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I just picked reading back up again not too long ago. I appreciate a mixture of mystery, thrillers and whodunits with a small sprinkle of horror or drama.

I just finished two books by Lisa Jewell called The Family Upstairs and The Family Remains. They were pretty entertaining and I feel like I engulfed them. Finished both in about a week. The only gripe I had with them was the fact that they tied themselves up neatly in a bow in pretty convenient and rushed circumstances - like it was completely unbelievable how the overarching situations rectified themselves - almost as if the author gave up and wanted to just wrap up the plot. But, with that said, if you want a quick entertaining page turner - I’d recommend them.

My next book that I’m about halfway through on is The Shining Girls. I know Apple has made it a tv show, but I wanted to read the book prior to watching it. It was kind of confusing for me at first - and a little bit of a slog to get going - but now I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to find out what happens next. So far it kind of reminds me of Doctor Sleep (maybe the reference to the girls “shining” and then being hunted down by a killer).

Additionally, I just found that my library rents out ebooks for free - so that has also sparked this interest in reading again. It’s so much more practical reading on a tablet than an actual book because I can perch it anywhere. Don’t get me wrong I love the feeling of a physical book in my hands - but since I do a lot of my reading on the elliptical and stationary bike, flicking a page or holding the book in place has never been easier than with a tablet.
Thanks for the tips. I like a lot of genres (fantasy, historical, mystery, classics...) and I can appreciate a good whodunit. I might give The Family Upstairs a try.

Funny that you start about tablets. Song of Achilles is the first book I read on my new e- reader. I never thought I'd like it but there are so many advantages! Should have bought one way sooner. I already feel I'm gonna read much more. I'm now reading On Chesil Beach.
I’ve just finished Cleopatra and Frankenstein. I picked it up mainly cause it was all over bookstagram and the day I just happened to wander past an in-store signing at Waterstones. Anyway, I ended up really enjoying it quite a lot, the characters are basically all trash people but in a way that felt relatable and their stories for the most part are satisfying. The Eleanor POV chapters were my favourite by far though and she is the only non-terrible human in the book dd.

I will say I wasn’t a fan of the Quentin and the culmination of his arc, especially as we don’t get a last POV to explore it and instead it’s given to you via a few seemingly throwaway lines in a Frank/Cleo chapter. It felt weirdly dismissive especially considering they’re the only LGBTQ+ representation in the book.

Solid 4/5
Finished The Well of Ascension and I'm not sure I need the third book in my life. I'm fine!

Started reading Ms. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and this woman is in desperate need of a diazepam.
Finished The Well of Ascension and I'm not sure I need the third book in my life. I'm fine!

I honestly thought of throwing my kindle at the wall when that character survived. Vin is so fucking stupid.
I'll be reading the third just to complete the damn trilogy, but I'm gonna wait until Stormlight #5 comes out next year to read anything else by Sanderson.

Reading now The Employees and liking it so far, but sis, the lack of a plot.
I'm reading Young Mungo and the prose is largely great but I am...struggling with the choice to write much of the native dialect as it sounds.

I am retracting this comment, it ended up being excellent.

I'm reading The Invisible Life of Addie Larue as it was gifted to me and...I absolutely hate it. There's some promise in the concept but the writing is so stylized into choppy sentences while overexplaining everything that I'm basically speed reading so I can check it off the list.
Related to the above: where the fuck is Donna Tartt?

Enjoying her royalties, for sure.

I’m now reading Bloodchild and Other Stories, by Octavia E. Butler as a palate cleanser before going into Mistborn #3 and… I’m gagged? Some of these short stories pack such a punch in such a few pages. I’m so eager to get into her other series now.
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Finished Mrs. Dalloway - not to say it was an unsalvageable experience, at least now I know I'm never reading Virginia Woolf again in my life. Racist, classist, dimwitted, superficial, self-important of a snob.

Finished What A Shame by Abigail Bergstrom last night - I got in along with Cleopatra and Frankenstein because it was buy one get one half price and I was rushing so picked up the one with the most appealing cover dd.

I was pretty ambivalent about it most of the way through but at ~260 pages I figured I might as well finish it and I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed the last 60-70 or so last pages. The culmination of the main characters arc felt earned and even if the big revelation really isn’t that much of a surprise/twist I enjoyed how we arrived at it.

Not sure what to read next to be honest, I’ve still got Babel, I’m Glad My Mom Died and Our Man In Havana left over from the Christmas period but not sure I fancy any of them.
I’m honestly gagged at how fast I flew by Octavia’s collection. Her writing is superb, and a simple conversation (or the lack of one, as one story was about people who couldn’t talk) can be enthralling. I don’t think I’ve spent a whole day reading a single book since I was… a teenager? So stocked to get into her other work.

I’ve been enjoying my latest reads a lot more than usual. Going for what I actually want to read (speculative/fantasy/scifi) and not what I think I should be reading (whatever the prizes say) has made all the difference. Reading doesn’t feel like a chore I have to get into to follow a conversation with SavidgeReads ñññ

Going into Mistborn #3 even though I know it’s_gonna_be_so_bad.gif
I'm listening to the audiobook of Project Hail Mary. It is very good! I'd go so far as to say it's one of my favorite space sci-fi experiences I've ever had. The story unravels in real-time as the protagonist "comes to" and slowly pieces together why the hell he's in this very, very odd predicament with a tube up his butt. The plot situation is captivating to think about. And the narrator is just right for the whole package, not too boring but not doing the "I'm a Broadway actor and I'm gonna ramp up the characterization to 10" thing that I despise.
I just devoured Bolla by Pajtim Statovci - wow what a novel. A doomed (gay) romance set in the mid 90’s in Kosovo, with a looming war. Totally brilliant yet bleak, I couldn’t put this down. I have just ordered his other two titles, with anticipation!
I'm listening to the audiobook of Project Hail Mary. It is very good!
I've read a lot about this book lately. Something that it's one of those few books that live up to the hype? I don't even know what it's about, just that the author wrote The Martian so I guess it's spacey?

I'm almost halfway through Mistborn 3 and I believe Miss Sanderson went to a writers workshop or something before working on this one. The glow-up in his writing is palpable. I'm still ignoring his other books when I'm done with this. Still gagged he scammed his way to the top of the genre with this fffff