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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Anyone read much Graham Swift? I’m intrigued but don’t know where to start.
  2. I just finished The Subtle Knife and phew, the cliffhanger! I'll probably read something unrelated to it this weekend as a palate cleanser and dive into The Amber Spyglass next week.

    BUT, I've been looking for the short stories (Once Upon a Time in the North / Lyra's Oxford) and they have no ebook edition? Like, I know a physical will always be best when it comes to books, but it's not like Waterstones is gonna open anytime soon ññ
  3. Places are still delivering though, right? I’ve never read the short stories so will be keen to hear what you think!
  4. Yeah, but I don't want to imagine how long it'd take for it to reach the Canary Islands when we have just one daily flight to Madrid. I'll read them once this is all over. That way I can stretch the story even longer or something.


    Down the Rabbit Hole is one of the novella's Anagrama is giving for free so people can stay indoors, so I might give it a go today.


    EDIT: Hilary Mantel was incredibly lucky with her book being released before all this...

    They Were Meant to Be the Season’s Big Books. Then the Virus Struck.
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  5. I've been doing some reading in Spanish.

    Yesterday I read Fiesta en la madriguera (Down the Rabbit Hole) and it was cute novella from the POV of a child, son of a drug lord.

    And today I finished Pájaros en la boca (Mouthful of Birds), which is composed by short surrealist stories. Some of them were interesting, but others felt like a chore.

    Next, The Amber Spyglass!
  6. Should I read The Stand? I’m intrigued but it just seems so... big.
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  7. I read book 1 (first 400 pages) and I needed a break from it again. It's...a lot. I do intend to finish it by the time the lockdown is over but it's a bit too much for me to read in one sitting.

    Right now I started The Earthsea Cycle. Feels like a nice palette cleanser.
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  8. I’m 100 pages from finishing The Amber Spyglass and I already miss Lyra and Will.

    Sir Pullman did THAT!

    I have the Marvel comics and I think I’ll read it like that ññ

    YES! Ursula is amazing. I read the first four books last summer and I think I’ll continue with Tales and The Other Wind next.
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  9. Anyone read The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa? I'd like to read it but it's turned out to be a real hassle trying to find somewhere that can ship it sooner than two weeks from now. Wondering if it's worth it.
  10. Even on Waterstones or Foyles? If not, there’s always the Kindle store, I guess.

    It should be fairly good, as it was just shortlisted for the Booker International:

  11. That's what pushed me to read it. I encounter another of her books all the time on store shelves but have resisted reading her, for whatever reason.

    And I don't live in the UK so I had to look up what those stores even are. Ha
  12. sdfdgg my bad!

    Then maybe the Kindle store if you have an Amazon account. Although it's like 8 pounds now, and I don't really like paying more than 2 or 3 for an ebook ññ
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  13. I bought that the other day for 99p after someone recommended it to me and I liked what I read from the preview. I'd heard of it obviously and looked into it before but I think the length put me off. Intrigued to get stuck into it though. Especially after some of the comments here. I'm not adverse to reading dark/bleak stuff.

    I'm currently half way through "Queenie". I'm always a little wary of books that are quite hyped but so far I'm really enjoying it.
  14. I finished His Dark Materials and it blew me away and today I'm feeling very


    And I want to keep reading The Book of Dust, but I need to have those in physical hardcover cause I'm that kind of book hag. But with the world in this state is not going to be possible for a very long while so I don't know when I'll be back in that world.

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  15. The fact that I was like 150 pages away from finishing it when you started and now I still have about 70 pages left shows how much of a slow reader I am.

    I'm really enjoying it too though and I can't wait for the TV adaption to show me how the Gallivespians, Balthamos and Baroch, the Spectres, and specially the Mulefas look like because I have no idea myself.
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  16. I have zero hope for the TV show doing any of it justice but here’s some cute fanart of the mulefa.

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  17. I'm usually much slower when it comes to reading. Between classes, homework and the like, if I read 20-30 pages before bed, it's a triumph. These days I have literally nothing to do, so I think this is the fastest I've read a book this length since the Harry Potter days ññ

    I also had to check Google Images cause it was messing with my head.

    The final battle should look great on TV. I hope they go full on magic with it and not ReaLiSM!!1 liek GOT did.
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  18. I just finished it as well and I can't believe how... heartbreaking but smart the ending was. I'm going to cry.

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  19. Right???? I wonder if the very last sentence has implications in The Book of Dust.

    I felt like reading some non-fiction today (as if the news weren't enough), so I started Ghosts of the Tsunami. It's heartbreaking and I'm just 60 pages in, but it's helping be relativise everything that's happening nowadays.
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  20. I've started reading Left Hand of Darkness on Kindle and just felt the urge to own a physical copy of it. And Amazon is selling complete Hainish Cycle for $98 and I'm soooo tempted. The Dispossessed left me wigless too so I should just get this right?

    + Pfftt wait they increased the price to 140 now.
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