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Popjustice Battle of the Legendary Divas - THE RESULTS!!! #47

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Baby Clyde, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Simply. The. Best. Story. Ever.

    I demand a re-vote!
  2. WHAT a story!! The content we live for!! :D
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  3. This made my day!
  4. It’s actually very interesting how so many of the legendary divas who took part in but are mostly known outside of Eurovision have ever since liked their entries about as much as The Plague. And have since refused to sing these songs for decades. Besides Lulu I can immediately think of at least three others.

    France Gall apparently even chose Poupée de cire, poupée de son herself out of the songs presented for her, but when she got booed by the audience of the general rehearsal (who thought her major bop was too different from what they were used to hearing in the contest) and then sang off key in the televised live show, she probably got traumatised by the whole thing. And of course the lyrics were chauvinistic to say the least, so one can’t really blame her for hating the song for most of her life. I think she did finally somehow revisit it in a television show during the last years of her life (sob!), but I’m not sure. @Maki please help!

    Sandie Shaw hated Puppet On A String (what WAS it with all these puppet and doll songs?) from the get go and was trusting the audiences to choose something else: no such luck. Listening to the lyrics it’s not surprising Sandie wanted to cut strings (ahem) with the song for decades to come! She did however release a great rerecorded version called Puppet (No Strings) of it on her 2013 best of, but for the life of me I can’t find it on YouTube. I also just learned that for some reason her Spotify selection is literally piss poor over here nowadays. It didn’t use to be, but now we only have one album by her and even that compilation doesn’t show up under her catalogue.

    And then there’s of course Olivia Newton-John, who didn’t show much love for her 1974 entry Long Live Love to begin with. Like Sandie she was hoping the folks would choose one of her other songs, alas no.

    Obviously fights with Emus are the stuff livings legends are made of, so I had to check that one out. And oh my. What the actual fuck did I just watch?!

    I definitely also want to learn more of the Lulu subject, but I think you’ve accidentally given the emu fight link for the second time instead of the link to the ramblings? I’m not saying the clip isn’t worthy of several links (it totally is), but I also need the other stuff, @Baby Clyde !
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  5. The trauma after Eurovision really got to her, including the alleged slap from Kathy Kirby, the UK participant and sleeping outside the apartment door of her then-boyfriend Claude François. In fact, the last time she performed Poupée de cire, poupée de son on TV show was in 1972 and since 1974 she didn't perform any of the songs from the 60's.
    I think you're referring to "Attends ou va-t'en" (my first PJOPS/PJ Retro entry!) as that 'revisited' song, with this farewell performance in 1997:
  6. Ah, that must be what got me confused! Thank you for clearing that one out. Good ole France for sticking to her guns! Although I do enjoy her winning song.
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  7. I've fixed the original post but here its is as well.

    Unfortunately the most substantial discussion of Lulu on these boards is in a Dusty Springfield thread which says it all really.

    I'd also like to point out something that has infuriated me for years............

    Sir Paul McCartney
    Sir Elton John
    Sir Tom Jones
    Sir Cliff Richards
    Sir Mick Jagger
    Sir Rod Stewart
    Sir Ringo Starr
    Sir Barry Gibb
    Sir Van Morrison
    Sir Ray Davies
    Sir Bob Geldolf
    Sir Bono
    Dame Shirley Bassey

    Notice anything about this list?
  8. Duetting with the phenomenal Lena Zavaroni should be a highlight of everyone's career (As should being attacked by Emu) both of these things make Lulu go up in my estimation.

    Lena is very niche, for for those of you who aren't familiar get a load of this 17 year old powerhouse

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  9. Thank you! I am so looking closer into that thread soon. And there really isn't a Dame Lulu thread around here, like there obviously should be? And even the thread for Dusty Springfield has only 11 lousy pages? What is THIS NEST OF EVIL HOMOPHOBIA, I only ask!

    Disgusting, that's what it is!
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  10. Lena Zavaroni is now officially the next one I'll dig my teeth into on my list. To be honest I mainly recall her only from an album cover my upstairs neighbours had. It featured red hair, big teeth and Ma He's Making Eyes At me (quelle surprise!). About time I found out what happened to her later on in life. Besides being sexually attacked by Emu on national tv.
  11. That story made my heart go boom-bang-a-bang and all kinds of other feels! Thank you @Baby Clyde for the retelling.
  12. British TV of the 70's and 80's really was astonishing when you look back. Imagine Rod Hull and Emu being a thing now. It's so obviously rapey but we just didn't think of it like that then.
  13. They'll be another elimination very soon but I've been very busy this afternoon seeing the new biopic about one of out Legendary Divas. It's fantastic and Renee is really coming for that 2nd Oscar.

  14. Lots of utter wankers....?
  15. Nor should we have. Oh for days of yore when things could just be funny
  16. The Golden Age.....

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  17. Exactly
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  18. But it’s all so... so... PROBLEMATIC!

  19. All aboard for the next elimination.......


    Justified & Ancient (1992)


    High Score: 10 @Filippa @Disco Blister @DominoDancing @Remorque
    Low Score: 4 @Riiiiiiiii
    Average Score: 7.488
    Chart Positions: US #11 UK #2

    The 80's were a great time for Legendary Divas 60's re-emerging at the hands of European electro and indie producers.

    Tina's spectacular comeback was partly master minded by the guys from Heaven 17.

    The Smiths put Sandie Shaw back in the charts for the first time in decades.

    The Pet Shop Boys brought a near reclusive Dusty back to prominence.

    Shirley got in on the act with Yello.

    And even Aretha couldn't resist as Eurythmics took the reins.

    Of all these unlikely partnerships this latest elimination (Just making it to the Top 50) must be the strangest. The KLF were a kind of weird experimental electronic music/performance art project spearheaded by industry veteran Bill Drummond and musician Jimmy Cauty. Trying to explain their whole career here would be far too confusing but to simplify they started by recording under a variety of aliases scoring a novelty #1 with the purposefully terrible Doctor In The Tardis and ended by dumping a dead sheep on the red carpet at The Brits and burning a £1m in royalties for some unspecified artistic reason, causing tabloid outrage in the process.

    In between they had a short but hugely successful career as credible dance artists, releasing the critically lauded The White Room album and six Top 10 hits in little over a year, before promptly retiring and deleting their whole back catalogue. The last of those hits was Justified and Ancient.

    You can see why Country Queen Tammy Wynette was dubious about collaborating with them. When first approached she had understandably had huge reservations but Drummond and Cauty were genuinely big fans and despite the nonsense lyric the song is a kind of tribute to Wynette.

    Asked how they convinced her years later Cauty replied...

    I don't know, Bill said something to her on the phone, I never asked him what it was. Also Clive Davis head of Arista at the time said something else to her, I never asked him either, mostly cos he never stops talking.

    Apparently she had trouble singing to a prerecorded dance beat and worried during much of the project that the whole thing was an elaborate piss take. Her concerns were probably somewhat allayed when the record became a worldwide hit, apparently reaching #1 in 16 countries.

    It is of course a glorious mess but as a huge country music fan I remember being delighted when Tammy stormed the charts again 23 years her last international smash.

    I feel this has gone out a bit too early. It deserves points for sheer originality alone.

    You won't be surprised to hear that there have been no cover versions.

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  20. This was still in?
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