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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I can't wait for the mess this movie is going to be (gotta be gotta be). I hope they make the main character murmur poetry to herself.
  2. I started Piranesi and one chapter in it’s already completely gorgeous, gripping and oddly moving. I used to read fantasy a lot as a child but rarely these days - falling into the strange world of this book is really taking me back to my childhood reading. Also don’t drag but I’ve never read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell oops

    Real Life is not a good book. It’s pretty bad actually.
  3. I'm reading No One Is Talking About This and I'm a bit buffled. There doesn't seem to be a plot and it's more about these random thoughts the author (main character?) has about social media and whatnot. Part II seems to be a bit more focused, but... I don't get Booker shortlist from it.

    If you enjoy Piranesi, Strange & Norrell is even more epic in every sense of the word. There are some gut-punching moments in it as well. Truly an experience that only brick-sized books can give you!

    Or maybe not, cause I loved Real Life.

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  4. I liked Real Life, except for the nothingy ending, which was mirrored in Filthy Animals too. My main issue with both of his books is the melodrama of it all, which makes his protagonists irritating.

    The reason why I enjoyed his short stories is that we get to see his writing style with characters who aren't total drips.
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  5. You've never spent a weekend fucking and fighting a fellow researcher while you sweat profusely? Huh.
  6. The way the sex scenes in Real Life read like fight scenes was so corny. No one is fucking like that.
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  7. I enjoyed Real Life for the lab scenes (I found his research kind of interesting) and the dinner party drama. But yeah in retrospect not the greatest literary accomplishment.
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  8. I just finished 'The Disaster Tourist' translated from the original in Korean. The concept and plot had so much potential but it fell short for me. I don't know if some of it got lost in translation. It was also quite short and could have actually spent more time on character development.

    Up next I'm reading 'Winter in Sokcho'. Translated from French but set in South Korea.
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  9. I have finished Oryx and Crake by Margeret Atwood and I loved it. Now I have to finish Three Floors, even though it's a bit emotionally draining it's really really good. Up next I have already bought The Invisibles by Pajtim Statovci.
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  10. It's fantastic, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed a book with a straight male protagonist.
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  11. Yes I Know! I love Margaret, there's not a single book of hers that I didn't enjoy. I need to read the other books from this trilogy and Alias Grace as soon as possible.
  12. Finally finished my Marlon Brando bio, and I am left with a feeling of sadness for him. It makes me emotional seeing how little joy he got from his career and how little he thought of himself and his immense talent. It seems like he very rarely found the process of making movies enjoyable. I've only seen a few of his movies but he just radiates that special something that only a handful of people manage to have. He could command a scene while doing nothing more than sitting in a chair.
    I really admire him for giving his voice and power to the civil rights movements.
    A flawed and troubled man for sure, but he'd be the first to admit it and he made real efforts to find peace with himself and to make amends to the people he hurt. I was left feeling like when he died he was finally at peace.
    One of the most heart-breaking parts was what happened with his son Christian and daughter Cheyenne. He tried his best when it came to parenthood, that's clear, but his own traumas from childhood got in the way.

    Defo need something a bit lighter next.
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  13. My only complaint about Piranesi so far is that, given how perfectly paced, fiendishly plotted and beautifully written it is, I’m flying through at breakneck speed and am not ready to finish it just yet! Give me another couple hundred pages in this world, I beg.

    There are shades of the careful, lucid world-building of Philip Pullman at his best and the obsessive attachment you get from John Fowles at his trickiest. I love it.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. Yeah this is interesting - I felt quite lukewarm to it, but I think it’s because it was building this grand picture of the world, but as soon as I learn a bit about it the book is over.

    I didn’t get to spend enough time with it for it to leave much of an impression on me. Barely thought about it since I put it down and I’m kind of surprised by how much buzz it’s had.

    I definitely plan to read Jonathan Strange at some point though. Clarke is clearly a talented author.
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  16. Finished Damon Galgut's The Promise this weekend and it felt very original and had some fantastic writing. It did feel like a slog to read, though, if I'm being honest. It took me way longer to get through than the usual book of that length.

    Anyone read A Passage North? I've considered reading that among the other Booker shortlists. Unfortunately not much else in the lineup looks to be grabbing my interest.
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  17. I thought The Promise was exceptional—I zipped through it—but found A Passage North a huge slog. Endless walls of text. Maybe we have opposite tastes, but there is a chance you will just find it painful.

    Have you read Bewilderment?
  18. Dddd, yeah maybe I'll pass on that, then.

    I haven't read Bewilderment, no. Not for any particular reason, really. But maybe because the idea of immersing myself in a story of climate tragedy feels a little too real and not really like an escape.
  19. I can't say I wasn't warned about Find Me (even in this very thread) but fucking hell it's a slog. The dad creeping on a woman half his age is nearly half the book??

    Just as well the movie sequel is likely dead in the water; if it was going to be a faithful adaptation, no one would watch it.
  20. You Real Life haters are in for a ride!

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