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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I've been reading a lot of books about older Hollywood actors and the things the studios and people involved got away with sickens me.

    I'm not an expert on the subject, but from what I've read, I honestly feel like the director was a creep and pulled the strings and Marlon for some reason went along with it, which saddens me as it doesn't seem like something he'd have done. He went on to say that the movie took a huge toll on him mentally and he was known to have really dark depressive episodes due to his trauma so I guess he didn't have much fight or clarity. Still, I think the whole scene was horrible and should never have been done.
  2. The last couple of weeks I’m not picking up anything* unless it’s Mary Gaitskill. I mean, she’s the queen of emotional complexity, sadomasochism, 1980s NYC squalor, the short story as an art form in general. Her recent book (well…novella. Well…short story sold as a novel) This Is Pleasure is by far the most significant, incisive post-Me Too piece of writing I’ve read and her two collections of stories from the late 80s/90s (Bad Behaviour and Because They Wanted To) are two virtuosic examples of just how much can be achieved through the medium of the short story - the sex and violence and detailing of humiliation and failure could easily feel schlocky and cheap from the pen of a writer less attuned to the emotional landscapes of desperate, doomed, ordinary people but luckily Gaitskill is no hack. A very, very fine chronicler of the human misery (and occasional, fleeting beauty) of life in an urban hell.

    *well anything but Miss Rooney on Wednesday xx
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  3. Being the little book prize whore that I am, I’ve decided to sneak in one more of the Booker longlist before the shortlist is announced: Karen Jennings’ An Island.

    Partly because it’s short, and partly because I’ve been hearing good things.

    If China Room and A Town Called Solace get shortlisted, I might read those too, but I’m not hugely interested in any more of them.
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  4. On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

  5. Yeah so I saw a signed indie copy and snatched it up without blinking twice.

    The level of self-delusion I had thinking I’d wait.
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  6. I'm so excited that my all time fave Douglas Coupland is releasing his first work of fiction since 2013. 'Binge' is out next month.
  7. I spent yesterday listening to the Never Let Me Go score (where's Rachel Portman's Oscar?!?!!?) and today there's an Ishiguro sale at the Devil's Shop... my mind... Ishiguro is winning the Booker getting shortlisted!

  8. Had no idea Harlem Shuffle was a crime novel? That might explain the Booker snub (or potential non-submission).
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  9. Congrats Ms Clarke.

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  10. I had no idea that was happening today ñññ

    I loved Piranesi so good for her! It was not Strange&Norrell... but not many books reach those heights. Hopefully she won't take as long in giving us another book.
  11. I’ve never read Strange & Norrell…
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  12. I-

  13. Ddd I’ve not read it either.

    I am considering making 2022 my year of long reads. There are so many that I want to read and I never seem to get around to them.

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Heart’s Invisible Furies, Kavalier & Clay, literally any Jonathan Franzen, Life After Life, The Stand, Wolf Hall, Cloud Atlas, Pachinko… and then of course there’s Hanya’s next opus in January.

    Actually exhausted just writing the list.
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  14. It’s the wrong way to approach reading but I normally spam short books in January so that I don’t feel behind my reading challenge target for the rest of the year. Thanks, Goodreads.
  15. I have neglected my reading this summer but the beach was… busy.

    But since I have 100 days ahead of me of semi-lockdown lifestyle, I’m sure I can recover the lost time and catch up on those 13 books I’m supposed to be behind jdjfjfj
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  16. Finished Tomb of Atuan yesterday and loved it!

    I also finished Dune the day before which I adored. It kept me gripped from start to finish and I’m hyped to dive into the next one when I return from holiday!

    I have the first The Wheel of Time novel to start next but I’m kinda unsure whether to start. It’s so big and there’s so many in the series that I’m really daunted by it. I feel like some the posters in here have read them, anu thoughts?

    I also need to read Foundation before the Apple TV series starts later this month!
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  17. Yesterdayy I was at the library looking for Alias Grace by Atwood, but they didn't have it. Instead, I got Oryx and Crake, which I had never heard of. I started reading it last night and it seems pretty good!
  18. I LOVED Life After Life (A God In Ruins, its companion piece, is also a must) and Cloud Atlas. Wolf Hall is pretty dense but I found Bringing Up The Bodies a bit easier to get through. The Mirror And The Light, which is a whopping 875 pages, is still in my stack. I'll get to it someday!
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  19. LTG


    I’ve had a bit of a struggle reading this year, starting some books but not finishing them before I move onto the next. Turns out a pandemic doesn’t do any favours to my concentration.

    I did read Shon Faye’s The Transgender Issue over just a couple of days. She sets out her arguments in a way that should be convincing for the GP, and it’s good to have a trans writer having this space rather than letting the terfs dominate.

    I also finally finished off Klara and the Sun this week. It’s probably one of my least favourite books of his (not that he’s ever released a bad book, but When We Were Orphans is bottom for me). Klara is an icon but there seemed a lack of depth in most of the other characters. I feel Ish could have leant further into the fairytale style.

    I’m aiming to finish Sula next. I’ve read the first few chapters and, as always, Morrison’s writing is gorgeous.
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  20. 100 pages in and new Sally Rooney is giving me Ali Smith vibes. That’s a good thing. It’s more socially conscious (or more concerned with *seeming* socially conscious) than her previous books and less tightly wound. It’s not exactly a sprawling narrative but it is more prone to meandering flights of fancy than SR1 & 2.
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