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Popjustice Battle of the Legendary Divas - THE RESULTS!!! #49

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Baby Clyde, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Edith's songs are always worth the Google Translate trip as the lyric of her songs are generally a little offbeat :)
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  2. I was happy that Edith seemed to be sailing through the rate, so it's a bit of a double whammy to have the the next out be not only her, and my favourite of her three tracks, but my highest scored song (my first 9) out so far. All at once, damn. I wonder why La Foule over Non, je ne regrette rien?

    Also, though it's very early and, judging by that last elimination, I don't have great predicting skills, I see this coming down between Cher and Aretha for the top spot, with Tina and Gladys as possible upsets.
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  3. I don't know what score i gave it but i like this song. Her other 2 ate epic though. This doesn't have the scale, the drama or the passion of the other 2 which I'm sure i gave very high scores
  4. I agree. It pleasant but inconsequential. Especially considering her other entries.
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  5. I don't know the results as @berserkboi is only feeding the eliminations to me a couple at a time but I have a sneaking feeling that another legend is going to do very well indeed. She could be the surprise package.
  6. I’d say it’s between Cher and another legend, which I suspect is the same surprise one. Well, if there’s any justice she will snatch it with a certain song.

    Aretha and Gladys will be lucky to make the top 10.
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  7. So I gave Cher a 10. I love that song and don’t like this one. But I’m flattered you keep pointing me out!
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  8. Cher deserves to have all her songs in the top 10.

    If you ask me.
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  9. If Cher's verson of Gimme Gimme Gimme is worth a 10 out of 10 what would Abba's version score ?
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  10. You're a bit late to the party......

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  11. What was the answer ?
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  12. If you were reading my thread properly you'd know the answer to that.
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  13. I'm not. Maybe if it was a bit of a pacier number i'd be more invested
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  14. Sorry for the delays but I'm currently on a world tour. Will have some spare time between gigs over the next week so the pace should quicken. In the meantime........

    Until You Come Back To Me (1973)
    High Score: 9.5 @KamikazeHeart
    Low Score: 5.5 @Eric
    Average: 7.464
    Chart Positions: US #3 UK #26

    The latest diva to lose their first song is the inimitable Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin who I thought would be sticking around a while longer. Especially as in this case it's Aretha sings Stevie. What more could you want?

    Written and originally recorded by Stevie Wonder in 1967 but didn't release it for another decade. In the meantime Aretha had her biggest hit of the 70's with the song reaching #3 on the pop chart and #1 on the R&B. She has some all star help along the way with piano being played by the great Donny Hathaway and backing singing duties being taken by long term collaborator Miss Cissy Houston and the almighty Gwen Guthrie.

    I'm pretty certain that I was initially familiar with the Stevie version because my mum's impeccable musical taste meant that she had this triple album extravaganza, where his version was first released, in the house when we were growing up....


    I'm not the biggest Aretha fan (Which we'll come to later) but the one thing I will always praise her for is her ability to totally reinvent a song. Often making it far better than the original. Her interpretations of numerous songs became the definitive versions and that's definitely true here.

    I can't find any cover versions by our current ladies but here's some version by future Legendary Divas Chaka and Cyndi (One is somewhat better than the other)

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  15. I have been following quietly - haven't had much to say since I was fairly indifferent to a lot of these songs that have been eliminated thus far.

    I think Aretha had one of my highest averages but this was my least favourite song of hers.

    I somehow missed Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!'s elimination.
    My answer is that I prefer Cher's to the original.
    I can't explain why, I just find it hard to listen to music when I feel no connection whatsoever to the artist.

    As for that latter question, I did struggle with that - but I decided to be a little generous with my scoring rather than strictly scaling them based on my faves. Otherwise it would have been a lot of 1s and 2s.
  16. That's a really good way of putting it regarding the 10s - when I score in rates I tend to compare within the rate rather than across all the music I like. Also with Gimme Gimme Gimme there was probably a bit of recency bias too on my part...
  17. It's time for another Legendary Diva to get the chop.

    Independence (1993)

    High Score: 10 @Reboot @abael
    Low Score: 5 @Riiiiiiiii @Filippa
    Average Score: 7.482
    Chart Position: UK 11

    I don't ever remember not knowing who Lulu was. She was a ubiquitous presence throughout my childhoood but by the late 80's, despite being a showbiz veteran of 25 years and a household name, she hadn't properly bothered the charts since the early 70's. Better known by this time as an entertainment all rounder she'd guest starred in Adam Ant videos, played Adrian Mole's mum on TV, starred in West End shows, been named 'Rear of the Year' and released this magnum opus......


    She was probably best known as the face of Freeman's catalogue, a copy of which everybody's mum had and the Y Front section of which every teenage gayer would pore over....


    We'll return to this period when discussing another diva at a later date.

    In 1986 a re-released Shout had become a surprise Top 10 success in but this did nothing prolong her recording career and it looked as if it was back to playing Dick Whittington again in Halifax. Drastic measures were called for and so in 1989 she sacked her manager of 26 years Marion Massey, an old school operator who had successfully steered Lulu's since she was 14 but who was firmly established in the Light Entertainment end of show biz and had no idea how to manage a contemporary relaunch.

    Taking the reins of her own career for the first time ever and recording her first album for a decade our heroine declared her new found independence with a song and album of the same name and had her biggest hit for 20 years. The single was a banging house record. with remixes by some of the worlds top dance music DJ's, that was played in all the coolest nightclubs and suddenly made Lulu credible at the age of 45.

    Of course very soon after her incredible comeback went into overdrive when she featured on Take That's smash hit Relight My Fire and secured her very first #1 single nearly 30 years after her chart debut. The lucky bitch even got to fuck Jason Orange (Allegedly).

    Look out out for my good friends Stella, Lola and Julia in the video. I was so jel.

