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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I'm so curious to read these.
  2. I'd say they're a must in fantasy. Can't wait to dabble into Le Guin's sci-fi.

    I read last night They Called Us Enemy and it was heartbreaking. I can't believe it took the US government 40 years to admit their wrongdoings.
  3. I actually just received the first 4 Earthsea books today after ordering them last night after the posts here. Just The Other Wind is left I think?
  4. And the short stories: Tales from Earthsea.
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  5. I'm reading it now - so no spoilers in here please, but it reads verrrrrry fast and it's lovely. I'm halfway and have to stop reading after 15min a day because otherwise I read it too fast.

    Just read it!
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  6. I had been going through some mental health issues in the last few weeks and didn't feel much like reading, but I finally started Prophets by Robert Jones Jr. and I couldn't put it down. I'm in the final act of the book but it's just so beautifully written and I'd expect to see it on some year-end lists
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  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    ‘Prose is a delight’ even feels too generous for me; I finished it last night, and I’m baffled by its status as a selling sensation. I thought Owens’ writing was repetitive to a fault, stiff, and often unmoving. I only felt a little sentimental in the end because she had wrung Kya obnoxiously at times for the past 300 pages. There’s also a vague element of poverty porn, which Kya’s lawyer points out in the trial, but I’d argue that’s less of Owens masterfully turning the tables and more just her obliviously criticizing her own work.
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  8. I finished Luster! Has anyone else read it because I would love to hear what everyone has to say about it.

    I’ve started Exciting Times and 50 pages in I can already tell I will hate everything and everyone in this book. But it’s just over 200 pages long so I will see it through.
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  9. Me whenever I remember The Alchemist exists:
  10. RJF


    I also found the emotional excavation, and even just the displays of the practicalities of Kya's situation... surface-level. Her angst was meant to be primetime-drama sexy, because then all the hunky boys wouldn't have kept flocking to her despite there being no mention of her owning a damn toothbrush once through the whole thing, and the despite the fact that her situation really should have left her warped, traumatised, and possibly feral at best. Like, she was literally out there living on grits and shitting in the woods for twenty years! I guess dysentery was keeping her snatched for the gods? I also found her mostly irritating in the end where she was demanding the lawyer get her out but also not heeding any of his advice. The way she was deified by the supporting cast of morally pure archetypes was also kind of annoying. She was such a Mary Sue. And Tate was a Gary Sue.

    I agree about it being repetitive; the descriptions of the marsh were lovely at first but started to go in circles around halfway, which was coincidentally around the same time rendering Kya's loneliness also got stuck in the same cycle where it was explored in the exact same way to the exact same end with never any kind of progression. It's always the same singular issue being explored in a situation with multiple issues. I also found this a fault in Shuggie Bain recently, where the misery is laboured to a point... but I think repetition is more of a conscious choice in that rather than a weakness.

    I don't know. It's not a book that holds up under much scrutiny at all. It's basically a trashy summer beach read. The more I think about it, the less I think of it.
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  11. RJF


    In other news, I'm currently reading Angela Carter's The Blood Chamber and ugh, girls, the vocabulary! She's stunting on every damn page and letting me have it!!!
  12. I am dreading the inevitable adaptation.
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  13. nn Fox 2000 got the rights last year with Reese Witherspoon's production company at the helm. They already cast Kya and the screenwriter is the woman behind Beasts of the Southern Wild
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  14. Costa Book Award overall winner:

    No idea what this is but it's added to my list of 2020 reads to get to before 2022.
  15. I was picturing Julia Garner in the role all the way through. The actual choice of Daisy Edgar-Jones I'm not so sure about.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    The funny thing is Julia Garner’s Ruth on Ozark is actually a far more nuanced, layered portrait of a young woman in poverty who’s been largely outcast from society.

    I’m picturing Daisy wistfully boating through the godforsaken marsh in slow motion and I’m about to throw myself off a fire tower.
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  17. Almost finished Shagged Married Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsey. book 3 of 2021.
    An utter delight. Chris is my favourite comedian and I listen to their podcast every now and again. I always like it when people aren't afraid to just put it all out there for better or worse.

    Not sure where to venture next. Something dark and menacing I think.
  18. I just discovered a little hack with audible, not sure if it will work for everyone but...
    So I went to cancel my membership as I’m trying to save money, and when you go to cancel online they offer 3 months for half the price or offer you a free credit!
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  19. kjlahsdjfhkla WHY did I think this was a Mitski meme while scrolling down on Fb

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  20. I'm a member of Book of the Month, which releases 5 selections every month for you to pick from for $15.

    February's selections are out:
    If you're a US PJer and want to read one of them for way below listing price ($10), let me know and I can send you my referral! I picked Girl A and The Four Winds
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