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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Would anyone recommend The New Wilderness? It’s 99p on Kindle today and I’m tempted, but of all the Booker shortlist last year I seem to have heard the least chatter about it.
  2. Tore through Teddy Wayne’s Apartment at lightning speed and, whew. So good - as gripping as a thriller but super poignant by the end. The scene with Ultravox’s Vienna, my god. The 90s setting was unfussily but perfectly evoked, too.
  3. I finished 'They Both Die At The End' a few days ago. Despite being obviously warned with the title I so wasn't ready for that heart wrenching ending. I'd totally be up for a movie adaptation. It was predictable in some ways but very heart warming.

    I'm now onto The Line of Beauty. I'm challenging myself to read things outside of my usual 'comfort' genres.
  4. I finished Miss Tone-T Morrison's A Mercy, without even realising it was her birthday yesterday. It has a lot of allusions to Beloved, but is a leaner, perhaps more roughly sketched out book. But what she does with language jesus, how lived in and alive even the momentary characters feel. A miraculous writer—there will never be another like her.
  5. I started On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous almost two weeks ago and I’ve only read 71 pages. I’m well aware it’s beloved by a lot of people, but I’m finding this book a real slog to get through at the moment. I might have to put it on pause and read some other stuff and possibly come back to it later in the year.
  6. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I was halfway through Jazz last year when the pandemic hit, and I started picking up easier books (not in terms of subject matter, just readability). I’ve moved past that now, and I have it sitting and waiting for me on my nightstand. It’s not easy though, the way more modern writers write is so different from someone like Toni, you really have to sit down and give yourself time to get used to her rhythm. It helps not to have your phone close by.
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  7. LTG


  8. Ishiguro-hive - who has preordered Klara and the Sun? It’s mere days away now.
  9. Exams are over and I can read again!

    I thought I’d delve in some fantasy and tried the so-hyped The Ten Thousand Doors of January. Disappointing!

    Off to The Death of Vivek Oji.
  10. First two Earthsea books done with, I loved them. I slightly prefer the second book though, it was interesting to see and read more about other people and cultures who were set against those we were introduced to in the first one. The character of Tenar really grew on me, I hope to see more of her.

    To those who are more knowledgeable, are the short stories worth a read too? If I miss them do I miss out on important plot points? And is there a complete collection available?

    I've had that one on my to read list for over a year now. Need to dive in soon.
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  11. The short stories are beautiful! Do read them, cause they add more layers to the whole world. I think one of the stories introduces a character that appears in the final book... which I’m yet to read, so I don’t know for sure.
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  12. Finished reading Rachel Bloom’s (Crazy Ex Girlfriend creator) memoir which was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I started Trevor Noah’s book and I can tell I’m really going to love it.

    At the moment I’m leaning towards reading more memoirs than fiction because a lot of the newer books I’ve read have been so bleh. So, if anyone has any other great memoir or autobiography suggestions please do share them.
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  13. I just did!

    He's going on a virtual tour for the release and some of these names... Neil Gaiman? Yaa Gyasi? *moans*

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