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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Amstell_s Bitch, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I'm halfway through A Little Life and can confirm all of this.
  2. Not me remembering Jude this morning and coming in here to see you talking about him.

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  3. Didn't he already announce that the new one is coming this year?
  4. A real announcement though, official dates.
  5. Yeah, until we have the editor with the stack of papers in front of her, I wouldn’t trust anything he says.

    Seems like the author of The Name of the Wind is suffering from the same issues finishing the third (and last?) part of his series.

    It’s sort of funny cause I look back at my years of reading Harry Potter and it was basically high school and the first year of uni because they came out so fast.

    But the last time I read of Westeros was in the middle of my degree and now I’ve been working for 4 years...? Like, I don’t know if I’ll care when it comes out at this point.
  6. GRRM6 and X6... wonder which will come first. And if we'll still be alive to witness both.
  7. Reading Yasunari Kawabata's 'Snow Country'.

    It's very quietly and slowly fucking me up.
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  8. I’m reading Big Little Lies and I’m gripped. I love those books that are all you can think about when you’re reading them. I’ve not watched the series yet so excited to see that when I’m finished.

    I’ve made my New Years resolution to give up on books easier. Reading can be such a slog when you’re not enjoying a book. I always put such pressure on myself to power through but it just means I read a book slowly for two months. Reading can be such a chore with books like that. Life is too short - from now on, if I’m not enjoying it by like a quarter of the way through I’m giving up and moving on. Big Little Lies is one of those books which makes reading the easiest thing in the world.
  9. I’ve just finished Big Little Lies and I’m blown away. Did NOT see that twist coming !!!

    It reminded me of We Need To Talk About Kevin in that we know that some sort of shit went down but we don’t know exactly what...meaning it’s pretty much impossible to put the book down.

    Can anyone else recommend some twisty / unreliable narrator stories??
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  10. I finished reading Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake (publishes in May) and it was a lovely, heartbreaking book. The main character is bisexual and her ex is genderqueer and likes girls.
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  11. Ohh. Allegedly by Tiffany Jackson is amazing that way (she also comes out with Monday’s Not Coming in a few months). Also, Dangerous Girls is supposed to be really good.
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  13. I keep meaning to read this and then inevitably get distracted by another book. Let me know how it is!
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  14. So I've just finished A Little Life today and I have something to say

    I.. didn't' really think it was on the level of masterpiece that some claimed it to be. First hundred pages or so were gripping, but as it went on I just found so many of plots ridiculous and simply unbelievable. "Life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss", it's a wonderful and lovely sentiment. I just didn't really expect Hanya to explore that sentiment quite so.. literally and unsubtly. Ok Jude went through these horrible things as a child, volià! here's your rich friend practically giving away this massive apartment in NY. This compensation process repeats itself constantly throughout the entire book, just to be taken away from him at the very last moment just so he can be devastated even further. It's silly. These horrific events happen to him not to develop or justify his character, but just to emotionally manipulate readers and fill the pages with unnecessary details. The biggest problem I had with this book is that I didn't see ANY actual development for characters, or if there was, they were so poorly done it felt unnatural. I enjoyed it for what it was, but it's no wonder why this book is so polarizing.
  15. I’m reading The Power at the moment. It’s very... The Handmaids Tale meets X Men. Which so far is working very well.
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  16. Almost two thirds through Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You.

    Bloody hell is it a masterclass in character development.
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  17. Deborah Levy's Hot Milk put me in a trance. Reads like a dream and the protagonist really spoke to me at this weird point in my 20s/life in general.

    She has such a bizarrely hypnotic writing style - I love discovering a writer who has a decent body of work out there already, just waiting to be devoured.
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  18. Just finishing up Justin Myers' The Last Romeo. (Justin Myers used to write an anonymous dating column as "The Guyliner" for Gay Times, I think.)

    It's... fine. I used 99p of my Kindle credit to get it for free, and I feel that's probably as much as I was willing to spend. There is some depth in places, but it is literally about a person who writes an anonymous dating column and the personal journey he goes through as a result, and it just reads a little bit too much like a thinly-disguised autobiography.
  19. I’m also reading this! Picked it up yesterday and already about half way through. Really great plot, explorations of gender, power, privilege, religion etc. I can also see the Netflix original series as I read it.
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  20. Yes! I would definitely recommend everyone to read it.

    And yes it needs to become a TV show. I’ve cast it in my head already. Halle Berry as Margot, that girl from End Of The Fucking World as Roxy etc.
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