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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. It is that time of the year...

    Also the time to complete my goodreads reading challenge with graphic novels and poetry because I don't have the attention span with all these exams fffff
  2. How many are you aiming for this year? I’d put 30 for mine but only read 20 so far, haven’t found it as easy to lose myself in a good story as I used to!
  3. 52


    I managed last year... thanks to the lockdown but I'm at 30 now and I don't know if I'll manage ffff
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  4. I only set a target of 24, but I’m thinking I’ll land on 52 - just started My Brilliant Friend as my fiftieth of the year.

    I am half tempted to jump over to Storygraph next year, which allows you more interesting challenges, e.g. monthly themes or targets around number of pages rather than number of books.
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  5. Should I read Flowers for Algernon? I don't wanna cry Ddddd
  6. Pros:
    • Gay
    • No dust jacket
    • Drop that damn font, honey
  7. That's gonna be his brand from now on, isn't it ñññ

    I also want to! It's been mentioned in Bewilderment and now I'm curious dd
  8. Currently on 35 books this year but not sure I’ll finish my current read in time for new year.
    I have never tried setting a goal but might try it next year due the incentive

    currently on The Islanders by S.V Leonard and liking it but I’m a bit worn out and lacking in energy to read right now. Hopefully now I’m done with Uni for the year and have no pressing engagements I’ll pick it up again.
  9. I'm on my 35th and it pains me that there's no way I can get to 40...
  10. Graphic novels. Or short stories. Not only do they add up but they are a great break from long full length novels.
  11. The UK retailers are revealing their books of the year.

    Choosing McCartney is kinda gross, to be honest. Especially when it costs £70.

    Pleased for Natasha Brown though — Foyles generally makes much more interesting choices.
  12. I’m so beyond excited for “To Paradise”. I know it’s out in just over a month but that hasn’t stopped me feverishly entering every competition to win ACR going nn
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  13. Kii

    Hanya can’t relate!
  14. I love Billie but nobody needed a photobook from an 18-year-old.
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  15. This was so embarrazzing.
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  16. More lists!

    Some of these, mother... *chef kiss*

  17. Rest in peace, queen.
  18. As this is a music forum, let me post my favourite work inspired by Anne's work:

    She also inspired Stevie Nicks, Savage Garden (whose name is taken from a vampire novel) and a whole bunch of goths.
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  19. Just finished my final book of 2021. I managed to read a total of 21 books this year, and made sure to ditch books I wasn’t feeling early on instead of feeling obligated to finish them. Now to draft my list of books I wasn’t to read in the New Year!
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