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Popjustice Battle of the Legendary Divas - THE RESULTS!!! #49

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Baby Clyde, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Definitely one of my least favourites from the rate. Lulu is pretty versatile, but this track just doesn't work for me.
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  2. I gave it a 10 simply because I really like Cher and really enjoy her version of the song (it's also the only good cover on her ABBA album). Doesn't mean I think it's better than the original by any means or than some of her other songs that's on the rate. But since we can give as many 10s as we want, I didn't mind giving it that score.
  3. The original is a right dirge. Lulu gives it so much more life.

    She also recorded Watch That Man with Bowie which doesn't work at all (Although again is better than the much criticised original)

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  4. It goes nowhere and doesn't suit Lulu at all
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  5. Everything suits Lulu.

  6. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll

    #Poor Lulu

    Shout (1964)
    High Score: 10 @Filippa @Remorque @KamikazeHeart
    Low Score: 4 @Riiiiiiiii
    Average Score: 7.335
    Chart Position: UK #7

    There is no more famous intro in the history of British pop music that Lulu unleashing that 'Weeeeeeeeeeeellllllll' at the beginning of her cover of The Isley Brother's 'Shout'. But that iconic status didn't stop her having two songs unceremoniously dumped out one after the other.

    Coming up through the Glasgow working men's clubs and famous in the area for her soulful, adult sounding voice, Lulu started singing professionally at age 12 and was signed by Decca records at only 14. Recorded with her backing The Luvvers when she was only 15 years her raucous rendition was like nothing else being sung by the traditionally staid British female singers of the time. It was the beginning of a run of Top 40 hits throughout the 60's and beyond.

    This is a great record but my score was middling because it's one of those songs you've heard so many times it actually becomes a bit annoying. It's ubiquitous nature has unfortunately lead to it becoming a bit naff. There is though no denying the fantastic vocal the songs stone cold classic status amongst UK music lovers.

    Unsurprisingly but disappointingly this leaves Lulu's last remaining entry both her most recent and most obvious 'bop'. How much longer can her early 90's House music reinvention keep her in the competition???

    FUN FACT: It will surprise many I'm sure to discover that of all the Legendary Divas in this rate it is Lulu who has the longest string of official UK Top 10 hits. Starting with Shout in 1964 she was last seen in the Top 10 at #4 in 2003 with Ronan Keating singing the Bob Seger's We've Got Tonight.

    That's a 38 year stretch beating the more obvious candidate Cher by 2 years as she has her first Top 10 in 1965 and last in 2001.

    Shirley would blow them both out of the water with 48 years but was shamefully uncredited on Kanye's Diamonds From Sierra Leone.

    There are no covers by our Legendary Divas in the rate but here's one by a diva who's even more legendary by PJ standards........

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  7. Wow, another personal top 30 not even reaching 50! Shout (and Lulu) is great and deserved a lot better than this. Independence better make top 10 AT LEAST in compensation.
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  8. Lulu's Shout is fine, but it's basically a squeaky version of a classic? I gave it a 6, and most of those points are for the original composition. I don't know much of Lulu's discography, and all of her songs in this rate are nice enough, but not something that would drive me to check out more of her work.

    Also @Baby Clyde, everything alright? We want more reveals, we want more reveals, we want more reveals!
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  9. Sorry been ridiculously busy. It's taken me three days to finish this off. Also I was devastated by your bad taste......

    Dumb Blonde (1966)

    High Score: 10 @Baby Clyde @berserkboi @mump boy
    Low Score: 3 @DominoDancing
    Average Score: 7.352
    Chart Position: US Country #24

    My adoration of the almighty Cher is well documented around these parts but it is a lesser known fact that I hold Ms Parton in just as high esteem. In fact if I was on a desert island and could only take music by one artist there is absolutely no doubt it would be Dolly. This masterpiece is a fine example of why.

    Written specifically for her by legendary country songwriter Curly Putnam it became her first hit on the US Country chart when released in 1966 and something of a statement of intent for the rest of her career.

    'Just because I'm blonde don't think I'm dumb,
    Cos this dumb blonde ain't nobody's fool'

    50 years and $500m later it seems it that she was right.

    Famously moving to Nashville the day after graduation, becoming a singer was Dolly's only ambition. Initially her record company tried to turn her into a pop star but eventually relented and allowed her to record the country music she loved. As a beautiful young women in the notoriously sexist music scene it would have been extremely difficult for her to be taken seriously. Many may have been tempted to tone down anything that could have lead them to be dismissed but for Dolly her blonde haired, big boobed image was just as important and instead of retreating, faced it head on with Dumb Blonde, a record that dares the music industry to underestimate her.

    What I love most about Dolly (And Cher) is that they are both totally self aware. Neither takes themselves seriously whilst simultaneously having decades long careers at the very top of their professions. No one can laugh at them, however over the top or camp their personas may sometimes be, because they are already in on the joke. Dolly showed from her very first hit record that she understood this and it's why she's still so beloved today.

