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Popjustice Again 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WowWowWowWow, Dec 27, 2020.

  1. Yes! And I was loving Anne Hathaway in the devil costume’s awkward choreo.
  2. Sent


    Feels good to correct history x
  3. Ding Dong! You have just about 60 hours left to save your favorite semi-final entries. The difference between qualifying and elimination could come down to your scores!!
  4. @WowWowWowWow, I'm probably going to vote here last-minute, but make sure to tag me before the deadline so I don't forget.
  5. Starting this now!

  6. Listening to Dance Alone for the first time... wheeew

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  7. Thanks for the reminder!

    I'll send my votes in a few hours, just need to remind myself of a couple of entries.
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  8. @WowWowWowWow was kind enough to let me vote a bit later, so I've finally sent my ballot.

    For me, semi-final 2 is so much stronger it's not fair. To put it into perspective, if we had to choose 10 favourite songs from both semi-finals, about eight of them would be from the second semi.
    And I love that you chose some of my faovurite non-qualifiers such as "Keep the Faith", "Crisalide (Vola)", "Horehronie" and "Hope Never Dies".
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  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Semi-final two is the stronger one? Semi-final one was BRUTAL.
  10. Yeah, I figured it's an unpopular opinion here. I don't know... the first one is just full of basic bops (which isn't a bad thing per se), and I totally understand the appeal, but I honestly don't find the songs all that strong.
    Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for dramatic ballads and more epic productions, and many of these are in the second semi-final.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’m a sucker for dramatic ballads and epic productions (I enjoy Keep The Faith as well) but I just... didn’t think there were as many songs that truly achieved what they were going for.

    Also, it’s “per se”, not “per say”.
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  12. @P Grandson I accept your ballot and the voting is now closed. Let me do some bits and pieces and your final will be up shortly!
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  13. Welcome to the Popjustice Again 2021 Finals!
    Thank you to the 23 members who joined me in voting for the semi-finals. The top 10 songs from each semi-final advance to the next round.
    Here are your finalists:

    Spotify Playlist
    YouTube Playlist

    (These are the same playlists from before, just reorganized with the 20 finalists at the start.)
    1. Aisel – “X My Heart” (Azerbaijan, 2018)
    2. Lidia Isac – “Falling Stars” (Moldova, 2006)
    3. Yianna Terzi – “Oniro mou” (Greece, 2018)
    4. Agnete – “Icebreaker” (Norway, 2016)
    5. Tulia – “Fire of Love (Pali się)” (Poland, 2019)
    6. Moje 3 – “Ljubav je svuda” (Serbia, 2013)
    7. Kristina – “Horehronie” (Slovakia, 2010)
    8. Who See – “Igranka” (Montenegro, 2013)
    9. Mei Finegold – “Same Heart” (Israel, 2014)
    10. Svala – “Paper (Iceland, 2017)
    11. ZiBBZ – “Stones” (Switzerland, 2018)
    12. Jana Burčeska – “Dance Alone” (FYR Macedonia, 2017)
    13. Evridiki – “Comme ci, comme ça” (Cyprus, 2007)
    14. Kate Ryan – “Je T’Adore” (Belgium, 2006)
    15. Valentina Monetta – “Crisalide (Vola)” (San Marino, 2013)
    16. Sofi Marinova – “Love Unlimited” (Bulgaria, 2012)
    17. Norma John – “Blackbird” (Finland, 2017)
    18. DQ – “Drama Queen” (Denmark, 2007)
    19. Triana Park – “Line” (Latvia, 2017)
    20. Conan Osiris – “Telemóveis” (Portugal, 2019)

    The deadline to submit your votes (via PM to me) is Sunday, February 7th by 11:59pm your time zone.

    Popjustice... Start voting!!!
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  14. Now that we have reached the final, let me reveal some behind-the-scenes intrigue.

    As you may remember, the semi-finalists were chosen by the 50% jury, 50% public format. Our illustrious jury was @A&E, @constantino, @NecessaryVoodoo, and @TheChoirgirlHotel. (I put my votes into the public pool.)

    Since we did not have every juror or every participant voting for every country, I decided that the fairest way to proceed was to compare how many votes a song received compared to all the points the country received. For example, say Song A earned 4 points, Song B had 6 points, and Song C had 10 points. In my system, Song A gets 20 points (4/20), Song B gets 30 points (6/20) and Song C gets 50 points (10/20). I did this both for the jury scores and the public vote scores and then combined them. In Eurovision fashion, a tie was split by favoring the public vote.

    As you will see, the jury and the public agreed on the majority of the songs. Seven songs made it through thanks to the jury, while five made it through thanks to the public.

    As you can see, some of these results were incredibly, incredibly close!

    NB: The semi-finals were, and the final will be, decided by 100% public votes.
  15. Lastly I made the images on the Instagram post template on Canva so I don't quite understand why they are ginormo-sized on here.
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  16. Not Nebo being robbed again.
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  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh, so we have the jury to blame for Verona and Quero Ser Tua not making it through?

  18. But where's the link to vote?

    Oh, suddenly I can't read
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