    I fully expected Lulu to be one of the first divas to leave entirely but certainly expected this track to stick around a bit longer. It's a certified 'bop' as you lot would say and undoubtedly better than quite a few tracks that are inexplicably still hanging around.

    I'll be back tomorrow to say farewell properly and tell you all my amazing Lulu story but in the meantime here she is declaring her independence from this rate....

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  18. It's not like I gave Independence a bad score (7.5), but I don't really consider it a bop. The production is upbeat (albeit more 1990 than 1993), sure, but there's nothing in either music or vocal melody that stands out. I actually don't find this song catchy, which is not great for a Euro-Pop song.
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  19. Well...
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    #16 - Lulu

    The One That Got Away

    It's not divas are legendary enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest with a smash hit song and then see it left off this list but Boom Bang A Bang is legit terrible which is why Lulu has more of less disowned it. Singing all the songs in that years Song For Europe much to her distress this number won the public vote in a landslide. Over the years it's come to epitomise everything that many would argue was wrong with Lulu's career but it was the biggest UK hit of her reaching #2 and surely the whole of Europe can't be wrong even if she won in a 4 way tie.

    Baby Clyde's Favourite

    It's amazing that in the middle of some of the sappy pop she was forced to record in the 60's this amazingly funky rock number was also released. Sounding like some Southern Fried soul record out of Memphis it flopped at #32 but shows her versatility and the route she maybe should have gone down much earlier.

    As you may have guessed by now I totally stan for Lulu. Her material was extremely patchy but she's by far the best singer of all the Brit Girls and isn't taken as seriously as she should be because she made a hugely successful career in Light Entertainment rather taking drugs or going mad. These things are of course seen as credible whilst duetting with Lena Zavaroni and being attacked by Emu less so.

    I could write essays about my thoughts on this subject won't bore you. There's lots more here if you're interested in my ramblings.

    Instead I'll tell you all about my amazing encounter with this legend. A couple of years back me and @mump boy took our mum to see Lulu at Margate Winter Gardens. It was sold out but the crowd was geriatric to say the least. It's also a horrible soulless venue that sucks the life out of any performance. There's Lulu live on stage, singing the hits and generally giving her all. The miserable Brexit voting Margate pensioners greeted her with all the enthusiasm of a boat filled with Syrian refugees.

    Politely clapping whilst staying stoney faced they seemed entirely nonplussed by the great show in front of them. I should point out that Lulu is fantastic in concert. Not only does she have dozens of hits to sing but does a great job covering modern numbers and in between song is a masterclass in name dropping. It's all Elton said this and Tina said that, when I met Sinatra, Bowie wrote this for me, my good friend Quincy Jones and my in-laws the Gibb Brothers!!!

    Any way we became increasingly annoyed by the bunch of miserablists we had to share an audience with and were itching to at least get up and dance. Near the end a couple of people nearer the front got on their feet and we decided we'd had enough so jumped up, ran down and joined them, dragging our mum with us. This finally lead to the rest of the crowd entering into the spirit and by the inevitable finale of Shout everyone was enjoying themselves. It amused us no end that Lulu kept coming down to where me and Mump were standing. She was smiling and waving in our direction. I think she was taken with the fact we were the only black people in the audience and couple of the only people there under pensionable age.

    she finished a great show and we packed our mum off home in the car. But Mump and I had other ideas. Incredibly drunk by this point we decided we were going to meet the star herself. Asking around we discovered where the stage door was and went to stand outside. We didn't have to wait long and when she appeared at the door she was delighted to see us. We had a lovely chat, took some photos and waved her goodbye as she got in her people carrier with a couple of members of the band and headed home.

    It was around this time that we realised that we'd missed the last train back to London. We do have a flat in Margate but hadn't brought the key as we weren't intending to stay the night. As we walked up the hill away from the theatre, Lulu's people carrier drives past and suddenly stops in the middle of the road. She opens the door and shouts out for to come over as she wants to chat more. So there we're stood on the Kentish coast, waves crashing, seagulls screeching, discussing the terrible crowd and our favourite Lulu recordings with the pop legend herself.

    Whilst chatting I casually mentioned that by waiting to meet her we'd missed our train home. *

    'Jump in' she said.

    We asked what she meant and she said 'Get in. I'm going all the way to London. I can give you a lift. I can't talk as I have 20 more shows to do so I just watch Netflix whilst travelling but just let me know where you need dropping off'.

    She didn't have to tell us twice. Mump got in the front and I surreally found myself travelling 100 miles up the motor way sat directly opposite a woman who both won Eurovision and had Jimi Hendrix on her show in the same year.


    For the first hour of so we all sat there in silence whilst she watched Justified (Or something like that) on her iPad and i just stared at her thinking how great she looked for knocking 70.

    Somewhere in deepest East London Mump got out (And promptly got lost) and after she took her headphones off to say goodbye she suddenly started chatting to me. She seemed fascinated by the fact we were twins and wanted to know all about our Mum and what we did for a living etc. She was lovely. Like really, ridiculously lovely. I just wanted to hang out with her all the time and ask her about 1000 things none of which of course I could think of in the moment. Finally it came time for me to get out so I thanked her profusely and jumped out somewhere on The Embankment still pinching myself.

    We sent flowers to her next show to say thanks and went to her London concert at the end of the tour but couldn't get near the front to say hello.

    I've met loads of famous people over the years but never had such an amazing encounter with someone that I truly revere before. I really hope to meet her again one day to properly say thanks because she didn't have to do that at all.

    I should have told you this story before y'all voted you may have given this wonderful lady a few extra points. I mean I can't imagine Babs doing the same can you? And she's still got all her songs in!!!!

    *I knew what I was doing. There were 3 spare seats and thought she might offer :-)
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