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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. That’s Miss Bitch to you.

    And yeah, like I said - it really pulled me in! That and the fact I had a train journey on Saturday and didn’t want to take a big bulky hardback with me, so I raced to the finish line. Really, really brilliant book, and actually quite short; low page count and lots of white space.

    I’m almost through Piranesi now. I like it but I don’t love it. The mystery of it is intriguing but the way it’s being unveiled is so heavy on exposition. Reminding me a lot of Slade House though, which is a good thing.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Yeah, it's good but it doesn't hold a candle to Strange & Norrell.


    NBA finalists for fiction:

    Anthony Doerr, Cloud Cuckoo Land
    Lauren Groff, Matrix
    Laird Hunt, Zorrie
    Robert Jones, Jr., The Prophets
    Jason Mott, Hell of a Book

    Bewilderment has fallen!
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  3. Finished Tehanu the other week. Slightly disappointing after I loved the first 3 Earthsea books but still an enjoyable read.

    Finished The Wall by John Lanchester yesterday. Truth be told I mostly picked it up because it was always in my Recommended For You on Waterstones and it ended up being enjoyable enough if a bit predictable and basic. All the pull quotes comparing it to 1984 and Orwell though… Lanchester does not have the range, not even slightly.

    Foundation and Empire was another fantastic read. I really can’t get enough of this series, Asimov is an excellent writer and the stuntery and gaggery in every chapter has me hooked! I’ve started Second Foundation now and unsurprisingly loving that too. The whole world he’s created feels so rich and vast which is quite the achievement given the large gaps in time between the stories contained in the book and the way characters come and go as a result.
  4. I absolutely loved the Normal People series so I had to then read the book and weirdly didn't feel like I'd gained that much extra. I feel like it worked better as a series.

    I read Beautiful World a few weeks ago and pretty much loved it (minus some of the more self-indulgent email chapters which I glazed over).

    Haven't attempted to read Conversations yet. The premise has never really appealed to me but after BW I definitely want to give it a go.
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  5. A read for tomorrow:

    I think Tehanu was her most... humane story? I was gutted at points.
  6. Oh there goes that famed sentient being language again, developing in accordance with its own conscious intent. What's it like.
  7. LTG


  8. "Sheep" will not become a part of general usage, not for political reasons but because there would be no way to distinguish between a singular subject ("sheep") & a plural subject ("sheep"). language seeks to communicate w/ clarity, not to obfuscate; that is its purpose.
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  9. LTG


    That’s the collective noun, not the plural. Like with a murder of crows or a parliament of owls, you still use the plural. And the plural of sheep is sheep.
  10. [​IMG]

    What bothers me the most is that I bought a few of her books just last week and now I don't feel like reading them. Why can't these people share their enlightened "opinions" from the get-go so we can decide if we want anything from/by them? fff

    In other news, the Emezi/Adichie brawl is ongoing and Emezi have some words in their stories:

    people are calling me bitter, obsessed, jealous for refusing to go silent about adichie + the harm she causes to trans people, and i'm sure there are literary rooms where i will lose opportunities because i'm vocal against her violence, but here's the thing. i care more about trans people than i do about how silence could reward me. so fuck chappelle, fuck adichie, fuck every anti-trans piece of shit platformed by the trash ass world.
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  11. Why must respected people do this :(
  12. Anyone read One of Us is Lying? I'm tempted. I've just had such bad luck with picking books lately.
  13. Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World, the sequel to Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is out today!
    Can't wait to read it.
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  14. The amount of big releases we already have set for next year fff
  15. Wait a second is that a reference to a Florence lyric? Because if so, I stan.
  16. It is!
    The rights have already been acquired by Amazon for a film.


    They also have two other books coming out next year...

    I feel useless fff
  17. I just finished Brandon Taylor's Filthy Animals. Having read Real Life very recently, I was slightly disappointed by how...similar the main story running through Filthy Animals is (i.e. a depressed young academic navigating emotionally abusive relationships with damaged white boys). I came in expecting a collection of short stories, only to discover that this book is basically a beta version of Real Life with some [actually very good] short stories woven in-between.

    While I enjoyed the book overall, there are some threads between both of Taylor's books that jarred me when they surfaced this time around. Firstly, why is everyone sweating profusely at all times? Secondly, why does everyone have old people names? Thirdly, how am I supposed to be invested in protagonists who are so gutless and dour throughout the entire book?

    Had this book featured less of 'Lionel' and 'Charles' and more of short stories like "What Made Them Made You", "Mass" and "Anne of Cleves", it would have been a triumph.
  18. Fat people problems. *sweats*
    Filthy Animals was written before Real Life, so I imagined it would have some similar themes.

    Not really a fan of short stories, so who knows when I'll get to it. The Dangers of Smoking in Bed has been waiting for me to get to it since summer ññ
  19. I didn't know this! Even still, can we switch it up a bit.
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