finland, Greece, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia, The Netherlands, Armenia, San Marino, Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Iceland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Malta.

    Semi-Final 2

    Eligible: Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Belarus, Serbia, Ireland, FYR Macedonia, Lithuania, Australia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ukraine, Norway, Georgia, Albania, and Belgium.

    PLEASE NOTE - As with Eurovision proper, I have not included Romania since they have now been disqualified.

    Good luck and here's hoping your favourite goes through!
  2. Woop woop!!!
  3. Voted! Semi-final 1 will be an absolute bloodbath come May. I think that the qualifiers from that semi will shock everyone.
  4. I voted. Semi Final 2 did it for me, what a great range of songs.
  5. I voted! This year is actually my favourite year ever for Eurovision. So many songs I'd be happy to see win.
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  6. A&E


    Too many rates at the same time! I'll try to get my votes in before the deadline, on first listen Semi 2 seems to have more distinctive/interesting songs.
  7. Voted, a top 5 of each semi-final would have been much easier.
  8. Submitted!
  9. Working on this now. I've never taken part in a rate before, Eurovision seems like an excellent place to start.

    Edit: Voted! It was difficult, only a few songs really stood out to me, but at least it's better than last year. I appreciate that San Marino's entry is like a family-friendly version of G√ľnther & The Sunshine Girls, and I refuse to believe that Macedonia's song isn't about donuts.
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  10. Just under 48 hours left to vote in the semi finals!

    As things stand it's more than a bit close at the top as well as at the 10th place cut off. So make sure, if you haven't already, get your votes in to make sure your favourite makes it through to the popjustice grand final!!
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  11. Just noticed this a few seconds ago. I had so much fun with this last year I am working on it as we speak!
  12. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Oooh I've always been meaning to do this! Let me get started right now.
  13. Send mine in. Amazing first semi-final. Poor Netherlands not standing a chance in that one...
  14. A&E


    I'm currently struggling to round semi 2 down to 10, and to get through semi 1.
  15. I was the complete opposite...hmmm...
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  16. A&E


    Reading through the Eurovision 2016 thread I do seem to be in the minority I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.
  17. So just under 24 hours to go now and we've had a dramatic shake up of both leaderboards since last night!

    There's still time to save your favourite from the non-qualification pit of despair so get voting...

    I should have mentioned this earlier but this rate is, of course, open to any PJ member. Don't feel like you only have to be an experienced poster to vote, everybody welcome :-)
  18. So due to the fact that I know y'all couldn't wait for the results (but in reality more due to my insomnia at weekends) I present to you the 20 qualifiers from both Semi Finals. Thanks to everyone who voted, the semi finals voting has now closed and we have our full line-up for the Popjustice 12 Points Grand Final. As with Eurovision I shall not be releasing the full results of our Semis until after our winner has been crowned.

    So drum roll and shoddy graphics please - here we go...


    Congratulations to those who made it through and commiserations to the following countries who won't be joining us further:

    Greece, Hungary, The Netherlands, Armenia, San Marino, Estonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland, Israel, Belarus, Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Slovenia, Georgia and Albania.

    So now, the voting is open and has begun for the Final!! As ever please PM me your votes by 11:59pm UK Time on Friday 13th May. If you didn't vote in the semi finals, but fancy voting in the final then please do by all means! There is no rule to state you had to vote in the semis if you want to vote in the final.

    Eligible Countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine & United Kingdom.

    Happy Voting everyone!
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  19. Happy start to Eurovision everyone! I've had 5 sets of votes so far, and things are pretty tight at the top (only a few points are separating the Top 5 currently) - so all is to play for :)

    I understand that some of you might be waiting until you've seen the live performances tonight/Thursday before casting your final votes, just don't forget to by the Friday night deadline!

    As ever, anyone is welcome to vote - veterans and newcomers alike.

    Give your favourite the shot at claiming the illusive Popjustice 12 Points crown!
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  20. 7 out of 10 qualifiers tonight guys - not too shabby!
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