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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Twelfth Night is one of my favourites too, although I have to say that I'm fairly over Shakespeare at this point. Oh who am I kidding? At this point I'm so starved of theatre experiences I'd go and see anything at all.

    I read this a few months back and got absolutely sucked in. It's really fun.

    I've just finished reading one of Alan Bennett's collections. I loved it so much. People see him as a cosy playwrite but he's anything but. He writes about all kinds of topics - family, cancer, royal honours. Some of it's lighter but can be dark too. It might help that I'm from Leeds too so know the places he writes about. As someone who's kept a journal since I was 19 and who writes about all kinds of personal topics his writing really resonates with me. Last year I was chatting to a guy and I was saying that I'm the most risk-averse person in the world and it's stopped me from fully exploring my sexuality and lo and behold, Bennett had written *exactly* the same thing in this book. It knocked me for six. But then I guess books can be like that sometimes, they just make you feel less alone.
  2. The Talking Heads revisits last year were mostly misfires in my eyes, but they gave us An Ordinary Woman, which was quite exceptional (and dark).
  3. I enjoyed Talking Heads, bleak as they were, although I wasn't familiar with the originals. I've seen one or two on stage though.

    The collection I read was all prose.
  4. I've started Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. It hooks me already from page 1.
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  5. I think it's impossible not to love that book. I read that last summer in about 3 days and then regretted reading it so fast.
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  6. The way I spent NYE 2019 reading The Woman in the Window (yes, it's a piece of fucking shit) and the movie was all filmed and ready to go and it's STILL nowhere to be found. Now that's what I call karma!
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  7. Every time I remember that article I have to scream for 30 minutes straight. The exposé. The second-hand embarrassment.

    He posted a poster for the film a few days ago, so maybe the film is still coming out? I guess Netflix is still debating if they should, but with everything done... I guess they'll just put it online and do no promo whatsoever.
  8. I really still want to see the movie, mainly for Amy, and to see if it is as bad as it's being made out. I love a mess but do wish my Queen would appear in less of them.
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  9. I highly recommend Drinking & Tweeting and Other Blunders by Brandi Glanville. I'm not even trolling ddd.
  10. I think their best hope is that it turns out badly enough to be a memefest/hate watch.
  11. I think I'll finish Earthsea series by tonight. I am storming through The Other Wind. The constant whiplashes with its reveals girl sis is letting me have IT
  12. Love and Other Thought Experiments might well be my favourite of the books I’ve read from last year’s Booker Longlist. It’s fantastic.
  13. pdf


    I have started Shuggie Bain, if anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share?
  14. It's very good, and also quite an honest reflection of growing up with an alcoholic family member.
    I love the sister, and would have enjoyed finding out more about her.
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  15. TV show is coming!

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  16. That's cute!

    But why was my first thought the girls who fetishize gay relationships will be so happy ñññ
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  17. RJF


    I finished Where The Crawdads Sing this morning and... meh. The prose is a delight, but the plot and characters are paper-thin.
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  18. I never thought I'd be an audiobook person, due to what I know realise is an unfair bias from childhood where lots of friends used to have the Harry Potter audiobooks on all the time, and I decided they clearly just couldn't read properly nn. Judgy bitch that I was. But I got an Audible trial after realising I ADORE podcasts and never find enough time or energy to read books when not travelling (and there's been none of that so...).

    I love it so far. I chose The Testaments to start, which was good and read brilliantly, and now finally getting around to The Song of Achilles, which is read masterfully. Plus it's so sexy. I adored Miller's Circe so much that I might download it as an audiobook to pore over again? I don't know.
  19. Folio Prize longlist:

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  20. Shuggie continues its dominant march, I see! Still need to read it.

    I was holding out for a nicer cover (and specifically font) for the paperback, but nope. Basically the same.
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