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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Read the whole Neapolitan series. Book 2 is my favourite. I struggled to get through book 4 because of....reasons that I don't want to spoil, but it's an amazing series. I just love following characters from childhood to mature age and it's such a great, rich story. Once you're hooked you won't be able to let go. GET INTO IT.
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  2. I recently finished The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Krasnostein (book #48 of the year for me) and thought it might be of interest to some folks here. It's a nonfiction biography of Sandra Pankhurst, who currently works as a trauma cleaner (cleaning up crime scenes and places where people have died, as well as hoarders' houses), but has worn many hats throughout her life. She's a transgender female who suffered through a very abusive childhood, then grew up and initially tried to conform to traditional gender expectations by a marrying a woman and having two children with her, then transitioned to being female in the late '70s/early '80s in Australia when there was little legal protection and strong societal disapproval against transgender individuals, supported herself through sex work, then funerary work, then finally trauma cleaning. The author (who apparently spent years (?) following Sandra to write the book) does a really nice job of portraying Sandra as a three-dimensional character with both character strengths and flaws, and the narration flips from depictions of Sandra's earlier life to her present day many times, bolstered by interviews from other characters in Sandra's life for instances in which Sandra seems to have repressed memories of certain events.

    For anyone who might be interested in reading this, I do want to mention that the book contains graphic depictions of violence (including sexual assault) when discussing Sandra's life as well as potentially gruesome descriptions of crime scenes and cleanup in the context of Sandra's trauma cleanup business.
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  3. So from the Pascow bit until maybe a hundred pages from the end it really dragged. Exciting once the-thing-that-you-are-waiting-for happens, but in 2019 it's not quite as shocking as I imagine it was at the time of publication. I was never truly scared, despite really wanting to be. I think I liked Misery more.

    Now reading Terry Pratchett's Truckers, which is an absolute delight.
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  4. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    I just finished The Girls by Emma Cline, which was totally different than I was expecting but I still enjoyed it.

    Now on to What If It's Us by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera for some lighter reading. I enjoyed Love, Simon obviously and have also read Adam's History Is All You Left Me, so excited to see how this one'll turn out.
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  5. Ah, you should read the rest of their works if you haven’t already. I loved Leah On The Offbeat and They Both Die At The End the most.


    I liistened to P.S. I Like You and By Your Side by Kasie West and Hello, Goodbye and Everything Inbetween by Jennifer E. Smith on Friday. They were lighter reads. Hello... was my favorite out of the three.
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  6. Ali Smith banging out another Brexit novel to yet more critical acclaim. Queen. The second most iconic Scotswoman after hag @RJF
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  7. I’m reading the follow up to Sapiens (Homo Deus) and I’m enjoying his perspective on animal rights.

    However I must confess my reading speed has gone way down, I seem to be in a bit of a slump.
  8. After being on this forum for years just discovered this thread, I don’t venture into Off Topic often enough!

    I’m reading a lot lately. I just finished My Year of Rest and Relaxation which was amazing to me, but then I love novels about women with substance abuse/addiction problems, not that that’s the whole of it.

    That led me to get
    Ottessa Moshfegh’s first book Eileen, but then right when I started it I also started A Little Life which I had wanted to read forever but was too scared but I’m 200 pages in now so I’m committed, but also I’m honestly terrified by what might come next. There have been a few passages already I just had to skim because of how unsettlingly graphic they were.

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  9. I'm reading Widow Basquiat and it's very odd. It lapses between second person and first person every other paragraph, but it's interesting.

  10. A Little Life - it gets dark, but it’s rewarding.
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  11. I just started Damian Barr's You Will Be Safe Here. Gonna be a heartbreaker methinks.
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  12. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Shantaram is a piece of shit novel and you shouldn't trust anyone who likes it.
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  13. fffff one of my friends tried to force this on me the other day (it didn't sound like something I'd like) - out of curiosity, what is so bad about it?
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  14. Paper-thin characters, painfully dreadful writing, and just littered with awful, pseudo-philosophical aphorisms. I tried to read it about 5 years ago but rolled my eyes so much that I gave up after 150 pages. It frustrates me that people hail it as a 'great novel about India'. Indian people have written many more great novels about India, but thanks for trying, Gregory.
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  15. Also the orientalism and poverty porn is gross.
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  16. I finally finished Circe yesterday after a bit of a funk of a few weeks where I read absolutely nothing.
    I wasn't that blown away by it, but I guess it's nice?

    I feel like I need something a bit lighter, so I'm now with The Obelisk Gate.
    I really enjoyed The Fifth Season and I really need to break this habit of reading the first book in a series and ignoring the rest (Half Bad, Ancillary Justice, A Darker Shade of Magic...).

    The Line of Beauty is side eyeing me with the bookmark right in the middle of it, but I really can't deal with gay tories rght now.
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  17. Speaking of which, has anyone read The Song of Achilles by the same author? I like the idea of a gay Trojan romp but I want reassurance that it's actually good first.
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  18. Obelisk Gate is one of my up-next books as well! On the contrary though I quite like spreading a trilogy / series out over a few years.
  19. Started reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and loving it so far!

    I really enjoy this, too:

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  20. I started this and then it was overdue and I never checked it out again, it was good but not so much that I wanted a fine haha. I’ll have to get it again.
    This was my favorite Alan Hollinghurst book until The Sparsholt Affair. The Spell was also really good I thought.

    Does anyone on here care about Jennifer Egan? She’s my favorite writer but I put Manhattan Beach down about 1/3 in and can’t seem to pick it up again. It’s not bad but it’s so different from all her other books.

    Lastly, did anyone read the Maestra trilogy by L.S. Hilton? They were the classiest pieces of trash ever, I highly recommend for beach reading (except the second one less so).
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