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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I am so glad there are more people who think that, I just don't get why it is considered as SF classic. The jargon annoyed me so much and Paul is kind of a dickhead if you ask me. There is no way I will continue reading this, 1 book was enough of a torture.

    Anyway, I recently bought a Kindle so I will check some recommendations here. I started reading In Death series, not bad. I love crime/thriller books I enjoy it.
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  2. The Discomfort of Evening is nowhere near A Little Life… and yet I loved it in all its sadist forms! A well deserved Booker! “:D”
  3. Great point. Even at her most gratuitous, Yanagihara’s writing is deeply felt and convincing. Not everyone has that…
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  4. I completely agree that the writing is really good, that's the main reason why I read the book and partially enjoyed it. Also the characters are well developed and the concept is nice. If the book was 500 pages less, I would have loved it. If Jude's story wasn't... that much... I would have loved it. My main complain is that after 700 pages of "misadventures" I stopped being emotionally involved and my reaction was "again?". The first half of the book was like a punch in the face, but after that it became almost satirical. Seriously, how many chances are there that a kid meets only pedophiles that become progressively more dangerous across the country? It's like she thought "oh yes, this works, let's do it again and again and again" instead of finding a different way to progress in the story. Caleb, Brother Luke and Doctor Traylor would have been more than enough. The rest was unnecessary and torture porn-ish.
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  5. I'm past halfway with To Paradise. Loved the first book of the three within it but boy the second one dragged. Into the third now and it's livened up again.
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  6. So I’d planned on moving away from the Wheel of Time series for a bit after finishing The Great Hunt, but honestly the back third kinda slayed so I’ve jumped straight into the The Dragon Reborn. The first 80 or so pages of that have also been great, but the one annoying thing is that every time an already established character is seen for the first time, he spends about 2 paragraphs describing them in detail and part of their back story. Like sis, I already so who this main character is!
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  7. I hated Piranesi ddd. The constant reference to the seventh hall of this and the 9th vestibule of that, the descriptions of the halls and statues the way the chapters start with the whole "day x since albatross came"..
    I thought she tried so hard to create this super conceptual mystery and then the twist is pedestrian as fuck. And once the book hinted really early on what was happening I was kinda done with it.
    But then again I'm not really a big fan of mystery books where there's this one massive magical element and we're just supposed to go along with it (very much like Behind Her Eyes).
  8. My husband told me in advance to skip those parts ddd
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  9. I read The Weekend Away because the Netflix movie will be out soon. That ending, ugh, is that it? Will it have a sequel? It can't like that, damn!
  10. Piranesi was gorgeous and sumptuous mumnumnum. Not vibing with that? Well. Sad!
  11. !!!!

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  12. Yes!! So here for more Maggie O’Farrell, she has such a way of taking your hand and leading you through a story. Also, I can trace my family tree through my Mum’s side back to the d’Este’s so always interesting to read more about them.
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  13. To Paradise - Book 2

    I have no idea what you guys have against this part? I love reading about people having a bad time!
    I just started the second part of this book, so who knows what lays ahead ff
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  14. I started One Hundred Years Of Solitude on the train earlier, and 70 pages in, I'm enjoying it.
    I've always been daunted by Mārquez, but here we are.
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  15. I'm really enjoying Americanah. Looks daunting but it's so readable.
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  16. it’s a great book, I should definitely reread it. I read Chronicles of a Death Foretold by Márquez last year which is brilliant - it’s a novella about the events leading up to a murder. I hadn’t read any Márquez for a few years and came across that one purely by chance, but it’s really great. Such artful prose.
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  17. I’ve not really been vibing with recent reads — the act of reading has felt more chore than fun. Open Water and The Year of Magical Thinking were both good, well-written books, but there were both just… there.

    But I started reading Ted Chiang’s Exhalation last night and mama the talent! Is there anyone more inventive in sci-fi right now?
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  18. Just finished Convenience Store Woman and I also hated it, February has been a bad reading month for me. Let me try to save it with Before The Coffe Gets Cold and Marina Abramovic's memoir.
  19. Loved.
  20. LTG


    While she’s been a bit iffy sometimes, it’s grim that someone would spend an interview trying to make Atwood call out trans people

    ofc it’s H*dley Freeman in the Guardian
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