    Late 60's/early '70 female country music is amongst my favourite musical genres of all time. Dolly's string of albums with their amazing 'story songs', up until 1977 when she went for a more pop sound (Which we'll come to later) are my Desert Island Discs and the song that started it all would never have received anything less than a 10 from me. Good country sisters @berserkboi & @mump boy are my Tammy and Loretta in this rate for showing solidarity and giving Dumb Blonde the score it deserved. @DominoDancing is this rates Porter Wagoner with his obvious jealousy of Dolly's genius and score that was clearly an attempt to sabotage her success. We'll see who gets the last laugh!!!

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  10. Hey hey hey WAIT A MINUTE...I gave this 3 points, not 2!
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  11. And what can I say, this song is just far too honky-tonk for me, even if it has a couple of good lines.

    And PLEEEEAAAASE don't compare me to Porter Wagoner, when I literally had commentary prepared about how creepy this guy is in the linked Jolene video.
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  12. This was my least favourite Dolly song. I gave it a 5 and I think I was too generous. It was a 3 at best.
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  13. Right! I checked the spreadsheet and you are correct - you are still the low scorer on 3 but when I sent the details to @Baby Clyde I mistakenly wrote 2. Sorry :(
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  14. Poor Dolly, but it's also probably my least favourite from her selection.
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  15. This song is ABSOLUTE GENIUS and you philistines don't deserve Dolly.
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  16. My my, don’t these two titles suddenly make perfect sense when you think about the lesbian rumours that have been following her around.

    First the shameful truth about Doris Gay, now this... What next?

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  17. We interrupt @Baby Clyde ’s regular programming for a special elimination!

    Our first 11 falls!

    And it is MINE! :(

    La Foule

    High Score: 11 @berserkboi 10 @soratami
    Low Score: 4 @Daniel_O @mokitsu
    Average Score: 7.382

    Now, what sort of hot take is it that Cher’s version of Gimme Gimme Gimme is more than twice the song that La Foule is? You’ll have to ask at least one of the low scorers here! Even sadder, only one 10 for this track beyond my 11 proves we have reached the point in the rate where we really needed French Justice to vote!

    La Foule is likely the Edith Piaf song voters here would be least familiar with when it comes to the tracks representing her. Undeniably La Vie En Rose and Non Je Ne Regrette Rien have crossed over into the zeitgeist but the rest of Edith’s catalog is worth a look in too for all you uninitiated music lovers! La Foule also serves as a great starting point for you!

    Generally with much of the French music of this era, a composition is presented/demoed to the artist, who then selects which she wants in her repertoire. It bears mentioning as not many of us lived through this era of music that Edith was a HUGE star in her heyday - in fact she is historically the most in demand French artist in the English speaking part of the world, touring in America and England as much as in France at one point (a lot of Music consumption at the time was through concerts and cabaret performances, making her music very much what was Pop music, in the way Adele’s music would be consumed nowadays). Getting her to record one’s composition was a breakthrough and a half for many musicians and demos were sent her way in the thousands, which is what makes La Foule’s existence such an oddity.

    La Foule has a completely different legacy behind it than what was comoonplace! It started as a Spanish recording called "Que nadie sepa mi sufrir" dating back to 1936 that Edith heard randomly in passing. She was so taken by it that she requested French lyrics be written for the sweeping instrumental so she could release an adaptation (Edith was a controversial artist back in the day since she would fight back many executive decisions if she didn’t feel they were a good fit for her, and find her own tracks to battle for). Upon release, this “cover” became so successful, it even caused the original to gain traction again 20 years after release! The power of Piaf!

    Why did I pick this as my 11, over so many other classics here you ask? Well, Edith was always due my 11 and since La Foule is a track I am ever so unlikely to see appear in a rate again, it was a no brainer where it needed to land! Furthermore, check out the video below with the lyric translated into English and just see for yourself how beautifully poetic La Foule is - it really calls back to a classical time in linguistic expression where articulation, eloquence and polish ruled the industry, yet the topic here still depicts a random hook-up and its potential to develop into a romance. Edith was a modern everygirl/gay back in the 50s, and that quality is just one of the many reasons she is so enduring when it comes to French music!

  18. @iheartpoptarts - they killed our 50s Ballroom Bop! :( HOLD ME!!!

    Also - here are covers from a Modern, and a classic Diva!

    @Sprockrooster's fave!! Could be a 12 from both him and me in PJSC if anyone needs a submission hint! ;)

    This one is for @nnnumb and @soratami !
  19. La Foule means 'The Crowd'?

    I was assuming it meant 'a fool' or possibly 'jester' or 'clown'. I made up that she was either calling her self a fool or accusing a man of playing with her heart.

    Obviously a trip to Google Translate would have been a good idea.
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