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Popjustice 12 Points Eurovision 2018 (WINNER REVEALED!)

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by stevo_1988, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. A question:

    Are we not voting for Portugal and the Big Five?
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  2. A&E


  3. Aha. That will teach me to just look at the graphics instead of reading through the full list!

    I’ve updated the Spotify playlist now.
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  4. Only 6 out of 10 from last night people the PJ massive and Europe really are at odds with one another. There's still time to give PopJustice to your fav if they didn't make it through.
  5. I wonder if Azerbaijan didn't get through because Europe felt "I tear down the firewalls" was poor IT security policy.

    I'll show myself out.
  6. Here's a Twitter that explains this better:
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  7. Only just seen this thread and I was going to participate but then I saw Ireland isn't eligible.

    What the actual?

    So I'll sit this one out.
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  8. Slightly better than Tuesday night folks as we got 7 out of 10 qualifiers

    Today is the last full day for you to vote and for justice to be served to your Eurovision favourite of 2018. So far I've only had about 7 sets of votes, so come on through PJ massive and hand the trophy to the rightful winner.

    Voting closes at 12:00pm UK Time tomorrow so be sure to get me your votes by then
  9. I'll vote today!
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  10. In fairness the Irish entry was kind of made by the live performance. As a song on its own I can totally see how the PJ voters chose not to put it through in that strong first semifinal.

    On the other hand, the Macedonian entry was a pretty good song that was ruined by that live performance.
  11. Just send my votes in. Picking a 12 was suddenly made easy for me as both Austria and Lithuania were not eligible.
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  12. I was waiting to send in my final scores until I watched all the semi final performances, which turned out to be a huge mistake as countries that I really liked turned out to bomb their live performances. My Top 10 went from being solid for several weeks to a fucking hot mess.
  13. Semis really did change up my ranking a lot.

    I haven't voted yet mostly because I'm still conflicted over Toy. I love the song but I feel nothing watching that performance. Hope I've made up my mind by tonight.
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  14. Was actually a pretty easy choice ultimately. We definitely picked a couple of songs that just weren't as good as they should've been in the semis.
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  15. just tagging a few peeps who voted in the semis but haven't for the final yet


    Come and vote for the final! Please remember to only vote for the PJ qualifiers and not the real ones
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  16. I'm sending my ballot tonight!

    Same here. Perhaps we should conclude the PJ 12 Points before the semi-finals in the future? We have in the past. If we're bothered, we could have a separate contest for the live performances (or at least the ”real” final)? I'm judging the songs on quite different criteria now compared to last week.

    Just a friendly suggestion and definitely not a criticism, I'm mostly just happy we're continuing this great PJ tradition.
  17. The last few years, somebody has also hosted a Eurovision rate in the rates and charts forum, where it’s the songs in the actual final that are under consideration. The participants list overlaps some but isn’t all Eurohunties and Eurohuntesses like here.
  18. Final little reminder before i log off for the night, just over 12 hours left to vote hunties
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  19. Mine have been sent.
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  20. Voting has now closed!!! I'm just preparing all the shoddy graphics so will be with you soon.

    In the meantime as is a traditional custom nowadays, lets look back previous Top 3 from PJ Eurovision Finals:

    (Thanks as always to @WowWowWowWow who did most of the legwork finding these out a few years ago)

    1. Ruslana - "Wild Dances" (Ukraine)
    2. Lena Philipsson - "It Hurts" (Sweden)
    3. Sakis Rouvas - "Shake It" (Greece)

    1. Javine - "Touch My Fire" (UK)
    2. Vanilla Ninja - "Cool Vibes" (Switzerland)
    3. Femminem - "Call Me" (Bosnia/Herzegovina)

    1. Anzej Dezan - "Mr Nobody" (Slovenia)
    2. Kate Ryan - "Je T'adore" (Belgium)
    3. Silvia Night - "Congratulations" (Iceland)

    1. Olivia Lewis - "Vertigo" (Malta)
    2. Koldun - "Work Your Magic" (Belarus)
    3. The Ark - "The Worrying Kind" (Sweden)

    2008 (No actual voting this year, but these were mentioned the most in a "who are your favourites" thread.)
    1. Charlotte Perelli - "Hero" (Sweden)
    2. Maria - "Hold On Be Strong" (Norway)
    3. Ani Lorak - "Shady Lady" (Ukraine)

    1. Soraya - "La Noche Es Para Mi" (Spain)
    2. Malena Ernman - "La Voix" (Sweden)
    3. Hadise - "Dum Tek Tek" (Turkey)

    1. Chanee & Thomas N'evergreen - "In A Moment Like This" (Denmark)
    2. Safura - "Drip Drop" (Azerbaijan)
    3. Hera Björk - "Je Ne Sais Quoi" (Iceland)

    1. Stella Mwangi - "Haba Haba" (Norway)
    2. Eric Saade - "Popular" (Sweden)
    3. Blue - "I Can" (United Kingdom)

    1. Loreen - "Euphoria" (Sweden)
    2. Ivi Adamou - "La La Love" (Cyprus)
    3. Tooji - "Stay" (Norway)

    1. Margaret Berger - "I Feed You My Love" (Norway)
    2. Anouk - "Birds" (The Netherlands)
    3. Cascada - "Glorious" (Germany)

    1. Sanna Nilsen - "Undo" (Sweden)
    2. The Common Linnets - "Calm After the Storm" (Netherlands)
    3. Conchita Wurst - "Rise Like a Phoneix" (Austria)

    1. Loic Notett - "Rhythm Inside" (Belgium)
    2. Mans Zelmerlow - "Heroes" (Sweden)
    3. Elina Born & Stig Rasta - "Goodbye To Yesterday" (Estonia)

    1. Dami Im - "Sound of Silence" (Australia)
    2. Ira Losco - "Walk on Water" (Malta)
    3. Poli Genova - "If Love Was a Crime" (Bulgaria)

    1. Francesco Gabbani - "Occidentali's Karma" (Italy)
    2. Koit Toome and Laura - "Verona" (Estonia)
    3. Salvador Sobral - "Amar Pelos Dois" (Portugal)
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