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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I enjoyed Three Hours, but I do really struggle to manage my expectations when people rave about a book and the writing is just serviceable. But I guess that’s what you get with thrillers - the ravers are those who love plot.

    Let’s just say I did not expect to see
    Katie Hopkins quotes and Drumpf tweets in the book. The white nationalist angle was an interesting turn, for sure.

    Now I get the fun of choosing what next. Think it might be The Mothers, but Super Sad True Love Story and The Sparsholt Affair are in the mix. Or Hamnet. Or Exhalation. I DON’T KNOW.
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  2. Moved onto The Witch Hunter by Max Seeck and damn by chapter two I was totally hooked. It's been ages since I dipped into a real thriller.
  3. Wow, I really hated Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan.
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  4. Finished Girl, Woman, Other which was great! So clever how the characters lives intertwine, it’s definitely one I’ll reread at some point because I’m sure there are details that I missed. I loved how it spanned across generations and thought Evaristo really captured each characters voice and situation perfectly.

    I’m now reading The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead which reads relatively simply but manages to convey so much with so little. Poignant but harrowing. I want to check out his other stuff after this.
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  5. The absolute best book I read last year. Enjoy!
  6. between this and Girl, Woman, Other - my reading year has started out strong! Have you read The Underground Railroad?
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  7. To even hint at what happens... My God! What a novel.
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  8. Another masterpiece of his. Those two Pulitzers were well deserved.
  9. I've just finished At Swim, Two Boys and I have not managed to stop thinking about it since. Fucking hell. My first time dropping in here really but if anyone has any queer hist-fic recommendations, hit me.
  10. Don't know if it counts but The Line Of Beauty.

    Never got around to At Swim, on the pile it goes...

    Also also I'm not great with lists, because, you know, OCD, but:

    Loved The Argonauts and Fun Home so far, so I'll check out the rest.
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  11. Finished reading A Dutiful Boy by Mohsin Zaidi. Absolutely loved it, especially growing up gay in a Pakistani Muslim family I drew so many similarities to my own experience to the point where I had to put the book down and calm myself down a bit. So good!

    I started On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous because I’ve heard rave reviews about it for ages, so I wanted to see for myself. 20 pages in and it’s alright so far.
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  12. Super Sad True Love Story was... fine. I couldn’t decide whether I found it funny or not. It had a lot of promising ideas, but I’m not sure it hangs together quite as well as Shteyngart thinks it does.

    So I’m moving onto a sure fire winner: Girl, Woman, Other. Just read the first chapter and really enjoyed it - it’s reminding me (for whatever reason) of White Teeth, so I think I’m going to enjoy it!
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  13. I just stated The Lathe of Heaven and Miss Ursula has me by the throat after like 4 pages. The queen.
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  14. I just finished it, and really liked it. It flows so smoothly. And yeah, it is quite reminiscent of White Teeth but for me it was even closer to NW. They are both brilliant writers, but I did come away thinking Bernardine Evaristo is perhaps less cynical about people and more generous in spirit than Zadie Smith.
    Lathe is excellent, and it'll stay riveting the whole way through! For a sci-fi book, it spirals into something quite fantastical by the end. It's not a comprehensive world and ideology builder like say The Left Hand of Darkness or The Dispossessed, but I'm really fond of it.
  15. I finished Girl A by Abigail Dean last night. It's pretty impressive for a debut novel. There wasn't a point where I wasn't thinking about it when I was working and couldn't keep reading
  16. Ah, yeah - I still haven’t read NW, but it has the same sort of low-punctuation, urgent style as well. I need to get around to both that and Swing Time at some point. They’ve both been on my bookshelves for years!
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  17. I don't remember liking The Autograph Man much, but I'm a fan of Zadie Smith otherwise. Swing Time is excellent.
  18. The Autograph Man is awful. I've long suspected it was secretly an unpublished novel that was actually written before White Teeth.
  19. Sam


    I just finished The Heart’s Invisible Furies and it was stunning. It slowed down a bit towards the end -

    I think I started to realise that the most interesting thing about Cyril’s life was his relationship with others, and the little pause before he FINALLY meets his birth mother dragged a tad.

    - but I persevered and it was worth it. Highly recommend.
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  20. I loved this. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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