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Popjustice 12 Points Eurovision 2020 (Winner Revealed! Results on Page #4)

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by stevo_1988, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. Great winner, and a good Top 3 this year!

    I loved the new reveal style, it was cool and really made it more interesting. Thanks again @stevo_1988
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  2. Thank you @stevo_1988 it was fun and an unexpected but very welcome winner <3
  3. I'll be tweeting "I don't remember Popjustice 2020" in a few years for obvious reasons but thanks for great hosting! @stevo_1988
  4. The top 2 being pure talent and quality I obviously stan

    thank you again for the hosting! @stevo_1988

    denmark won 2010's voting? damn talk about choices
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    You want to take issue with voting? Look at 2017. What the hell?
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  6. the lack of blanche and jana burceska........... disgusting
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  7. Y'alls votes are always a MESS, never change guys.

    Thank you for doing this regardless @stevo_1988
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  8. Wow. This was much fun to read back on the points table especially, seeing one of my least favourites Norway get 4 12 points, but only 6th place. Shame that Iceland and Italy ended up tied together mid-table, but pleased that my 8 and 7 points became Top 2. I hope to come back next year @stevo_1988.
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  9. Bit late to this, but a worthy winner - I wonder what her new one will be like (not heard it yet)
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